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Winter means cozying in front of a fire, drinking hot chocolate and wearing your favorite woolen sweaters. If you live in northern India or are planning to go to the northern part of India for a trip during winter times you need tons of woolen garments to keep you warm during the harsh winter where temperatures can go up to -20° C in some of the parts. The woolen sweaters and crop sweaters are a huge trend overseas and slowly made an impact in India as well, and these sweaters are not only made to stay warm in winters, but they are also extremely fashion forward and can add a wow factor to your winter wardrobe.

Family is very important for Indians. We all have a childhood memory of getting a hand knitted woolen sweater, shawl, or mufflers from our Grandmother or Mother. These handmade woolens have a special place in our hearts and certain nostalgia is attached to them.

Here are some tips on how you can store your precious woolens and make them last long:-

  • Store the woolen sweaters by folding them neatly instead of hanging them.
  • Don’t wash your sweaters every time you wear them, washing more can wear out the yarn.
  • Follow the labeled instruction mentioned in each cardigan or sweater to wash them properly.
  • If your sweater feels itchy, instead of discarding it, try to wear it with a long sleeved shirt or top to minimize the itchiness.
  • Do not pull on to any loose strings you see in your sweater as it might unravel the whole thing.

Sweaters are a basic and essential item for wardrobe. You should always have a white knitted woolen sweater, a v neck sweater, a turtle neck black sweater, a long sleeved cardigan, and a long coat in your wardrobe if you are planning to be involved in the fashion industry. You should also keep in mind the softness, warmth, itchiness, wearability, and length as factors when buying a new woolen cardigan or sweater.

Here are some of the top selling brands for woolen sweaters and cardigans to revamp your winter wardrobe:-

1. Raymond

When it comes to woolen wear the first brand name that Indians recognize is that of Raymond. Being an Indian brand, it is a top selling product is woolen sweaters and woolen apparel. Made from wools and wool-blend fabrics, the sweaters are not only soft and smooth texture wise but can also keep one warm in a cold climate. The price range is very affordable and the product range is vast and suited for any salary man seeking warm and comfortable woolen wear.

Where to buy

Raymond has tons of stores all across India and has an online website also. They also sell their clothes in online retail websites like Flipkart, Amazon.

2. United Colors of Benetton

This Italian apparel brand made in 1965 is among the top name brands known worldwide. It has over 200 stores in India and sells clothing for all kinds of seasons. The woolen cardigans and sweaters are made from the finest yarns making them soft and itch free. The price range is also affordable and the selection of colors makes them a crowd favorite.

Where to buy

Stores in the shopping complex near you or their website online. Websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra also sell clothes from this brand.

3. Roadster

A subsidiary of the retail website Myntra now owned by Flipkart is a perfect brand if you are looking for affordable woolen sweaters. This brand targeted towards young adults has a variety of colors and trendy styles. Since 2007 the brand has made a huge market selling affordable line of travel friendly edgy clothing and is also among the top favorites. You definitely won’t be disappointed when buying a sweater from Roadster.

Where to buy

Online shopping websites like Myntra and Flipkart.

4. Mango

Mango is a clothing design and manufacturing from Spain. Their selection of clothing includes clothing for summer and sweaters for winter. The price range varies from both affordable to high end depending on the material and type of clothing. Although this brand does not have many stores in India but due to the immense popularity of online shopping platforms like Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong etc. Brands like Mango have gotten their recognition among the consumers.

Where to buy

Online shopping stores like Jabong, Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon.

5. Only

From the company named “Bestseller”, Only is a popular brand in India selling apparel for every occasion and every season. Vero Moda is also from the same company but Only remains the top favorite among consumers due to its affordable range and attractive designs. Not to mention the immense popularity of this brand among third party retail websites like Myntra.

Where to buy

Online retail stores like Jabong and Myntra and their shop in shopping malls near you.

6. GAP

Being an American apparel brand, Gap is a very popular brand among teens and young adults due to their huge collection of casual wears and selection of woolen wear. The price range of the brand is also on the affordability scale making it a success among students. GAP has also gained a good portion of popularity with the rise in social media and influencers promoting the brand and persuading their viewers to buy the same.

Where to buy

Online retail stores like Jabong and Myntra and their shop in shopping malls near you.

7. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger- Founded back in 1985 this premium American apparel brand is also one of the best known brands in India. They sell everything from summer to winter clothing and have even ventured into home furnishing selling home décor at different prices. Tommy Hilfiger sweaters and cardigans are made from the finest yarns and of the highest quality making their products high end in the price range.

Where to buy

Stores across India and also their online store. Tommy Hilfiger branded clothes can also be found in retail stores like Myntra, Flipkart, Jabong, etc.

8. Arrow

A venture of Philips- Van Heusen Corporation, the brand Arrow is a clothing brand selling seasonal apparel at different price ranges. They sell dress shirts, woolen sweaters, shoes and now even opened up a line of sunblock for daily use. The corporation also has brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein under their name making their company a huge business in the clothing industry. Arrow is also one of the name brand well recognized in India and the rise of globalization and social media has brought upon this brand’s rise in reputation as well. The woolen wears are generally of the best quality and their prices are at an affordable range.

Where to buy

Online retail stores like Jabong and Myntra and their shop in shopping malls near you.

Nowadays, vintage and thrift shopping has become a popular trend among social media influencers. Thrift shops might be a little hard to find in India but there is an abundance of thrift markets or cloth markets where on a certain day, pre loved and pre owned items are sold at an incredibly cheap price. Thrifting can also be a way to own high end brand woolen items at a cheap price. Make sure to check social media platforms or ask any owner of a local store about the day your local market might have a thrift day to sell pre owned clothes and buy some vintage woolen clothes of your liking.

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