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Fix Split Ends By These Effective Measures

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The main enemy of any beautiful hair is split hair. Split ends are no fun, and it seems like they’ll always reappear once you get rid of them. They significantly spoil the look of the hair, making it messy, confusing the hair, and gradually destroying it, rising higher and higher along the cortex. How do fight them?
Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to get rid of split ends and protect your hair so they don’t grow back. Here are means to remove and prevent split ends professionally.

Tired Of Split Ends? Try These Ways To Stop Them

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Split ends appear for a variety of reasons:

  • Lack of vitamins and minerals in the body.
  • Maximum possible hair length achieved.
  • If the hair itself is not healthy and dried out with permanent dye or other aggressive means.

In the first case, a balanced diet or vitamin intake will help to solve the problem. In the second case – a quality haircut, preferably with hot scissors. But if the hair is damaged mechanically (use of hot devices, combing) or chemically (frequent dyeing, perm or washing, improper care, hair bleaching), then the situation can be corrected with the help of special products from professional brands.

Nourishing Mask With Active Substances In Composition To Combat Hair Cross-Section

The first important step towards the treatment of split ends will be the purchase of a quality hair mask. An intensive mask with useful ingredients in it will not only help to hide the existing problem by closing the scales and moisturizing the tips, but will also allow to get rid of the section completely.

We like the night cream with black iris from the professional Russian brand Ollin. It allows not only to compact the thinned areas of hair, but also to soften them, to give the hair density and volume. The mask contains black toffee extract, wheat protein (an important component for restoring the hair structure) and keratin, which replenishes the lost moisture and nourishes the hair from the inside. It works not only as a nourishing hair mask, but also as part of Ollin’s spa treatment.

Glazing For Shine, Vitality And Split Ends

Kaaral Baco Color Silk Glaze Silk Glaze hair glaze is a super effective treatment that helps to restore shine, elasticity and firmness to your hair. It has a cumulative effect and allows you to restore even very dry and damaged hair. This procedure is very easy to do at home: you will need a special Dev Plus 6 vol emulsion, which should be mixed with the product at a ratio of 1:1. The mixture should be applied to the hair and left to work for 10-20 minutes, then rinse with shampoo. Silk glazing should be repeated at least once every 4 weeks with a course of 3-6 treatments (depending on the condition of the hair).

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Treatment Of Split Ends With hair Ampoules

A few years ago, cosmetic companies developed special products that allow you to solve the problem of splitting hair at the inter-cellular level. Thus, the first hair ampoules containing a cocktail of active ingredients acting deep inside the hair appeared.

We recommend our readers to pay attention to the reconstructing complex Dikson Ristrutturante. These are 12 ampoules which give excellent results after the first application. The product strengthens the structure of the hair, fills it with internal strength, returns beauty and strength. Suitable for use after curling and other aggressive hair treatments.

In order to perform a revitalizing procedure with Dikson restructuring, it is necessary to apply the contents of one ampoule over the entire length of the hair and whip it in foam. Leave on the hair for 5-25 minutes depending on the condition of the hair. The ampoule can be used not only as a solo but also in combination with Kaaral silk glazing and added to the ready-made mixture. In this case, the exposure time is reduced to 7-10 minutes.

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