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Homemade Hair Products Straight From Grandma’s Lab

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Beauty Lab scientists test hundreds of hair products every year, from shampoos and conditioners to hair masks and more.

Now the question arises, which products should you actually use for your hair?

Do you know what our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used? In the old days, styling gels and mousses were not sold freely. Half a century ago, we mainly washed and styled our heads with household products that encouraged hair growth. For the most part, the products used for hair beauty were ones that could be easily found in any kitchen, even in times of total scarcity.

We bring you the definitive list of the best hair products and hair care brands straight from your grandmother’s lab that has been proven to work for all hair types and textures.

Keep Your Roots Healthy By Using These Hair Products

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Is It Possible To Accelerate Hair Growth Without Pharmacy Cosmetics?

Having thick hair and preventing it from falling out is every woman’s dream at all times. Not having access to professional grade sprays and lotions to strengthen the hair, women actively used folk remedies.

Red pepper

Red hot pepper was a salvation for the density of the hair. Two pods of red pepper insisted on a bottle of vodka for two weeks. Later, this lotion was used immediately after washing the head every 7 days, rubbing into the skin of the head.

Not such a burdock one who uses burdock

One of the simplest and most neutral means of strengthening hair follicles is the burdock root. Dried and shredded root was simply poured with boiling water and applied.

Dandruff Hair products In The Middle Of The 20th Century

The fight against dandruff has been relevant at all times. Our grandmothers used regular vinegar (preferably apple vinegar) to cope with such an attack. They rubbed it in the skin, put on a shower cap, and kept it for an hour. After that, they washed off this mask with water.

Hair Styling Products For Our Grandmothers

Despite the total deficit, fashionable women of the 50s and 60s of the previous century managed to create complex and voluminous hairstyles at home. Just the hair without a styling product will not hold all day, as you know. The same applies to elastic curls.

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Styling beer

Beer packing was designed to fix the curls and curls. What about the smell? The ladies who used this product authoritatively declare that within an hour the aroma of the hopped drink completely disappears.

Strands of beer and water-soaked in this solution were wrapped around on rollers. In addition to the reliable fixation, such a tool also gave a shine.

Hair gel from gelatin

Is it possible to create the effect of wet hair or, conversely, to lay strands smoothly in the absence of shop cosmetics? It turns out that it is possible. And the way is budgetary, accessible to everyone.

To prepare such a gel you need a tablespoon of ordinary gelatin. It is poured with a glass of water, insist a couple of hours, and heated to full dissolution. After removal from the fire, the mixture should be cooled down. Mix with a false liquid honey table and a teaspoon of vinegar. Heat again, but do not allow boiling. The ready-made mixture can be filtered and used 24 hours later.

Sweet stacking

Very easy to prepare for strong fixation of the hairstyle or individual curls can be made using the most common sugar. In a cup of warm water are diluted tablespoon of sugar and half a teaspoon of alcohol. Strands soaked in this solution will have a secure fixation and rigidity.

Hair Care Products: Homemade Shampoo

You’d be very surprised to learn that the beauties of the yester years could make their own shampoo. Egg shampoo is just a name for a modern person, however, you can make your own homemade egg-based head cleaner. The known recipe is simple and was made of handmade products. To create a shampoo will require 2/3 cup of boiled water, which adds a couple of tablespoons of vodka, a tablespoon of soda, and egg yolk.

Curling A Hundred years Ago

The first perm appeared at the beginning of last year in England. Its inventor, K. Nessler, used sodium hydroxide strand treatment and used his own invention. Not everything went smoothly at first – there were scalp burns, hair damage, and short-lived effects. Modernization of special curlers, and the use of new chemical compositions lasted for many years before the invention of the curlers.

As the years pass, the fashion and technologies used in the beauty industry are changing. The only thing that remains unchanged is the desire of women to be beautiful.


1. What are the benefits of homemade hair products?

Homemade hair products offer a variety of benefits, such as being more affordable than store-bought products, having fewer chemicals and preservatives, being tailored specifically to your hair type and needs, and being free of synthetic fragrances.

2. What ingredients can I use to make my own hair products?

You can use a variety of natural ingredients to make your own hair products, such as essential oils, carrier oils, herbs, honey, yogurt, aloe vera, eggs, and avocado.

3. What are the best essential oils for my hair type?

The best essential oils for your hair type depend on your needs. Some of the most popular essential oils for hair care include lavender, rosemary, tea tree, and peppermint.

4. What is the best way to store my homemade hair products?

To ensure your homemade hair products stay fresh, store them in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

5. How long do homemade hair products last?

Homemade hair products can last anywhere from one to three months.

6. Are homemade hair products more effective than store-bought products?

The effectiveness of homemade hair products versus store-bought products depends on the specific ingredients used and the type of hair that you have.

7. How often should I use homemade hair products?

The frequency of use depends on the specific product and your hair type. Generally, you should use homemade hair products every one to two weeks.

8. What are the best natural ingredients to use in homemade hair products?

The best natural ingredients to use in homemade hair products depend on your specific needs and hair type. Some of the most popular natural ingredients for hair care include coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter, honey, and aloe vera.

9. How can I tell if a homemade hair product will work for my hair type?

You can generally tell if a homemade hair product will work for your hair type by doing a patch test. You should apply a small amount of the product to a small patch of your skin and wait 24-48 hours to see if you experience any irritation or reactions.

10. How can I make sure my homemade hair products are safe?

To ensure your homemade hair products are safe, make sure you use only high-quality ingredients and follow the directions carefully. Avoid using ingredients that you are not familiar with or that have not been tested for safety.

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