Pros and Cons of Makeup primers

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We all have skin problems like tanning, acne, spots etc, lead by devastating pollution and today’s life style. To cover marks on face or to protecting our skin from pollution, we use lots of cosmetics. But somehow, these products also made our skin demeritorious.

We also start falling in love with makeup as it makes us more attractive and beautiful. Still, there are some cosmetic products which ruin our natural beauty instead of making it flawless. Makeup primers are often available in form of powder, gel or cream. It is used before applying makeup, so that makeup can stay last longer and will not cause harm to our skin. However, primers can also be either beneficial or harmful for your skin.

Basically, we are going to see both pros and cons of primer. So, here we go to solve one of the biggest mystery, “do we have to use primer or not?”

Pros and Cons of Makeup primers

 Pros of Makeup Primer

There are many types of primers in the market. We hope you are already familiar with them but still we are telling you their types – Silicone primer, Oil-absorbing primer, Hydrating silicone primer and Water primer. We can’t put all primers in same category because not all primers are equally bad for skin.

Sometimes, we did not notice our skin type and start using any type of primer which creates problem for us later. Silicone Primers are basically non-comedogenic, means that they would not mud up your skin pores and even makes your skin porcelain smooth. They hide your fine lines and large pores on face which are easily visible.

Actually, this is done by dimethicone effect in the primer. Primer not only behaves as a binding agent that helps makeup to stay on face for longer time but also gives your face a bright glow to shine.

The good thing with primer is that moisturizer or a foundation might make your face oily but if you already have oily skin then oil-absorbing primer will rescue your makeup. There are primers for every skin type no matter, you have problem of dryness, oiliness, redness or proneness to acne. Like Oil-absorbing primer, some of you might be facing problem of oily skin and always been in confusion what to do? Then you can use this type of primer which will clean your skin pores and balance oil extract on your skin.

If you apply moisturizer before makeup but still your skin seems dry and rough, then you must try Hydrating silicone primers. You can apply it over moisturizer it will bring extra moisture to your face which can help your makeup to stay last longer. It will make your skin lighter and dewier. We will say Water primers are best from other kind of primers.

As Water primer contains plants extracts which provide vitamins and antioxidants to our skin for making it fresh and nourished.

Cons for Makeup primer

Although, we have discussed lots of benefits of primer yet, there are some negative points about it. The very first negative point, we consider it, it’s price. Good quality primers are expensive, some of you might not afford them. Sometimes, primer can make you to look deceiving. Silicon primers are good at their work but it can block the flow of air to your skin as Silicon primer is heavy and thick.

May be by using some primers, your skin will collect more sweat and dirt.

Usually, Oil absorbing primer is a kinda heavy primer and its skin drying agents can also make your skin dry and dull. While using any type of primer, you should aware of your skin problems. Hydrating primers usually have synthetic additives, If you have sensitive skin then you should be careful because wrong or over use of primer can lead to skin congestion. These primers can be dictated as a form of Glycerin which does not soak easily into your skin and form a thick layer on your face.

So, be choosy before you start using any primer. Primers have pores filling ability which clogs the pores on face and increase the chances of breakout. So, you should notice your skin don’t have acne problem. The mineral powder in primers may absorb your skin’s natural oil which makes your skin to produce more oil. Do not use lot of primer before putting on your makeup as it might produce a thick layer.

There are also foundation primers in market but they are not best choice. It will just add up one more layer to your face, so you can avoid it too. Try to avoid more usage of  primers if you have good skin type. Otherwise, might be overusing of primer can harm your skin.

At last but not the least, we suggest you to know your skin type better before going with any primer. Different primers are used for different skin types. It would be much better for your skin if you use chemical based cosmetic less. There are also natural cosmetics in the market, try to go with them. Before using any primer please make yourself aware of its ingredients.

We hope these guidelines may help you to choose foremost and suitable primers.

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