Pros and Cons of Makeup Wipes

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Makeup as we know plays quite a big role in one’s life. Makeup not only helps in highlighting one’s feature but it is a symbol of confidence for few girls. Few of them sees it as a way to express them, it is fun for few and few girls look out for it as a phase of change in them. This way we know makeup is quite in women’s life. So, after applying makeup it is important to remove it as well and here comes “Makeup wipes”. So, here I will highlight the pros and cons of using makeup wipes.

Before discussing the pros and cons let us get to know more about makeup wipes. Makeup remover wipe is a piece of cloth or fiber cut in a specific shape that consists of a material that has great property of removing makeup in a single swipe.

Let us start working on the pros of Makeup Wipes.

Pros of Makeup Wipes

  1. Fast in action: It is said to have the liquid cleanser in it already, so just take it out from the packet and swipe on the portion from where you have to remove the makeup. Voila! It is done so fast.
  2. Easy to use: You don’t know how much amount of make up remover liquid to be applied, don’t worry just use wipes and swipe it over your makeup and it’s as easy as using a towel to clean and dry the face. It is very handy.
  3. Can carry anywhere: It is a small packet, and very easy to carry. You can carry it in your purse, can go in bag.
  4. Removes makeup in a go: It helps in removing makeup that is hard to remove easily. Be waterproof makeups or non-washable one’s makeup remover has a rid for all of them.
  5. Has antibacterial property: Makeup wipes are said to have antibacterial, antifungal properties and has a great ability to soak. So, you can use it to wipe blood in case of emergency when a person gets a minor wound or cut and you don’t have cotton to help.
  6. Can help escape another round of bathing: Sometimes, you have sweat post workout and no time to take bath then you can use it to wipe it on face and clean it.
  7. Replaces wipes: In cases when you really need to use face wipe or body wipe and you don’t have it. You can use them to wipe whether it is to use remover in camp site, or be it office hours and many conditions like these. It sometimes works wonders on oily skin and doesn’t harm it.
  8. Sanitizes too: As mentioned above it has great antibacterial properties. So, this great property can be used when you don’t have sanitizer, you can use makeup removers and wipe your hands using it.
  9. Can compete Deodorants: Makeup remover already has fragrance in it. Now, they have also provided a great variety of odor, so if you don’t have deodorant in case and you neat to get over the funky body odour. Makeup remover can work here too.
  10. Keeps moisturizing: It can help in keeping face moisturization in check, it keeps face fresh and skin alive.

Now its time to discuss some cons of makeup wipes.

Cons of makeup wipes

  1. Cleanser: We take it as a great cleanser that it takes dirt away. No, it does not, it cleans the face but is not a great cleanser for all the times. Makeup remover cannot beat face cleaning wipe for the start. And when we compare it with the work face wash does, it is nothing. Face wash does great work, when it comes to cleaning the face without harming it with nourishment.
  2. Inflammation: It sometimes causes inflammation and itchiness in the skin; it tends to hurt the skin where you apply it as a help.
  3. Chemical compounds: It is said that it contains formaldehyde-releasing chemicals, solubilizers, surfactants, and emulsifiers that can cause allergy on face and can be the sole reason for rashes on the face.
  4. Too Harsh: Makeup remover wipes are sometimes too hard for skin; they scratch the face while removing the makeup. They sometimes works very harsh when it comes to remove makeup.
  5. Acne friendly: Makeup remover wipes are known to welcome acne with open hands. As it leaves a film on the face and that film can clog pores. Clogging in the pores can lead to breakouts in skin. That can lead to more acnes and
  6. They leave some marks behind: Makeup remover are known for its good works in removing the marks of makeup, but it said that it leaves residues sometimes. Its sometime smudges whole makeup instead of removing it in the first go.
  7. Causes complexion issues: The tissues can cause issues with skin, can cause skin trauma according to what doctors say. It does not remove the oil particle from the skin as much as we expect and that causes skin to change the complexion. As it attracts germs and dirt, which causes complexion to change and become darker. Dirt can cause allergies and may hurt your skin.
  8. Causes skin ageing: It causes dehydration in the skin. It even challenges the pH of the skin that causes skin to age earlier than its real age. It causes spots and reddish color marks in the skin.

Ways we can help our skin

You can use a cloth soaked in water to see and keep skin in care and in check. Wash your face using a face wash or cleanser after you use to makeup removing wipes. Use moisturizer to keep skin’s moisture intact. Use different makeup remover wipes for your eyes and use a different wipe to rub your face.

Take in acre that makeup should be from a brand. Don’t apply makeup in heavy amount if your skin type is sensitive it might cause problem while you try to remove it using wipes. Wash your face before going to sleep. Take a full skin care routine and rejuvenate your skin and give it the attention it wants.

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