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Indian weddings are a glamour of traditions. In this land of diversity, you will come across various customs and traditions which vary from place to place but are equally important and auspicious. The only thing that binds us together irrespective of our differences is our love for weddings.

When you grow up in an Indian family, you will witness a plethora of weddings in your lifetime, but every time you see someone getting married, you secretly start planning out the details of your own wedding. Be it the wedding couture or your bridal jewellery, each aspect is important and has to be perfect for that special day.

One such important aspect is the bridal jewellery and each state has its own particular heirloom. The Rajasthani Borla is one such ethnic accessory that has been worn by the brides for ages. It is a circular shaped maang tikka which is worn with a middle parting on the head at the front. It is accompanied by Sheesh Pool which is a headgear and frames the hairline. So, this wedding season if you wish to ornament yourself with the borla, then we have the most elegant Borla designs for every bride.

Borla Designs For Every Bride

1. Regal Borla

These heritage jewelry look nothing less than a royalty. It elevates the beauty of the bride and brings out the vintage vibe because it was used by the royalty to a much larger extent. This borla design in the shape of a mathapatti looks regal and completes your checklist of transforming yourself from a commoner to a royalty.

2. The Elegant Beauty

The Elegant Beauty Borla Designs For Every Bride

Image Source: Smita Kakwani

When Padmavat came out, we were awestruck by Deepika’s collection of jewelry in the movie which has inspired a lot of real life brides. This bride looks stunning with her choice of heavy jewelry. As they say, the more the merrier, she is the epitome of it. If you are preparing for a classic royal look then you are in the right page.

3. Kundan Borla

Kundan Borla Designs For Every Bride

Image Source: Parul Garg

Down the future lane, when you will be going through your wedding album these pictures will make you nostalgic and remind you that you looked nothing less than a princess. If you wish to be the exuberant bride, then this borla in kundan work is just the right fit for you. This piece of borla looks exotic and breath-taking with those tiny grain like droppings.

4. Beauty in Pearls

Women have a special weakness for pearls maybe because of its simplicity or of its aesthetically pleasing nature. You may have seen pearl necklaces or earrings but here invest on the extra mile by opting for a pearl mathapatti combined with the borla which frames your hairline. Pearls have always been in fashion, so don’t worry if you are going for a timeless beauty.

5. Single Strand Borla

Single Strand Borla Designs For Every Bride

Image Source: Shri Paramani Jewels

If you want to opt for a purely traditional look without any touch of modernity, then the single strand borla is an absolute stunner for you. This bride chose a heavy choker and bridal nath but kept her borla simple so that it will have its own charm and let it do all the talking. Be the princess you have always aspired to be by choosing this borla design.

6. Crafted with Love

Crafted with Love Borla Designs For Every Bride

Image Source: Shri Paramani Jewels

Every piece of jewellery that a bride wears is filled with devotion, dedication, immense efforts and a lot of love which makes it even more special. This borla mathapatti is an example of such bridal jewellery which showcases the minute details and precision which have been intricately crafted and brings out a radiance of its own.

7. The Unconventional Borla

The Unconventional Borla Designs For Every Bride

Image Source: Shika shah

We have seen borla designs which are made to suit your hairline at the front but this unconventional borla design looks like a headgear a bit different than the rest but equally splendid and resplendent. The borla also extends downwards with another design added to the masterpiece which makes it picture perfect.

8. Floral Mathapatti Work

Floral Mathapatti Work Borla Designs For Every Bride

Image Source: Muskan Manhas

The borla designs have a deep history which makes them a vintage in this era of modernization. However, they are still popular because of their ethnic essence and little do we need to mention about the mathapatti. If you are a bride who wants to combine the finest archaic and want the best of both the worlds then here is the design which you should bookmark for your collection.

9. Simple and Sophisticated

Simple and Sophisticated Borla Designs For Every Bride

Image Source: Parul Garg

This borla design is modern and comparatively inconsequential. This single strand borla is for those brides who wish to keep it simple but would opt for a sophisticated look. Perched with pearls and gold, we can definitely assure you that no one would be able to take their eyes off of you when you ornament yourself with this piece.

10. Garish Golden Borla

A Rajput wedding is rich in ethnicity and soaks in colors of tradition and grandeur and the typical Rajput bride oozes out elegance from her charm and fierce personality which runs in their blood. This Rajput bride has adorned herself with rich enameled jewelry which is heavy and authentic in its own way. Flaunt it like you own it.

11. Truly exquisite Borla

Truly exquisite Borla Designs For Every Bride

Image Source: Parul Garg

The myriad elements of a Rajasthani bride give her an extravagant look owing to the combination of her rich wedding trousseau and heavy jewellery. We can’t stop gushing over this bride who sets major #bride goals with her exclusive and intricate golden choker, rani haar, bridal nathni and earrings. Her borla is a simple strand studded with gold and emerald which is rare and beautiful.

12. The Emblematic Borla

The Emblematic Borla Designs For Every Bride

Image Source: Uv Ghai Makeup Studio

This borla design is regal in kundan and emeralds and gives us the absolute vibes of a queen. If you want to step it up with leaps and go beyond, then this is the perfect design for you. A combination of mathapatti and borla, this unique and circular gem studded beauty is definitely a classic among the rest. Slay it like the queen you are.

The jewelry worn by the bride on her special day is something she will remember for eternity. It is distinct, memorable and beautiful in its own way and has its particular charm which only the bride can relate to. With our collection of borla designs exclusively for you, give a refreshing look to your dreams as a bride and add it to your wedding look book. It will be always be trendy even if it gets old so you won’t exactly miss out in the blooming era of fashion.

Preserve and pass on to the future generations and consider it as heirloom. Over the time your wedding trousseau may get old and the memories may get blurred with passing time, the jewelry will always have that special sparkle and shine and will continue to create that magic just like it did when you took the step of lifelong promises with the union of two souls. Choose wisely to get the best memories later.