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How to Get Rid of Beardruff Naturally

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Eid is on the head and looks gonna matter a lot but, what would you do if you have Breadruff? Beard lover always hate this situation. This problem is similar to every man but still if you don’t know then know it here. You can say it like having dandruff on your beard. Beardruff is so similar to dandruff but areas are different. It is just a result of dead skin cells.

The foremost thing to get rid of it you should know, why they occur? Many people have their own reasons for having beardruff like dry skin, microorganisms and sometimes products gave birth to the problem. If you have dry skin then don’t go for oil removing products, it will make your skin drier and increase beardruff. Sometimes, this happens because of seasonal changes. Fungal infection can also lead to breadruff.

Removing or trimming you beard can reduce fungal infection and keep you away from beardruff. It will also help your bread to grow healthier and fast.

There are plenty of products which can help you to get rid of beardruff like Beard oil, Beard shampoo having good quality and try to focus on your skin’s oil level as it affects a lot. But if you choose to go with natural ways to get rid of beardruff then here are some tips for you. We suggest you to get rid of it with natural ways which will help your skin to be hydrated and does not have chemical reactions.

If you also have skin flakes in your beard which make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable then you should go through these tips. We are going to share some easy home remedies with easily available elements at home. So, here they are:-

To get rid of beardruff, you have to get rid of dry skin. Well! It is not us who make their skin dry, it is just a skin type. But for sure we can adapt some tips to take back moisture to our skin. Let’s see some ways to maintain moisture in your skin.

How to Get Rid of Beardruff Naturally

Apply beard pack

Sometimes our skin start losing its moisture because of bad weather, pollution or chemical based products also plays a big role in it. Anyways, let’s see how will you made home beard pack? Take bowl and half piece of lemon. Just squeeze it in the bowl then take minimum of two tablespoons of honey.

Yahh, I know you must be thinking “why should honey and lemon?”, because Lemon contains quality to remove dead cells from your skin and prevent skin problems whereas honey is an antibacterial, antioxidant and adds moisture to your skin. Make a mixture of honey and Lemon, don’t add water to the solution. When you see a dilute mixture is ready then apply it through your fingers. Take some of the mixtures on your fingers and blend onto your palm then smoothly apply it over your beard. Start applying from your chin up to cheeks. After applying, leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it with warm water. You will see results after applying for once.

Aloe Vera is known as Magical Plant because of its healing and soothing properties. Aloe is rich in vitamin C and E, keeping your skin cool and healthy. It also has antibacterial properties. Aloe Vera is a complex carbohydrate which is known as Acemannan. It helps the nutrients of skin to reach the dead cells and also to get rid of toxicity. Aloe Vera acts as a conditioner and make your beard shiny as well as smooth. But how will you use it?

Let me tell you this, cut three or four Aloe Vera leaves from the plant then chopped them into some slices. Put them into the blender and add some water to it. After getting the expected juice of it, add some warm coconut oil. Leave it for minimum 30 minutes or if you can leave it for long then it will be better. Apply this solution at least once in a week or whenever you want it is totally up to you.

For Beardruff

The main tip for whom you are waiting so long, how to get rid of beardruff? Take half lemon and 1 and ½ teaspoon coconut oil. Use double boiler process to warm coconut oil then add lemon juice to it. Yes, you will need some cotton here. After mixing the solution well, pour a cotton ball into it and then try to apply on beard smoothly.

Do remember the scalp of our head is totally different from our facial skin, so don’t use any kind of anti-dandruff shampoo for beard.

Remove Beardruff

There is also an option to remove beardruff. Apply some lemon juice over the beard then take a hard brittle having a brush or comb to scrounge beardruff. But do notice if you are going to use comb then its teeth should be hard so that it can bring your flakes out of your beard. Start using it from your cheeks.

Note: Do not comb bread harshly. Otherwise, it can cause harm to your face.

You can try another beard mask to remove beardruff. For the mask, you will need Curd, lemon and coconut. Curd helps us to cleanse the skin and make your beard strong. Whereas Lemon contains citric acid which reduces oil extracts and removes beardruff while Coconut oil will help you to maintain moisture in the skin and also helps your beard to grow fast. Take two teaspoons of curd, ½ lemon and two teaspoons of coconut oil. Make a mixture of them and then apply it with your finger. Don’t wash it for ½ hour and rinse it with light warm water. Apply it for two times a week for good results.

Prevent your Bread from Breadruff

Now, you know some ways to get rid of beardruff naturally but still if you can protect it then why would you take risk? So, read carefully. Always wash your face or take a bath with balanced temperature water (Neither  too much warm nor too much cold). If you have beardruff then don’t forget to exfoliate beard. Don’t use harsh chemical-based products. Cleanse your beard time to time. Another tip is to dry your beard fully after cleansing! Left water in the beard can dry out your skin.

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