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For most women, makeup is a big part of their daily routine. Who doesn’t like wearing makeup?
But be careful!
Sometimes, we think “we will do beautiful makeup in one go” but in the end, it doesn’t look that good. Bright makeup is certainly beautiful, but sometimes too much makeup can look quite ‘unsightly’ or we can say ‘cheap’. So, if you love to do bold and bright makeup along with looking elegant and classy, ​​then read our article right away. In this article, we gonna talk about foundation, mascara, your perfect color type, blush, lipstick, etc.

So stay tuned with us.

Let’s Shed Light On 7 Main Rules Of Wearing Bright Makeup

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Admit it, you also often criticize the ridiculous makeup of celebrities on the red carpet and wonder, “Who painted them at all?” You’d think we’d never had such “beauty flaws”! In order to always look stylish and not to cause surprised looks from passers-by, follow these simple but important rules!

Don’t Overdo The Foundation

Bright makeup primarily implies an even, perfect skin tone. But that doesn’t mean you have to cover your skin with ten layers of foundation! A few drops are enough. By applying too many tones, you risk turning into a porcelain doll. And it doesn’t look as pretty and aesthetic as you might think. By the way, the same rule applies to the concierge. Less – better. Use it only when needed.

“Don’t Get Too Dark”

If you like expressive eyebrows, you can boldly draw them! But do not overdo it. Drawing eyebrows is the best way to draw shadows, then the lines are graphical, but in moderation. In pencil, you need to “work” more carefully. Try hair pulling instead of completely coloring your eyebrows, otherwise, you may risk getting a tattoo. do you want this?

Don’t Mess With Your Mascara

Eyelash mascara is a prerequisite for bright makeup. But don’t draw your eyelashes too carefully, don’t apply 10 layers of mascara. You don’t need the spider legs effect, do you? By the way, instead of an additional layer of mascara, you can use false eyelashes, or better yet separate bundles – one in the corner of each eye.

Don’t Ignore Your Colortype

You love catchy and fabulous makeup, but do you doubt your ability to mix colors? Then choose shades that match your eyes and lips. And if these combinations do not suit you in any way, then you can treat yourself with something different but relevant this season with a combination of yellow shadows and green eyeliner. And beware of blue shadows – they are very self-contained and will definitely “argue” with your favorite red lipstick!

Not “More Blush Please”

Unnaturalness and vulgarity can be caused by too bright blush – bright pink or too dark. You will definitely end up looking like a plastic doll. So choose a shade of blush that is close to your natural blush. How to define it precisely? Pinch your cheeks or check out the color of your blush while playing and voila, here’s your perfect shade. Evening makeup can be more intense, but it should be applied “without fanaticism.”

Don’t “Light Up”

We all know that highlighter is an immortal trend in any makeup, be it day or evening, nude or bright we always want it. But if you think that you cannot overdo this beautiful product, then you are completely wrong. The first and most important thing: Do not try to apply the product all over the face. Otherwise, instead of a glitter goddess, you have a chance to be the girl from the “waiting-reality” meme. To prevent this from happening, apply a highlighter only to your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your cupid’s bow, your brow bone, the inner corners of your eyes, the inner corners of your eyes, and the center of your chin.

And, by the way, about the technology of application: It is best to do it with your fingers, highlighting the desired areas with light patting movements. And one more thing: If you’re looking for the perfect highlighter that’s suitable for any skin color, pay attention to a product with a champagne shade.

If You’re Thinking “Do Best In One Go” Please Don’t Follow This Principle Here

No matter what famous makeup artists say, makeup should always have a bright accent. Especially when it comes to everyday makeup. So if you’ve chosen a bright, neon shadow, a translucent lip gloss is enough. And if, say, raspberry or bright red lipstick is used, then it is better to use pastel shades.

And don’t forget about the manicure! With bright make-up, the manicure should be either the same color as the lipstick or neutral – nude or classic French, suitable for absolutely any outfit and makeup.

Ok, that’s all in this article, I hope I have helped you a little. Thank me later.

Till then stay healthy, stay beautiful!

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