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Ask For These Stunning French Haircut And Hairstyle

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France has traditionally been considered a trendsetter. And fashion for hairstyles is no exception. Elegance, sophistication, and unfailing classics, combined with seeming simplicity – all make French hairstyles popular at all times. When it comes to French-girl hair, it is said that ‘The less you do, the better.’ For French women, the hair is natural, and a little undone and messy. French women are always at the fore when it comes to chic, simple hairstyles that seem like they took no time at all.

In this article, we have rounded up some of the best French hairstyles that Parisians always ask their stylists for and are so easy to grab.

Flattering French Hairstyle And Haircut Ideas

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Perhaps the only hairstyles that have sunk into oblivion are the sophisticated, tall, fashionable 18th-century wig designs. Such hairstyles were usually decorated with figures, flowers, and fruits, sprinkled with flour or gold powder. Of course, this fashionable masterpiece could be afforded by exceptionally wealthy ladies. The design was created for a long time, and also for a long time its owner did not change the look and slept half-seated.

Already in the 19th century, bulky wigs gave way to a more practical hairpiece, which was attached with pins and ribbons, as well as booklets. The tradition of raising hair upstairs is also reflected in some modern French hairstyles.

But the most successful and not lost popularity for today became fashionable tendencies at the beginning of the 20th century. It was then that there were hairstyles, which became the basis for many modern trendy women’s and men’s images: carre, page, session, Gavroche.

Stylish Man

The modern French prefer the style of “elegant negligence”. Men’s fashionable hairstyles are based on haircut and carriage hairstyles. In the first case, the hair in the temporal zone is briefly trimmed, and long strands are left behind. In the second one, the hair is given an even shape and the bangs are cut short. A haircut of this kind is particularly advantageous for medium-length hair. A variant is possible when for giving to a haircut dynamism technology of pluck is applied.

Not remained unnoticed by men-modernists and pigtails. The youngest and daring ones braid long hair in braids, a kind of French braid. Unlike African men’s braids and dreadlocks, the French variant looks tidier.

Madame and Mademoiselle

Among the female versions of the French hairstyle for many years, the primacy of the square and its varieties, sessun, high hairstyles, and the French waterfall, based on the braids, have been holding.

A high hairstyle, the “French shell” is an ideal option for the owner of long hair. Depending on the way of styling it is possible to create both strict business style and lights romantic chic. Hair is lifted upstairs and fixed with studs and hairpins.

Another variant of styling on long hair – is the “French waterfall”. In this case, the bulk of hair remains loose, and strands in the temporal zone are woven into braids and, like a bezel, cover the head.

Kare is an ideal option for smooth straight hair. There are many varieties of this haircut: classic, elongated, asymmetrical, with a shifted center, bob-car. In combination with the play of color on the hair can achieve stunning results, so the owner of this haircut often does color, melting, or coloring ombre.

The world-famous singer Mireille Mathieu has become the trendsetter for session haircutting. Today, the geometrically verified haircut, which does not require a long hairstyle, does not lose its popularity. There are hairstyles for short and medium hair lengths. The most advantageous session looks on straight hair.

Young Frenchwomen often choose to cut their pages. Simplicity in styling, creating an easy “boyish” image – that’s what attracts girls to this haircut.

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In general, both male and female French hairstyles are related to slight negligence, simplicity in hair care, and the ability to change the look depending on the mood, just a little bit changing the style.

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