Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Makeup for Beginners

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Makeup can bring a chance for you to look more beautiful but if you are beginner then you may find it difficult a task to do. To do any work at whom you are beginner, seems tougher than any other one. If we talk about everyday makeup then you don’t have too much time to invest in it but you also want to look glamorous. Makeup can be magical, only when you know which thing should be skipped. Everything does not suit on everyone. You can’t wear heavy makeup every day but just by applying some simple tips you can do magic with your skin. Makeup should not be done to create new feature but to enhance the older ones. So, from here two aspects of makeup come out. To look everyday superb what you have to do or what you don’t have to do:-


Create your type

We place this tip at first because we want to you remain same not to copy others. As we have earlier mentioned not everything goes with every person.

May be you already have big lashes then you just want artificial ones. The colour of lipstick suits on others may not suit on you. So, try to be experimental always. You are beautiful as you are so, create your type.

Being beginner, you must not invest too much time in just doing makeup. You can create your signature look with the help of common cosmetics like eyeliner, Mascara, Lip gloss or Lipstick, BB cream and if you want more then go for blush too.

Buy Natural or non- toxic cosmetic

There are many cheap quality products and artificial items in the market. We suggest you to stay away from them as their bad quality can cause harm to your skin even they can do reaction.

You may know mostly women wear chemicals on the name of cosmetic. Chemicals are not only harsh on your skin but sometimes they also cause skin disease.

Let’s see some chemicals included in your daily used cosmetics. Eyeshadows contain chemicals such as polythelene and terephthalate. You may have heard some cosmetics (Lipstick and foundation) cause skin cancer. There are many cosmetics have cancer causing ingredients. According to a research in 1930, one out of twenty women were diagnosed with cancer. But as the time passes this rate hikes to one out of eight. Many skin disorders are caused by cosmetic like Irritant Contact Dermatitis, Allergic Contact Dermatitis etc. We are not suggesting you to not to do makeup but be choosy while purchasing makeup.

Use Concealer to hide dark circles

No matter where you have scars on your face, Concealer will help you to dimish both scars as well as dark circles.

For hiding them, choose Concealer matches to your skin and last longing. Wash your face and let it be dry. Now set a dot of moisturizer onto dark circles, especially when your skin is dry. Apply the Concealer but do not use it too much so that it become visible. After all this process, let the concealer to be set for a few minutes. Then apply foundation over dark circles. You can also apply concealer on scars for more than 1 time or until you covered your scars.

Use blush before completing your makeup

Applying blush should be your last second step before completing your makeup. May be being a beginner, you don’t have knowledge about blushes but you can easily purchase them from local cosmetic stores. Blushes are used to colour the cheeks in varying shades. It is available in various forms.

Use blush brush for applying it. Sweep you blush from down the ear towards the mouth.

We would recommend you blush over the bronzer because bronzer gives double effect of blush and it seems a good option for parties or weddings whereas blush gives very soft and natural look.

Do use of eyeliner and kajal

These two elements are so fast and easy to wear options. They highlight one of the most important areas of your face which are your eyes. If you are going to wear only few things then you should keep both of them at top of your list.

Kajal is applied to the waterline of your eyes. The number of strokes, you will apply, it will give that much darker shade. Some people also use kajal for making their eyes bigger.

Whereas, Eyeliner is applied on the skin above your eye lashes. Even, this one is my favourite too. It not only gives you the beautiful look but at the same time it also make your eyes bold.

Use Lip gloss

Be sure, are your lips really prepared for using any lipstick or lip gloss? Prepare your lips with any kind of moisturizer. You would also use lip scrubs to remove dead skin and then apply moisturizer. Cracked lips can ruin the whole look. You can use lip gloss instead of applying lipstick.

You have to choose here which lip gloss will suit you. If you have fair skin tone then choose pink, coral, light orange, peach colour or you can choose others too. But don’t choose darker ones because they will not give you soft look. On the other hand, if you have dark skin tone then go with darker shades. But you should avoid wearing lighter shades. Go for Plum, wine, walnut, Purple, brown or any other colour which may suits you.


Now, its turn to know which things, you should avoid as beginner. So, let’s go:-

Don’t forget SPF

You should not forget to use SPF before going out.

Plenty of cosmetics available in the market with SPF in huge amount. Mostly, people go out with proper makeup but still it does not stay for long and their skin starts tanning. Whenever, you shop for cream or lotion try to purchase that one which can protect you from SUV rays.

Don’t purchase unmatched foundation

Never purchase a foundation which doesn’t match to your skin tone. Plenty of shades are available, if you don’t found them in local shops then shop online. Unmatched foundation can change your face colour from your body which gonna look too much awkward. So, check the shades before purchasing.

Don’t do hard makeup on eyes

Some used to carry full eye makeup even in their common days. Don’t wear a full smokey-eye until it is any formal occasion. Light makeup can give soft touch to your face.

Don’t wear heavy lashes

Make sure you don’t wear eye lashes on your normal days. Eye lashes are a part of formal occasions or they go with heavy makeup. Wearing eye lashes at day time can be named as over makeup. You should go with the time, means you should notice time before wearing makeup. Over using of eye lashes can hinder the growth of original ones.

Don’t be a user of chemicals

Being a beginner, you must not know much about cosmetics and their qualities. Make sure, you have already searched the item, you are going to purchase. Try to nourish your skin with natural products.

Wearing makeup can brought totally different look out of you but still we suggest you to work on your skin first. Healthy skin can be noticed form far and a little usage of makeup can make your face more shining. We hope these guidelines will help you as a beginner.

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