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Pros and Cons of Ironic Blow Hair Dryers

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Read the pros and cons of ironic blow hair dryers. 

Hairs are an internal part of your outfit. Also, it plays a big role in your confidence. If you have well-set hair that you want then your mood will be good and it will make you confident. If you do not the hair that you wanted then it can also bring your confidence down. It can be your insecurity and you will keep thinking that I am not looking good because of my hairs.

Hair is like a finger print, everyone has unique. Different people have a different type of hairs. It is also important to choose a hairstyle that looks perfect in you and easy for you to maintain. Some people find their suitable hairstyles naturally and for some people, it can take years to find that perfect hairstyle. Usually people set their hairs according to trends and many of them do not like their natural hair. people with curly hair want straight hairs and people with straight hairs want curly or wavy hairs.

There are many treatments and products out there that can help you to get your desired hairstyle, ironic blow hair dryers are one of them. You can use it to get your desired hairstyle. Also, it is a good solution compared to hair treatments.

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Pros of Ironic Blow Hair Dryers

Here are advantages of ironic blow hair dryers

1. Hairdryers lighten the hair

If you have thick hair problems and you can’t set your hair then blow of heat with a hairdryer will be a good option for your hair. It will lighten your thin hair and it will make your hair well structured. So now you will not have the problem of combing your hair for a long time just to make sure it stays in the place. It can be beneficial for people with curly hairs too. Blow drying hairs after the shower make them a bit straight.

2. Dries your hair quickly

That is why it is called the hairdryers. The main function of hairdryers is to dry your hair. You should use it after a shower. We all have a busy schedule. Most of us don’t have time in the morning to wait till hair dries naturally. So, in situations like these hairdryers can be a savior. If you have thick or long hair then you will be amazed how fast it can dry your hairs. Your hairs will be completely dry in a couple of minutes and then you are ready to start your day.

3. Less heat damage

Ironic hair dryers are very gentle with your hair. It uses less heat compared to other standard and non-ironic hair dryers. Heat can lead you to hair damage and hair breaking. But by using ironic hairdryer drying time for your hair will be decreased and it is less likely that heat from an ironic hair dryer will damage your hairs.

4. Less frizz and soft hair

A hairdryer is helpful if you want to remove frizz from your hairs. The heat of hair dryers can help you lock your hair and make it free from frizz. An ironic hair dryer will help to lock in moisture and it will make your hair feel softer. Frizz-free and smooth hair will be easy to style.

5. Worth’s money

Hairdryers will save you from hair salon appointments. You will have to spend money only one time to buy a hairdryer. And it will give you smooth and straight hair so you will not have to spend your money on treatments and various products. Also, an ironic hairdryer is more durable than other standard hair dryers.

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Cons of Ironic Blow Hair Dryers

Here are disadvantages of ironic blow hair dryers

1. Overheating your hair

When you have your hairdryer on, you have a comb in one hand and hairdryer in other and you are looking in the mirror at your hair. and you are so busy with styling your hair that you keep hairdryer at the same place for a long time and it can overheat your hair. Overheating will make your hair less bright and it will also affect your hair growth in a long time.

2. Hairdryers weaken the hair

Hair needs moisture so that it will look good and it will stay healthy. The water reaches to hair when we shampoo of conditions hair and blow-drying hairs right after the shower may soak up all those moisture and affects follicle health. Overuse of hair dryer will result in a dry scalp and dry scalp will result in dehydrated hairs and split ends.

3. Not suitable for daily use

Ironic hair dryers are not healthy for hairs. It builds an electromagnetic field that can be harmful to your hair. This electromagnetic field is even more harmful to children. So, you should avoid using ironic hairdryer near children.  So it is better not to use it daily to keep your hair healthy.

4. Not suitable for fine hairs

If you have fine and thin hairs then an ironic blow dryer will not be a suitable choice for you. it is not suitable for fine hairs and after blow-drying fine and thin hairs it will be tired-looking. You can choose any other blow dryer that is suitable for your hair type but avoid ironic hairdryer.

5. The temperature according to hair

If you will use a hairdryer at maximum heat settings to have a volume or to have straight hair then you will damage your hair in a long time. Too much heat isn’t always a good option. Most of the people never know what temperature is suitable for their scalp. You should consider the type and style of your hair and then choose the temperature of the hairdryer accordingly. The ideal temperature of hair drying is 45 degrees. Blow-drying your hair without knowledge of temperature may cause the burning effects on your scalp.

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Other types of hair dryers

If you have a hair type that is not suitable with an ironic blow hair dryer then you should consider other types of hair dryers. Here are some other types of hairdryers,

  1. Ceramic or porcelain hairdryer
  2. Titanium hairdryer
  3. Tourmaline hairdryer

Today, the hairdryer is part of every dressing table. Using blow dryers is not entirely danger but you should use it minimally. Do not use it daily. And also keep an eye on the temperature and also keep a safe distance between scalp and hairdryer and always choose a hairdryer that suits your hair type.

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