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Women love to have long and thick hair to stun others. In fact, hair is the main thing that beautifies women from ancient to modern times. So every woman wishes to protect their hair and tries to make it longer and stronger. In order to get extraordinary hair, women usually go through many diets and treatments. Sometimes it leads to danger too. So many have doubts that how to get along and have strong hair without undergoing artificial treatments. And many know their answers and some may not. The answer is the nutrients that we intake. People eat healthy and highly nutritional food to have a healthy body. And for sure a healthy body can give healthy hair too. Few say that one’s hair growth is based on their gene, but it is only partially true.
Many wonder how they lose their hair when they grow up.

The reason behind this is that people forget to take nutritional food in their busy schedules. So it is necessary to intake nutritional food to promote healthy hair growth. Now coming to nutritional food, nothing can replace the nutrients of fruits. Fruits have many benefits that can help to cure many things including hair damage. Hair damage makes people worried and frustrated. And there are many fruits that can promote hair growth at a high rate which is medically proven. Fruit juices are always better than solid fruit as they can easily pass through the nerves and blood vessels. And there are many nutrients and minerals which are highly needed to stimulate hair growth.

Here are some fruit juices which can be used in and out of the body to promote excellent hair growth without side effects. And below are the nutrients that are necessary to be added to your diet to have long and strong hair.

Grow Your Hair Longer And Stronger!

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Nutrients That Can Promote Hair Growth:


Protein is necessary to make your hair strong and healthy as hair is made of proteins. Low protein can result in hair loss and other hair damage. So it is necessary to add protein-contained foods to our diet.


Lack of iron is a major reason for hair loss. Iron helps to increase blood supplies to the hair follicles and roots which stimulate hair growth immediately. In fact, Iron is an important mineral for hair.

Zinc And Selenium:

A lack of zinc and selenium can lead to hair loss, and a flaky and dry scalp. These two are important minerals for scalp protection that need to be included in our diet.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen which helps to strengthen the capillaries to the hair shafts. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant and it can be taken with iron-rich foods.


Omega-3 is used to keep your scalp hydrated and to enrich hair follicles. It is one of the most important facts that can be obtained only through diet.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A can make sebum which is used to give natural conditioning for the healthy scalp. Vitamin A helps to reduce itchy and dry scalps.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E can protect our hair from sun damage. Vitamin E can stimulate hair growth when a certain amount of it is taken regularly in our diet.


Biotin or Vitamin B helps to avoid hair loss and brittleness in the hair strands. Including Biotin-filled food can reduce the chance of hair loss.

Fruit Juices For Hair Growth:

1. Apple Juice:

Apple Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

Apple juice can be either had or applied to the scalp for fast hair growth. The nutrients in the apple juice help to prevent dandruff and can be used as a good conditioner for the hair. A final rinse of your hair after bathing using apple juice will add shine to your hair strands. Apple juice can help maintain your hair’s pH balance naturally. And this is why many love to take apple juice in their regular diet.

2. Orange Juice:

Orange Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

Orange juice containing Vitamin C can stimulate hair growth with proper circulation to the scalp. The antioxidants found in orange help to keep your hair thicker and longer. It promotes the hair follicles and soothes the scalps to give new fuller hair. You can take orange juice regularly in your diet without worries.

3. Pomegranate Juice:

Pomegranate Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

Pomegranate juice is one of the best juices for hair growth. It will promote thick and healthy hair strands by fighting against scalp damage. This juice can also be used to massage your scalps for better results. It is further rich with antioxidants that give strong hair follicles with proper blood circulation in the scalp. It offers smooth hair without frizziness and breakages.

4. Banana Juice:

Banana Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

Banana juice can give natural conditioning to your hair by promoting healthy hair growth. Banana contains Biotin or Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and potassium which helps in conditioning your hair and moisturizing it without harm. Banana juice can make your hair soft and healthy which is needed for perfect hair growth.

5. Gooseberry Juice:

Gooseberry Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

Indian gooseberry or Amla juice is highly enriched with Vitamin C and E which are necessary for hair growth. It helps to strengthen hair follicles and gives shine to your hair. Gooseberry helps to avoid premature greying and dandruff as it contains vitamin C and antioxidants. In fact, gooseberry can increase hair pigmentation and will give you black, thick, and healthy hair that everyone wishes to have.

6. Blueberry Juice:

Blueberry Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

This juice is super powerful that can stimulate the hair follicles and facilitate hair growth. Blueberries have Vitamins A, C, E, and B which are the necessary nutrients that promote hair growth with natural shine and glow. This juice can improve blood circulation in the hair scalps.

7. Kiwi Juice:

Kiwi Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

Many have not known that kiwi juice can promote hair growth. Kiwi juice is highly enriched with Vitamin E which is essential for hair growth. It also has Vitamin C which reduces thinning hair by adding it to a regular diet. As it is rich in minerals and vitamins, it will decrease hair problems and cleanse your hair to give permanent shine.

8. Mango Juice:

Mango Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

Mango juice is something that we earn to drink every summer. Mango juice is high in Vitamin C and A which helps to promote healthy hair. It is also can be used as a hair moisturizer and helps to avoid hair loss and other hair damage. The regular intake of this juice will result in strong, healthy, and new hair growth.

9. Grape Juice:

Grapes Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

Grape juice contains Vitamin C and antioxidant properties that generate hair growth by dealing with hair damage. It helps to lengthen your hair and improves blood circulation in the scalp. Continuous intake of grape juice will enhance hair growth by strengthening the hair roots.

10. Papaya Juice:

Papaya Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

The Vitamin A in papaya controls hair falls and nourishes the hair strands. It stimulates the hair follicles and prevents the scalps from dandruff. The Vitamin C in the papaya gives strength to the hair roots and prevents balding. And it is enough to drink papaya juice at least twice or thrice a week.

11. Cherry Juice:

Cherry Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

Cherry juice is a great Vitamin container. It has Vitamin A, B, C, and e which can help in hydration and hair growth by circulating blood in the scalp. It supplies enough nutrients for the hair follicles and helps to maintain healthy hair.

12. Pineapple Juice:

Pineapple Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

Pineapple juice contains numerous vitamins and minerals that can make wonders in hair growth. This juice has antioxidants that aid to strengthen hair follicles. It also makes your hair shinier, softer, and voluminous. It helps to cure scalp damage with any side effects.

14. Dragon Fruit Juice:

Dragon Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

Dragon fruit juice is enriched with omega-6 fatty acids which is an excellent supporter of omega-3 to stimulate healthy hair growth. It helps to give thickness to the hair strands making them voluminous. This juice can also be applied to the scalp to increase blood circulation and nourish the hair follicles.

15. Peach Juice:

Peach Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

Peach contains Biotin or Vitamin B which helps to maintain scalp health and hair growth. Containing Vitamin A and C help to moisturize the scalps and prevent hair loss and dry scalps. The regular intake of this juice will give great results on your hair growth.

16. Grape Fruit Juice:

Grape Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

Grapefruit juice gives you a healthy scalp by providing high blood circulation. Vitamin C in this juice promotes strong and healthy hair roots. The antibacterial properties in grape juice prevent dandruff and scalp damage and promote hair growth.

17. Plum Juice:

Plum Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

Adding plum juice to your regular diet will give you healthy and long hair naturally with no harm. It is rich in vitamins B and C which help to prevent hair breakage and hair loss. It also helps to avoid dandruff and premature greying and boosts hair growth within a matter of time.

18. Lemon Juice:

Lemon Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

We all know that lemon juice is highly enriched with Vitamin C and citric acid. The citric acid in the lemon juice helps to prevent dandruff on the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. Lemon juice can also be applied to the scalp directly to prevent oily scalps and dandruff. It can boost hair growth by stimulating collagen. And it is also easily affordable and can be added to your diet regularly.

19. Guava Juice:

Guava Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

Guava juice helps to strengthen hair follicles and nourishes the hair strands. It is rich in thiamine, niacin, and Vitamin C which are essential nutrients that boost scalp circulation to promote long and healthy hair. It helps to stop hair loss, hair damage, split ends, and promote long and strong hair.

20. Avocado Juice:

Avocado Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

Avocado juice has various benefits for hair growth. It helps to nourish and strengthen hair strands, improve the condition of the scalp and prevent hair loss. As it is rich in vitamins B and E, it repairs hair damage, especially hair breakages, and will strengthen hair roots and strands. It is also can be used as a natural moisturizer for the scalps and help the growth of hair naturally.

21. Apricot Juice:

Apricot Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

Apricot juice is highly loaded with Vitamin A and E that can give nourishment to the hair follicles and moisturize the scalps naturally to avoid dry scalps and hair breakages. It promotes healthy hair follicles by making them soft and well-conditioned. It can make the hair strands long and strong by reducing hair damage.

21. Strawberry Juice:

Strawberry Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

Strawberry juice contains Vitamin C which helps to encourage hair growth and to prevent dandruff. Other Vitamins like B5 and B6 along with Folic acid help to prevent hair damage. Omega-3 in this juice is essential for healthy hair. One glass of strawberry juice every day can help you with your hair growth.

22. Cucumber Juice:

Cucumber Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

Cucumber is filled with enormous vitamins and minerals that boost healthy hair growth. It helps to reduce hair loss and repair hair damage. Cucumber juice can also be used to wash your hair to give strong and healthy hair follicles.

23. Cranberry Juice:

Cranberry Fruit Juices For Hair Growth

Rich in vitamins and proteins, cranberry juice helps to promote hair growth. As it also has antibacterial properties, applying this juice to the scalp will reduce the chance of scalp irritation and dandruff. It also improves hair growth with natural shine.

As you all have seen the benefits of consuming these nutrition-filled fruit juices that are highly beneficial for your hair growth, you can add these juices to your regular diet without worries. You can try each juice at your convenience or can follow your favorite one. These juices will promote your hair growth and make it healthy without any harm or side effects. Still, feeling worried about your hair? Try one of these juices to have thick and long hair in a matter of time.

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