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Homemade Amla Oil For Thick And Healthy Hair

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It is important to protect our hair in all aspects. Healthy hair represents a healthy body. And it is difficult for us to choose oils and shampoos for our hair. We come across many oils in our day-to-day life and will end up choosing random oil without knowing anything about them. If the oil we choose is not effective, we will go for other and it will be repeated. So it is better to stand constant in single oil that will help to nourish and strengthen your hair and if that oil is homemade with all your efforts and is highly effective, then there is no need for worries.

Homemade Amla Oil For Hair – Benefits & Recipe

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Here is a recipe to make Homemade Amla oil from Mom’s Kitchen- Essentials which will be highly helpful to strengthen your hair in several use. And here we also further mentioned the benefits of the ingredients being used in the oil.

Key Ingredients And Their Benefits:

Amla Or Indian Gooseberry:

The nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients in amla help in increasing blood circulation on the scalp and stimulate hair growth in a healthy way. Vitamin C in amla helps n stimulating hair growth in both volume and lengthwise. It can be used as a natural conditioner that moisturizes hair by providing enough oil content for the hair and scalp. It treats dandruff, premature hair greying and frizzy hair. It helps to nourish the hair and makes hair clean and shiny. It helps in fighting pigmentation and keeps our scalp clean. It helps to strengthen your hair follicles and roots. It also will bring natural shine to the hair and thickens them.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil helps in moisturizing the scalp and hair to reduce the breakage of hair. It helps to grow your hair stronger and longer by protecting it from environmental pollution and other damages. It helps to fight against dandruff and hair loss. Coconut oil can help to keep your hair in condition and bring natural shine to the hair. It stimulates hair growth by getting deep into its follicles and prevents split ends. It will add softness to the hair and will make your hair grow healthier.

How To Make Amla Oil At Home?

Take 250-gram gooseberries and cut them into small pieces and take 250 grams of coconut oil separately. Take the pieced gooseberries and grind them two times. Add the coconut oil little by little while grinding the gooseberry. Finally, it will be like a thick paste with gooseberry and coconut oil being blended together. Use a low-base iron pan to prepare this oil for better results. Cook the paste on low flame for 15 to 30 minutes until it turns dark brown. Let the recipe cool down. Then take a clean cloth and put the paste in it. Shrink the cloth with the paste in a bowl, so that the oil will be extracted from the paste.

Now store the oil in any bottles and can be used. You can keep this oil for up to 1 year. You have to apply this oil to your scalp and hair and massage your scalp for 10 to 15 minutes. Leave it for at least 2 hours and wash your hair with any mild shampoos. You can do this 2 to 3 times a week for extraordinary results. You can feel the difference in 2 to 3 months after using this Amla oil.

Making this oil is really easy and it will not consume much of your time and energy. This Amla oil is highly effective and will give you a great result after being used for months. Try this recipe immediately at your home for long and voluminous hair.


1. What is amla oil and what are its benefits?

Amla oil is an oil extracted from the Indian gooseberry, also known as amla. It is rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants, and fatty acids. It is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine to promote healthy hair growth, reduce hair loss, and provide nourishment to the scalp and hair.

2. How do you make amla oil at home?

Making amla oil at home is fairly easy. You will need 1 cup of dried amla powder, 1 cup of coconut oil, and a double boiler or a pot with a lid. Begin by heating the coconut oil in the double boiler or pot for about 10 minutes. Once the coconut oil is hot, add the amla powder and stir the mixture until it forms a paste. Cover the pot and let it simmer for 30 minutes. Once cool, strain the mixture and store the oil in a container.

3. How often should you use amla oil?

Amla oil can be used daily or even twice a day. It is best to start with using it once a day and then increasing to twice a day if needed.

4. How long does it take for amla oil to work?

It takes about one month of regular use to see the results. Using amla oil regularly will help strengthen and thicken the hair, reduce hair loss and dandruff, and provide nourishment to the scalp and hair.

5. Does amla oil work on all hair types?

Amla oil can be used on all hair types. Whether you have curly, straight, coarse, or fine hair, amla oil can help nourish and strengthen the hair and promote healthy hair growth.

6. What are the side effects of using amla oil?

Amla oil is generally considered safe to use. However, some people may experience scalp irritation and burning sensation after applying the oil. If this occurs, stop using the oil immediately and consult a doctor if the irritation persists.

7. Is amla oil better than other oils for hair?

Amla oil is one of the best oils for hair health. It is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids that can help nourish and strengthen the hair. It is also known to reduce hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.

8. Can amla oil be used as a hot oil treatment?

Yes, amla oil can be used as a hot oil treatment. Heat the oil and massage it into the scalp and hair. Cover the hair with a shower cap and let the oil sit for at least an hour before washing it off

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