How to Apply Perfect Makeup – Order to Apply Full Makeup

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It’s always been a dilemma, How to do makeup with the finish? Are you confused about putting the right thing first on the face?

Well I know, you have many some other questions too. If you’re facing these kinds of problems then you need not worry now!

We all know makeup is a very essential part of a woman’s life. You may have seen some women having different kinds of scars on their face to hide them they use makeup. But not having knowledge about the chronological order of makeup can ruin your whole look.

Makeup is that powerful thing which can totally transform your look. You have always noticed, makeup did by artists was far better than yours. This is just because they have experience and good knowledge of makeup. You can not gain experience overnight but you can surely collect some knowledge, how you should do makeup especially when you are a beginner. Skilful application of makeup seems something else. You can also apply makeup like a pro as others do even not being a makeup influencer or makeup artist.

Not only the cosmetic but you should also know in which way you have to apply it. Most people don’t care about the way and apply it as they want because of which makeup creates a thick layer over their skin. You should know, how can you do apply makeup so that it can look natural and keep your skin shining? We are going to discuss, how to apply makeup in each and every prospect. For the perfect look you want, do it in the perfect way it should be done.

When it comes to makeup, it does not matter you are a beginner or a pro, some tips can be your best friend. We became confused between lots of things whom we have to apply first and will it be ok. Here are some makeup applying tips with the help of which you can create some flawless looks.

Order for perfect makeup

Apply moisturizer first

It is one of the most essential steps of the perfect makeup. Please do not avoid this first step, no matter your skin is oily, dry or normal. Most of the times makeup absorbs the natural moisture of the skin and leave it dry. You should always apply your moisturizer first but be sure it has to be of good quality. You can use Face Mist, Serum, Lotion, Oils, Creams.

Face Mist: They help to maintain a dewy look for all day.
Serum: Some kinds of serum are used to maintain moisture on skin. You can also use them
Lotion: You can go with lotion as they balance moisture and do not clog the pores as well.
Oils: We recommend Oil to a person having dry skin. Others can also use it but it can be a better option for persons having dry skin.
Creams: If you have more dry skin, you can go with this option. But be sure before using it, it is a heavier solution. You can also use it as your base while doing makeup. We suggest you to use night cream if you have more dry skin because it is a sign that your skin needs something extra or extra care. Use night cream before going to sleep and don’t remove it until the morning.
You know that you have to apply makeup but how to apply it?, is also very crucial. So, take some amount (only 4-5 drops ) of moisturizer in your palm. Make sure it is not too much. So, it will not clog the pores of your skin. Firstly, spread the moisturizer across your forehead then apply it gently over your cheeks, nose and chin in upward direction. After applying the moisturizer, do massage over your face with your fingers and leave it for being dry. So, that you can move on to next step.

Apply primer

Your skin is now well moisturized. It is a turn of primer. Primer is required before doing any makeup or applying foundation. What exactly primer does? It covers fine lines or pores on your skin. With its usage, makeup stays for longer and don’t let your skin dry.
Squeez a small amount of primer onto your palm and start light massage over your cheeks first then on forehead and chin. While using the primer be cautious, there are many types of primer available in the market. Before using any one of it, identify your skin type and then go with the best type which suits you. Also use good quality product, so it can’t do any harm to your skin.

Apply foundation

After applying primer, be ready with foundation. We suggest you to choose any liquid foundation because these foundations are easy to apply and do not looks like you have imposed any powder over your face. Apply the foundation which matches with your skin tone.
Mostly women try to do makeup as pros do and they go with brushes or sponges, which is good. But we suggest you to use your magical fingers for applying the foundation. Firstly, take some dots of foundation and place them below your eyes in form of small dots and spread them .Then, put small dots same as earlier over your whole face then do patting on overall face until you feel whole foundation is absorbed.

Apply Concealer

Now, it is time for concealer. It helps you to cover your wrinkles or spots and to give you a finish. The concealer should be lighter than your skin tone so that it can highlight the certain area you want. A little advice to you all whenever, you use powder foundation alone, apply concealer first then apply foundation.
Now, there are tons of questions, how to apply it? Where to apply it? What it would do? So be chill and read. For dark circles, apply light concealer with the help of brush not with your fingers. For highlighting certain areas over your face use liquid concealer by putting small dots on the area and later brush it up. Now, apply it on whole face with the help of brush or sponge.

Apply foundation powder

It is totally up to your choice. If you wish to do it then do otherwise you can skip it too as you have already applied foundation earlier. If you are applying it then don’t apply too much of it. It may also make your skin again dry. Yes, may be these steps are hard to follow but you have to do in order to gain flawless skin.
Use big and thick powder brush and dust a light coat of powder over your face. But make sure you are arching long strokes. Don’t impose it. You can also use it for covering blemishes on your skin or if there is any part on your face which is more oily.

Apply Bronzer

Some of you may already familiar with this. Bronzer is used to emulate a sun-kissed glow and enhance a tan. It can make your skin look radiant and healthy.
For applying Bronzer properly use bronzer brushes. They are easily available in the market. Why are we suggesting you to use them because they have more bristles and are more tightly tied together so that you can get more bronzer in just one sweep.
It has been suggested by experts that you have to apply bronzer in shape of 3 on both cheeks. Start from your forehead then apply it over your cheeks then swipe it across the jawline and then sweep down to your chin. You can also apply it on your neck like you applied powder foundation just by large strokes.

Apply Blush

You may have seen red rosy cheeks that always attracts everyone’s attention. But because of not knowing, how can you do that made it difficult for you? If you also want to add little more glamour to your face then don’t forget to apply blush.

You can use plenty of blushes like :-

Gel blush- It adds quick glow to your face. You can apply it with gel brush. It is best for oily and dry skin types.
Cream blush- It used to give more shine than any other blush. Apply it with the help of your fingers. It will help your skin to stay moisturized for long time.
Powder blush- It is used to keep your skin dry. Those people who have dry skin don’t apply it, this blush is best for them. Apply it with the help of powder blush.
Shimmer blush- This kind of blush will bring extra shine and blush on your face.
You can go with anyone of them.

Apply Highlighter

This step not only can highlight your face but also make your makeup more complementary. Highlighters are available in market in various forms like liquid, creams, powder. It is all up to you which one you have to choose. Start applying makeup from the nose, put little dots over your nose bone, across the cheeks bone on both sides then on jawline. Don’t forget to apply on forehead and on chin.

Apply Eyeshadow

It can add more glamour to your look and can fill the vacant space of eyes. We will suggest you to go for two shades, one lighter one and another one should be dark. First of all apply your lighter shade, use your eyeshadow brush for applying it .Take your shade into the brush and then apply onto whole lid. Now, it is turn for next darker shade. Put your brush into eyeshadow then after bringing it out and tap it for 2 times. Now, apply it at the outer corner of your eyes just above your lash line. After this step, sweep the eyeshadow across your eyelid cease, just under the eyebrow bone. You can apply it more on the space, you want to highlight it.

Apply Eyeliner

You have to be more careful with this step. One wrong stroke and your hard work will go in vain.
Start from the corner, make thin line at the inner corner of the eye then smoothly make the line thicker towards the outer corner. There are other ways too to make it look more attractive. You can start making the line thin from the middle. Be careful while applying it because small dashes can ruin your whole eye makeup. Make sure do not made the line more broad otherwise it will not look attractive and start looking awkward. If somehow, you will do a mistake then simply use any eye makeup remover.

Apply Mascara

Here is the last element for eye makeup. We think it is one of the most important steps. You can make you eyes more beautiful by just one stroke of it. There are many types of mascara available in the market but we recommend you to choose black and brown one.

Apply Lip gloss

Be sure your lips are not being cracked and chapped. If your lips are not ready, so, make them ready for applying lip gloss. Use gentle lip scrub to remove dead skin of lips. Then go for a lip moisturizer which can moist your lips. Now, they are ready for it. Apply the lip gloss or lipstick according to your choice from the centre of your lip and make sure, lip gloss do not come out from the sides of your lips.

Apply Setting Spray

This step can be skipped according to your comfort. Actually, this setting sprays helps the makeup to stay whole day and it also make your face more shiner as well as non greasy. You just don’t need to worry about its skin type, it can be applicable to all skin types. But remember do not rub after applying it on the face.

We hope you will find doing makeup easier after reading this article.

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