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Fish oil is a “magic” vitamin for the cosmetic and the pharmaceutical industry. The supplement has been extremely popular in every domestic household. The fish oil comprises omega3- fatty acids like eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Fish oil came into the markets around the 1980s, and later bin 2012 it became a highly popular cosmetic and a medical supplement. These vitamins are derived from aquatic animals especially fishes like tuna, herrings, sardines and salmon and mackerels. The Romans were the chief inventors of the fish oil, which they derived by removing it from fish liver.

In the past, children were given sea-cod (fish oil supplements) as they were a good source of immunity and development of the bones and muscles. Especially, nutrition of the Mediterranean people is rich in omega3 and fatty acids, as a result, they are less susceptible to illnesses of bones and heart. The fish oil has been extensively researched by the medical practitioners and found to be advantageous in treating medical and mental conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Heart Diseases, High Blood Pressure in elderly and middle-aged, Depression, Dryness of eyes, Osteoporosis in men and women, Alzheimer’s disease, losing weight, developing immunity and Lupus.

A study was done by a team of scholars in Denmark on the inhabitants of Greenland. The results revealed that there was a link in the cholesterol levels and the consumption of fish. The cholesterol was extremely low in the men and women, as their diet involved seafood. Omegavia, Neuherbs, Wow life science, Pharm Grade and Piping Rock are the pharmacies that provide supplements of fish oil.

The fish oil is derived by the method called wet pressing method. To remove the oil from the fish, the fish is heated to 95 degrees Celsius. As a result, the water, oil, minerals, and proteins to come out from the fish. The liquid that comes out contains impurities along with fish oil which has to be processed again by the method called a centrifuge. Through this method, oil is removed from the impurities. The final product that is obtained is fish oil. 

Advantages Of Fish Oil In The Various Fragments:

Fish oil is widely consumed all over the globe. Nations invest millions of money to procure the best fish oil, as supplements for their health care sector.

  • According to the book-Fish and fish oil in health and disease prevention (Susan Rats, 2016), consuming fish oil, and seafood is very valuable, especially to prevent Metabolism Syndromes like Type 2 diabetes and Heart Diseases. The intake of fish oil in combination with the seafood diet will reduce the metabolism of lipids, leading to a healthy life.  
  • A study done by the University of Iceland shows that weight loss is improved when seafood and fish oil are taken in a regular diet. Leptin and Ghrelin hormones, responsible for body fat are positively influenced by the fish oil and thus leads to weight reduction. 
  • Fish and fish oil contain Vitamin A, D, and omega fatty acids. These vitamins directly influence the brain cells and slow down the process of aging of the brain. Sarcopenia is a condition which leads to the weakening of the muscles and bones as a person gets older. The fish oil and seafood has been found to slow down the process of muscle wear and tear, increase the strength of the bones and muscles.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition that is caused due to the swelling of the joints. They are prevalent in men and women and the onset can be early or late. The condition is very painful, as the sore joints affect the quality of life, and reduce the mobility in the person. The intake of fish oil and seafood can help reduce the inflammation of the joints.
  • Eyes are the vital sense organs that help in vision. However, due to the sudden burst of electronic gadgets like phones, TVs have adversely affected the quality of the eyes. Fish oil is an important source of protein that prevents the weakening of the eye muscles. 
  • The non-alcoholic fatty liver disorder is a condition that causes fat deposition in the liver. The condition is extremely dangerous. 
  • Asthma is a breathing disorder, which involves difficulty breathing. Fish oil can improve the respiratory issues of the person.
  • Schizophrenia and depression are mental disorders. People suffering from them have difficulty in maintaining a good quality of life, as their symptoms are challenging to manage. Fish oil supplements are beneficial in influencing the mood of such patients as they contain omega -3 fatty acids. 
  • The population of people with heart diseases is increasing day by day. An unhealthy lifestyle, eating and sleeping habits, smoking and alcohol are causing heart problems in young and the old population. Fish oil supplements’ are a good source of protein that cut down cholesterol levels. Few people have uneven heartbeats, which is a medical condition. Fish oil supplements reduce the danger of heart disease. 
  • Psoriasis is a skin disorder that causes rough, pinkish, itchy and dry patches on the body. Heat and humid conditions make the condition difficult to manage. Fish oil supplements’ contain omega 3 fatty acids that work effectively for such conditions. 
  • Fish oil contains vitamin A and D and fatty acids and Omega3. Fish oil supplements’ are helpful for children, having ADHD which is characterized by Hyperactivity, restlessness, and impatience. 
  • Pregnant women are prone to stress and tension, which sometimes might affect the normal development of the fetus. The fish oil supplements’ are helpful during the last few months of the pregnancy, as they ensure the safety of the physical and intellectual development of the fetus.

Fish Oil For Hair

Hair is known as women’s pride. Women all over the world greed for beautiful, thick and long hair. The women, especially in the Indian sub-continent have lustrous, shining, black hair possible due to the healthy eating habits. The markets are flooded with varied, hair care products from brands like, Parachute, L’Oreal, Pantene, Sun silk, Clinic Plus, which assure the promise of beautifully long, hair. Women love decorating and styling their hair, especially during weddings, parties, Diwali, Holi, and Id. Ironing, Smoothening, Coloring, are causing excessive hair damage and hair fall.

Nutrition plays a key role in hair growth and nourishment. The individual should have a well-balanced diet containing- vitamins A, C, D, B5, which are naturally available in eggs, fishes, carrots, strawberries, walnuts, almonds, corn, legumes, citrus fruits, fish liver oils, milk, curd, and butter. The polluted air and water, stress, work, are affecting the irreversible harm to the hair. 

However, Fish oil has been a savior for decades for its therapeutic and medical uses across the globe. Fish oil is derived from the tissues of the fishes like tuna, salmon or mackerels. They contain essential vitamins like vitamins A, D, fatty acids and omega3. Fish oil can be consumed either by having seafood in the regular diet or in form capsules that are available in pharmacies.

The ingredients available in the capsule are essential for hair growth. Individuals who suffer from hair loss, find difficulty in regrowth as the roots become weak. Omega 3, and fatty acids play a key role in stimulating hair growth. The scalp no longer supports the roots of the hair. The capsule intake over a prescribed period will help in opening the hair follicles. This, in turn, will ensure the hair roots to grow strong and healthy. The fish oil is an excellent conditioner, as its intake makes the hair soft, voluminous and lustier.  

Usage Of The Fish Oil For Hair Growth

 Fish oil is an excellent source of protein and vitamins. It is derived from the tissues of the fish like sardines, mackerel, herrings, salmons, and tuna. They contain EPA, DHA, Omega- and fatty acids present in the fish oil are extremely essential for hair growth, color, and shine. They are an excellent source of natural proteins for hair. A finding done by the Dermatologic Clinic (January 2014) indicates that fish oil influences hair growth, tint, texture, and shine. According to the Foods and Drugs Administration, an adult should take only 300gms of the fish oil supplement per day, and 200gms from a fish meal diet. The fish oil capsules are accessible from varied pharmaceutical brands like Muscleblaze, WOW Life Science and True Basics in the pharmacies. The fish oil cannot be directly applied to the hair, because of its smell. It’s only for external use. Adults, men, women, 

  • The reference daily intake of the fish oil supplement for healthy men and women require 3000mg to 4000mg per day.
  • Healthy children require 2000 mg (4-12 ages) per day.
  • Healthy adolescents require 2000 to 3000 mg per day( 13-18 ages)

The powerful benefits of fish oil are not only considered for an internal purpose but also can be used for external resolutions. As a healthy intake item, fish oil has been added to the basket of the daily consumption items. The oil extracted from the tissues of certain types of fish have a rich presence of Omega fatty acids. The ingestion of these fatty acids, is an addition to the human body, as the human body is unable to produce these items within. The fish oil not only controls the inflammation level in the human body but also keeps away those diseases related to the heart. The oil also protects the skin from getting red and fights against the effect of sunburns.

As an external user, the oil helps in the prevention of hair loss and pull down the menace of skin cancer. It can also prevent arthritis pain and keep away the stiffness or the ache in the body. Actions related to stress management and improving the vision in daily life are important. Acting as a stress management act, the fish oil keeps away those diseases related to stress, such as shorter attention spans and distraction. It also strengthens the muscles of the eyes, thus providing a good vision across various age groups. The oil acts as a laudable addition to the daily diet that always boosts up the overall health of a person. 

As many of the supplements of fish oil are safe, there do exist some mild side effects on the health of a person who uses the fish oil. Many health care departments provide a limit to the intake of fish oil, crossing which may lead to an effect on the blood pressure. They interact riskily with other drugs related to blood pressure, blood clots, and pregnancy. It is always necessary to approach a doctor and take their advice before the usage of fish oil. 

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