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Tired of Hair Loss? Some Useful Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

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Everyone wants to know how to stop hair fall. For most of us, a good hair day puts us in a good mood instantly. While our entire mood is seriously affected, if we see hair falling out in the bathroom or on our pillow, imagine how terrifying it is to deal with the loss of your precious hair.

Hair fall and thinning of hair have become common in most people nowadays. While for some, it is the genes that cause it, for others, it is the chemicals present in their hair styling and coloring products.

Now the question comes, what do we do wrong with our hair? We buy shampoos with vitamins and use conditioners, but we still have hair fall on the comb. So what is the reason anyway?

Keeping these questions in mind, we bring you effective tips to prevent hair fall and promote hair growth.

What To Do To Stop Hair Fall? The Most Worrying Question

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Why Does Your Hair Fall Out?

There could be a lot of causes for hair loss:

  • Stress (the most common and inevitable stress is almost impossible to avoid these days)
  • Hormonal disorders, including diabetes mellitus
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Psoriasis
  • Seborrhea
  • Avitaminosis and hypovitaminosis
  • Hair burns and other consequences of all kinds of aggressive procedures.

Sometimes the reason is obvious, for example, pregnancy and childbirth, in other cases you will have to see a doctor. In large cities, as a rule, there are specialists in trichology who will be able to assess the condition of hair follicles and prescribe treatment.

If there is no trichologist in your city, go to a therapist, endocrinologist, gynecologist, or even immunologist for advice. Sometimes a dermatologist can also help. To find the real cause of hair loss, you will need to take a number of tests. Of course, you will have to spend a lot of time and money but decide for yourself what is more expensive. Hair loss can also signal a serious illness, so it’s best if you see a doctor in time.

If the specialist could not find the problem, it makes sense to resort to self-treatment.

  • Give up trying to make your hair look shinier, thicker, and lusher. They will look shiny, thick, and lush when they really become so. It is necessary at least for a while to give up the means for styling, drying hair with a hairdryer, and even ironing, curls.
  • Wash your head with homemade, not factory shampoos. There are a lot of recipes for such natural shampoos, for example, on the basis of eggs. Massage your head thoroughly while washing.

  • Making nourishing hair masks. Very well-proven masks of black bread, turnip oil, and onions.
  • Use a comb and hairbrush made of natural materials.
  • Stop dieting. Do not confuse it with proper nutrition. Hair needs fats, but you can get them from sea fish, nuts, and olive oil, not candy and cakes.
  • Calm down. Stress is the worst service that can be provided to weakened and falling hair.

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