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The No Makeup Makeup Look
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The Wedding season’s undoubtedly everyone’s favorite. Weddings take place in people’s own traditional or cultural form all around the world. For instance, Indian Weddings involve many ceremonies even before the actual wedding whereas overseas, there’s just a bridal shower or bachelorette, engagement, and then the main Wedding Day.

Marriage between two people is indeed a big deal as they’re making a lifelong commitment to one another. It is an ever-lasting bond of love, care, faith, support, and harmony. Many of us are embedded in this journey of life just to find that special someone with whom we’d like to share the rest of our life with. When you find that perfect someone, you keep him/her with you forever through marriage or lifelong commitment.

Every individual wants this big day of his/her life to be marked as extra special and hence it involves a lot of planning, discussions, and then the successful implementation of the same. In this article, we are specifically talking about the Western Culture Wedding. Such a Wedding is very different from an Indian Wedding. A western wedding usually takes place in a lawn or tropical beach location where the bride is dressed in a white gown and the groom is dressed in a formal suit. The bride walks down the aisle holding her father up till the groom. Both the bride and groom say out loud their wedding vows and then the priest announces them as bride and groom after which, they may kiss each other. It’s usually a very small ceremony with close friends and family as guests.

Since it’s a big deal for the bride, she obviously would want her dress to be perfect along with the makeup of course! Here are a few inspirations for Western Wedding Bridal Makeup for you to look up to.

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Western Wedding Bridal Makeup Looks

The Basic Nude Look

Western Wedding Bridal Makeup The Basic Nude Look
Image source: Fahriye Emine Hanelci

This is rather a very simple and basic nude look that can never go wrong or out of fashion. The bride’s dressed up in a white gown with an off-white veil. The makeup consists of a nude base with smokey eyes and a perfectly contoured nose. The lip shade used is nude too. The bride’s hair has been curled up.

That Glittery Glow

Western Wedding Bridal Makeup That Glittery Glow
Image source: Karina Korbela

The glittery eye makeup has surely got everyone’s attention here. The eyes have been perfectly done with a winged eyeliner and a glittery golden eye shadow. The face makeup looks rather simple with just some foundation and nude blush. A lip gloss has been used here instead of a lip stick.

Glitter In My Eyes

Western Wedding Bridal Makeup Glitter In My Eyes
Image source: Looks by Katiness

Here’s yet another makeup look with a nude base with pink blush on the cheeks. The eye makeup is half white and half brown with white glitters on the side. This is such a unique take on eye makeup though. The lip shade is a glossy nude and overall, this look calls for a thumbs up!

That Pinkish Glow

Western Wedding Bridal Makeup That Pinkish Glow
Image source: Karina Korbela

This is your sign to ditch the basic nude makeup or to add a pinch of pink to your makeup look! The eye makeup here must’ve got your attention again – you see a golden shiny eye shadow at the center which has been blended with pink eye shadow. The winged eyeliner’s on point. We also see the use of pink blush and lip shade.

That Wedding Shine

Western Wedding Bridal Makeup That Wedding Shine
Image source: Scandia Salon

An all-nude makeup looks again but with a little hint of shine and sparkles here. The eye shadow is a blend of golden and black that has been smudged so well with a winged eyeliner . The lip shade’s glossy and pretty. Shine on in your wedding with this look!

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Brown And Nude

Western Wedding Bridal Makeup Brown And Nude
Image source: Karina Korbela

If you’re confused between nude and brown – why not add both these shades to your makeup look? The inspiration for the same is right in front of you! The base makeup and lipstick here are all nude while the eyeshadow used here is brown. Well, brown looks like the darker tone of nude anyways so these colors go well with each other.

Peace In White

Western Wedding Bridal Makeup Peace In White
Image source: Looks by Katiness

Do you wish to match your makeup with your wedding gown? Here’s an inspiration for the same. The eye makeup here totally matches with this gorgeous outfit of the bride – that is the eye shadow here is white while the rest of the makeup is kept nude. Honestly, I’m in love with this look!

The No-Makeup Makeup Look

Western Wedding Bridal Makeup The No Makeup Makeup Look
Image source: Wiktoria Julia Ficek

Now, this may sound a bit absurd to you but such a makeup look does exist where it looks like you barely have some makeup on. This one’s such a look where you see the base makeup done with a very light blush and eye shadow. The lip shade looks rather natural.

The Nude Queen

Western Wedding Bridal Makeup The Nude Queen
Image source: Looks by Katiness

Now if you wish to go for an all-nude look then this one’s just the right inspiration for you! The base makeup is nude, the blush is nude and we see a smokey eye look which is all for the wins here. The lip shade too is a darker shade of nude. An overall sleek and tidy look!

The Dreamy Bride

Western Wedding Bridal Makeup The Dreamy Bride
Image source: Michal Farazis Vaizman

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how pretty this makeup look is! It’d surely look prettier on you. Here again, we have an all-nude base. The eye shadow’s nude too with no eyeliner on. The lip shade is really pretty and that is what’s making this look stand out.

Pinky Promise

Western Wedding Bridal Makeup Pinky Promise
Image source: Makeup by Maaryan

Make that pinky promise of staying with your groom forever with this pink makeup look. The pink blush here is perfectly blended with the base. The eyes have a nude shade with glitters on. The lips rather look natural with a plain gloss on.

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The Brown Makeup Look

The Brown Makeup Look
Image source: Miss Beauty Salon

Wish to go for something darker than nude? Then brown is the shade for you. This look comprises a lighter shade of brown eye shadow, blush, and the brown lipstick is something you’re going to be crushing on right now. I mean look how pretty this shade is!

Simple But Nude

Simple But Nude
Image source: Hailee Clark

The long fake eyelashes are surely going to catch your attention here but apart from that, this is rather a simple and easy-to-do nude makeup look.

No Filter And Nude

No Filter And Nude
Image source: Karla KC Witkamp

This wedding season – go all nude with your makeup and no filter with your makeup! A yet another simple and nude makeup look that’ll surely make you look like the prettiest bride alive!

Nude And Classy

Nude And Classy
Image source: Ilona G. Garamvolgyi

Well, here’s the last of all nude makeup looks that you’ve seen in this article here. Looks like the nude makeup tops the trendiest makeup look and you surely won’t disagree on the same as it looks so classy and subtle.

So that’s a wrap on this article. We hope you found the right makeup inspiration and are now all set to rock this Wedding Season! We wish you all the very best for the same.

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