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Monsoon Hair Care Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

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No doubt in saying this monsoon is a beautiful season. We do so many activities in this beautiful season and the list is endless like sipping the coffee throughout the day, frying our favourite pakoras and listening to the sounds of rain is sounds and it is an overall magical experience. In monsoon season the level of moisture in air is high and it results in doing great destruction to our beautiful hair.  And we all know that rain water can damage our bouncy hair. Lots of people complain the excessive hair loss in this season.

It is very important to follow a hair care routine in the monsoon season.

Here are some common mistakes that we all do in monsoon season, so read this article and try to reduce the mistakes so that your hair looks beautiful and throughout the year.

Monsoon Hair Care Mistakes

1. Washing hair on daily basis

We should not wash our hair on daily basis in monsoon season as it washes away all the natural hair and make the hair look very dry and dull. No doubt that regularly washing the hair will keep the scalp clean but it will create lot of dryness which is not good for your hair. In summers we can wash our hair on daily basis as it removes all the dirt and pollution but it is not advisable to wash regularly in monsoon season.

How to avoid this– Try to wash hair twice or thrice in a week to keep your hair beautiful throughout the year.

2. Using conditioner in large amount

In monsoon season it is good to apply conditioner but in small quantity. Conditioner weigh down your hair and make them flip. In monsoon season we should use a conditioner that is not too oily. So, we should buy our conditioner for monsoon season accordingly. It is also advised that we should always apply conditioner after every hair wash in monsoon season but make sure to apply in small amount.

How to avoid it– Try to apply small amount of conditioner after every wash in monsoon season this will help your look to look bouncy in monsoon season.

3. Not using serum

We are always tensed by using serum on our hair and we are little bit worried. But monsoon is the best time to use good serum on your hair. Serum keep our hair bouncy and shiny during the season. Serum can do wonders to your hair in monsoon season as it removes the fizz without making a limp.

How to avoid this– Use a good serum on your hair in monsoon season. Serum will keep your hair bouncy throughout the day.

4. Leaving hair oil overnight

We all are aware that applying oil to hair and massaging it is very good for maintaining healthy hair care routine. And most of us prefer us massaging the oil at night and leave it overnight so that it gets absorbed by the roots. It is good to leave hair oil overnight but not in monsoon season. As in order to remove oil we have to apply great amount of shampoo which will eventually end up making our hair dry. It is good to apply hair oil an hour before you was your hair.

How to avoid it- Do not leave hair oil overnight, you can apply hair oil before an hour or two you wash your hair. It will keep all the dryness away.

5. Towel drying

We all use towel drying method to dry our hair after a good shower. But towel drying is not a good option in monsoon season as it creates fiction and adds frizz to hair. We should use an old T-shirt instead of a towel. T-shirt is soft as compared to towel and it does not harm our hair.

How to avoid it– Do not use towel for dying your hair, use old t-shirt in doing so. It will keep your soft and frizz free.

6. Styling wet hair

We all love to style our hair, isn’t it? But we should not start the styling process in wet hair. Combination of wet hair and styling leads to hair loss. Always style your hair when your hairs are dried up. This will help in reducing hair loss.

How to avoid it– Do not style your wet hair, wait until they get dried up. It will help in reducing hair loss.

7. Using hairsprays regularly

If you love styling then you must be using hairsprays on daily basis. You can use it in small quantity. But you should not use hairsprays in the monsoon season because they contain high amount of alcohol that makes our hair very dry and fizzy.

How to avoid it– Do not use hairsprays regularly. As it ends up making our hair frizzy and dry, but if you want to use hairsprays use in small quantity.

8. Washing hair immediately after it gets wet in rain

We all love playing in rain with friends and we all love splashing the water on each other. But hair water can make our hair frizzy. If your hair gets wet in rain do not hurry in washing them. If you wash your hair immediately after it gets wet in rain you are inviting itchiness and dandruff to your scalp. Wait for 10-20 mins and after that wash your hair with good shampoo.

How to avoid it–  Do not wash your hair after it gets wet in rain wait for at least 10-20 mins and after that you can wash your hair with good shampoo.

9. Not using a right comb

It is always good to use right kind of comb. In monsoon season it becomes very important because we are dealing with wet hair. We should use wide tooth comb in monsoon season as it will ensure less hair loss and less damage .

How to avoid it– Always use wide-tooth comb in monsoon season as it will help in less break and damage to hair.

These were the nine common mistakes done in monsoon season. Try to avoid these mistakes in monsoon season as it will help in keeping our hair healthy and beautiful.

Stay healthy and take care of your hair!

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(Reviewed by Dr. Samiksha Rane)

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  • Useful post about hair care mistakes, It’s best to learn from other’s mistakes than to feel the urge to commit one by oneself & then think of learning. I think we’ve all made some of these mistakes to some degree or another.

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