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People all around the world have different types of hair, some straight, some curly, some short and some have long locks of hair, and styling these hair is the perfect way to express your personal sense of style and fashion.  People curl their hair, straighten it, layer it or perm it.

But all of this styling of hair requires a large amount of heat to be applied onto your hair so that the hair follicles can bend a certain way to form a wave or straighten for straight hair. Continuous application of heat can however damage your hair and cause it to shed quicker.

This is the point where heat protection spray comes into play. Heat protection spray acts as a sunscreen or barrier for your hair against the harsh heat of a hair dryer or curling rod. Heat protection spray comes with moisture-locking factor and deals with frizzy hair as well.

Here is all that you need to know about heat protection spray before trying one out for your own hair.

Things that you need to know about Heat Protection Spray before trying


Since it is a chemical spray, its chemical composition varies from product to product. But the main ingredient in every heat protective spray is Silicone. Silicone casts a protective barrier over your hair cuticle and makes it resistant to heat and warm temperature. Silicone also moisture locks your hair and stops from letting excessive moisture evaporate out of your hair. Keep an eye out for dimethicone copolyol, stearoxy dimethicone, and behenoxy dimethicone as they are some of the most used water soluble chemicals used in heat protection sprays nowadays.

Oils are also a big part of a heat protection spray. They are used as a repairing agent and also as a barrier from heat. Refined oils used in heat protecting sprays today are non-greasy and not that heavy when applied, also they are heat resistant, so they are a top ingredient found in many hair products. The most popular oils are:-

  • Almond Oil can stand heat up to 255° Celsius
  • Refined Avocado Oil can stand heat up to 270° Celsius
  • Camellia Oil can stand heat up to 252° Celsius
  • Argan Oil can stand heat up to 220° Celsius
  • Grapeseed Oil can stand heat up to 216° Celsius
  • Refined Coconut Oil can stand heat up to 235° Celsius

Essential Oils are also added to give perfumed smell to the products. Preservatives like sodium benzoate are added to make the product last longer. Emollient called Cetyl Ethylhexanoate is used to soften the hair texture and smoothen it out. Moisturizing humectant like Panthenol is used for the hydration purpose of your hair when faced with harsh heat.

No matter what condition your hair is in, these heat protection sprays are designed to not only protect from heat but also fix the bad state of your hair. You can use heat protection spray while your hair is dry and you can also use it while your hair is damp. Just make sure to comb your hair properly after spraying your hair with the heat protection spray for even application on all parts and lengths of your hair.

2. How to use this spray

  • At first, make sure to have a clean scalp that is shampooed and conditioned well. Your hair should also be free from any tangles and you should comb your hair properly.
  • If you want to apply the product to damp hair then make sure you use a spray appropriate for wet hair, do not dry your hair with hair dryer. Let your hair dry naturally.
  • You should always use a wide toothed hair comb while combing your hair so that no tangles are present in your hair.
  • Take a small sections of your hair and spray the protection spray. Likewise, spray every section of your hair. If your hair is too thin just apply a light amount of spray, do not overdo it and make your scalp greasy. If you have thick hair use more coats of the spray as necessary. Remember to apply the spray from a safe distance of fifteen centimeters away from your hair.
  • Allow the spray to completely cover your hair and let it dry. Then use your styling tools to get the desired look for your hair and apply and a layer of hair spray to set your hair.
  • If you want to straighten your hair make sure to section your hair and straighten them one by one. This makes your hair have an even straightened look and make it sleeker. It is also advised to let your hair cool down before you apply hair spray to set that look and avoid frizz.
  • Do not over do with hair styling and straightening and use these heated tools no more than twice a week. After each styling session, make sure you shampoo your hair to wash off the heat protection spray and hair spray off of your hair completely and give your hair healthy oil treatment at least once a week. Oil treatment can help repair your hair follicles and heat damages hair to an extent.

Invest in some good hair mask or try to make one at home. Hair masks can help heal heat damaged hair and hair suffering from split ends. Here are some quick and easy hair mask recipes for you to try.

3. Quick and easy hair mask recipes

  1. Banana Mask- Take a banana and mash it up into a paste and mix a spoon of olive oil in it. You can make it two spoons if you have long hair. Take the mixture and apply evenly on the length of your hair and also to your scalp. Let this mixture sit for about half an hour and wash it off with shampoo and condition your hair afterwards to ward off the banana smell.
  2. Egg and Yogurt Mask- Whisk one egg for about two minutes then add a cup of yogurt or plain curd and half a cup of apple cider vinegar, mix everything together and apply this on to your hair and cover the hair with a plastic shower cap or a plastic bag. Wash off with shampoo after half an hour and see your hair get a naturally conditioned look.
  • If you are using styling tools often make sure to use ceramic coated straightener and hair dryers which claim to have ionic properties in them. Ceramic helps to even out the heat on your hair and ionic properties of a hair dryer can break down water and dry your hair faster.
  • If you use rubber bands or other types of hair bands for making a pony tail, make sure to let your hair rest for a bit after a whole day of tying it up. Tying up your hair not only adds stress to your hair follicles but also applies pressure to your head and can cause headaches.

But using heat protection spray every time you style your hair can be tough money wise and also the chemicals in those sprays can do more harm to your hair follicles than good. So instead of buying heat protection spray, you can make one at home and apply whenever you feel the need to style your luscious locks.

4. Essential Oil DIY Hair Protection Spray


  • Spray Bottle
  • Coconut or any other carrier oil according to your choice
  • Almond oil
  • Hair conditioner (whichever you use at home)
  • Water
  • Essential Oil (any of your favorite ones)


  • Add 3 to 4 ml of water into the bottle.
  • One tablespoon of coconut oil.
  • One tablespoon of almond oil.
  • Add 5-6 drops of your favorite conditioner and mix well.
  • Add 20 drops of any essential oil of your choice and even add two different essential oils if you like.
  • Shake the bottle well to mix the ingredients up.
  • Add more water and shake the bottle again.
  • Apply on your hair length and let it dry naturally before applying heat.
  • Always remember to shake the bottle up well before each individual application.

5. Aloe Vera Heat Protection Spray


  • Spray Bottle
  • Water
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Almond oil
  • Coconut Oil


  • Take about 3 ml of water and heat it up.
  • Add 1-2 tablespoon of aloe vera gel into the water and mix it well in the lukewarm water.
  • Add almond oil and coconut oil and again mix it well.
  • Pour the mixture into a spray bottle for ease of usage.
  • Apply this spray to your hair and let it dry onto your hair completely before applying any heated styling tool to your hair.
  • Leave proper gaps every other day you apply heat to your hair and comb your hair regularly for detangled and hassle free hair.

While applying these heat protection sprays, always remember that these heat protection sprays can only protect your hair from the outside damage of heating tools. You must also take care of your health from the inside to ensure luscious and healthy looking hair. Do not forget to consult a doctor if any serious hair damage arises because of styling tools or if you face any chemical reaction from any heat protection spray. Also, remember to not overdo your hair styles as using heat on your hair every day can not only damage your hair but also make its growth lesser day by day. A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle can go a long way towards healthy hair and skin.

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(Reviewed by Dr. Samiksha Rane)

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