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Almond Oil For Hair – Benefits, Side Effects (Precautions), How To Use/Apply

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Almonds (also known as ‘Baadam’) are one the most nutritious dry fruits which grows on trees. You can directly eat them or use their oil. Generally areas of Mediterranean climates with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters are best to make them grow. They contain vitamin E, Omega 9 fatty acids along with high levels of protein. The oil extracted from them is known as Almond oil. It can be extracted by various techniques like just pressing under suitable temperature and pressure or by using chemical procedures.

It is a very light oil. This oil is as beneficial as almond themselves. It has so many advantages that we lost count on them like you can get voluminous and lustrous hairs, glowig and acne free clear skin, low cholesterol level, raised heart life, etc. Let us explore one of the advantages i.e. almond oil for hair. You will be getting all the necessary knowledge about almond oil for hair.

We all suffer from the hair related problems at one stage of our life or some of us suffer the whole life. We try so many home remedies and hacks to make them manageable and look beautiful. Almond oil for hair comes as a knight in shining armour. So, let us dive into the journey of getting long, voluminous, strong and lustrous hairs using just almond oil.

Benefits Of Almond Oil For Hair

1. Softens Your Hair

Rough and frizzy hair can be so frustrating. They are very hard to comb and wash. This can be overcome by using Almond oil. Almond oil softens the hair as it works on the microscopic level i.e. it penetrates between the different layers of the hair strands and make them soft and manageable.

2. Strengthens And Repairs Hair

Almond oil can work as a lubricant. This can reduce the breakage of hairs up to certain levels. Also, it strengthens and repair them making them much stronger.

3. Increase Hair Growth

Almond oil is also used as a natural antioxidant due to the strong presence of vitamin E in it. It hinders the bad effects of pollution, scorching heat, etc and falling of hairs. This aids to the the growth of hairs.

4. Decreases Split Ends

Split ends generally represents the weak hairs. Regular usage of Almond oil can prevent appearing of split ends. Almond oil makes the hair strong because of the presence of omega 9 fatty acids.

5. Can Be Used As A Conditioner

Conditioning of hairs is a good care routine of hairs. But instead of using chemical conditioners use 3 – 4 drops of  Almond oil and you are good to go. It helps in preventing various bad effects of environment  like dust, pollution etc on hairs. This can decrease the frizz hairs over a period of time.

6. Treats Dandruff (dead skin of scalp )

Almond oil is an anti dandruff oil. It moisturize the scalp and helps in better blood flow to the scalp. This reduces the drying of the scalp and promotes healthy scalp and less dandruff.

7. Reduces Hair Breakage

With the healthy scalp and lubricating properties of Almond oil, the hair breakage can be overcome with the passage of time. All you have to do is to regularly use Almond oil on your hairs.

8. Reduces Hair Loss

The hair follicles (roots of hair) hold the scalp strongly if we give them enough nutrition. This can be done by massaging the scalp with Almond oil and letting it to absorb the oil. This strengthen the scalp and hair follicle connection and helps in reducing hair fall.

9. Reduces Dullness And Dryness Of Hair

The dullness and dryness of hairs can work against our self confidence about looks. And its very easy to lessen it just by layering your hair with Almond oil from scalp to tip. This can be used as a hack to give instant shine to your hairs while the oil works its way through the layers of hairs and nourish them.

10. Helps In Getting Healthy Scalp

Healthy scalp is equally important as a healthy body. Almond oil can be proved as a boon for healthy scalp. It has antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties which prevents the itchiness, irritation or infection caused by bacteria. Such bacteria can be caused by sweat, dust particles or harmful pollutants.

11. Gives Shine To Hairs

Almond oil contains magnesium which helps in getting healthy and strength to hairs. It is a light oil. So, it has high penetration ability. It reaches between the layers of the hair strands. This causes shine to the hairs.

Overall you can get the hairs you want just by using Almond oil.

How To Use Almond Oil For Hair?

There are various methods to use Almond oil for hair. But one can also consume almonds directly with one glass of milk every night. It will benefit you in long term. Now, for the application of Almond oil on hair, it is your choice if you want to apply directly or you want to warm it a little bit before massaging with it.

Method 1: Overnight stay

If you are comfortable in leaving in your hairs overnight then this method is for you. For this you have to spray water on your hairs to make them little damp as this can increase the absorption of Almond oil. Now apply the Almond oil from your scalp to the very end of the tips of hair strands, massage it for 10 – 15 minutes and leave it. In the morning, shampoo your hairs.

Method 2: Leaving for 2-3 Hours

In this method, damp your hairs. Apply the Almond oil. Leave for 2 – 3 hours then shampoo it.

Method 3: Conditioner

If you do not have enough time for your hair care routine. Use Almond oil as a leave in conditioner. Wash your hairs. Dry them partially and then apply 2 – 3 drops of Almond oil on hairs just like conditioner. And You are set for the day.

Precautions And Side Effects

  1. Do not apply too hot Almond oil on your scalp.
  2. It can burn the scalp.
  3. Be cautious if you have any type of nut allergy.
  4. First, test it on small portion.
  5. Then use it accordingly.

Its completely up to you how you want to use Almond oil on your hairs as it is very beneficial for every type of hairs.

So, use the Almond oil for hairs and experience it yourself. Be patient as it can take some time to show the results you want and get the beautiful, lustrous, and shining voluminous hairs.

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