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Vegetables are known for their health benefits. Vegetables are most commonly used for weight loss. As they give necessary vitamins and minerals to our body, without producing fat or extra calories for the body. The most important thing about vegetables is that it will always give you benefits, it will never give you negative results.

The various vegetables are also useful to stop hair fall and make hair grow. Hair is an important part of personality so it is advised to take of hairs first. There can be any reason from the following list for hair loss.

Reasons for Hair Loss

1. Genetics

Most of the time, it is the common reason for hair falling problem. Length, thickness, color, volume, and straightness of hair all these things are dependent on genetics.

2. Stress Level

If you have too much on your plate in personal life, Then you may be stressed. And it can also be the reason why your hairs are not growing faster or not growing at all.

3. Age

Aging also makes your hair weak and your hair grows even slower. Your hairs start graying and falling.

4. Hair Breakage

Normally a person’s hair grows 0.6 inches per month. If you observe that your hair is the same length after a month, then your hair might be facing a situation called breaking. Styling your hairs with heat can cause hair breakage.

5. Split Ends

Dry hairs cause split ends. And also dry hairs can lead to hair fall. So it is needed that you always keep your hair moisturized.

6. Hairstyles And Styling Products

Hair products are full of chemicals that make your hair look good temporary but this can give your hair permanent damage in the long run.

7. Lack Of Exercise And Healthy Diet

A healthy diet and are necessary for hair growth. Your hair growth will good if you are in good shape and taking enough vitamins and minerals.

8. Dry Hair And Scalp

Dry scalp shows that your hair is unhealthy. You need to keep your scalp moisturized to prevent dry scalp. Dry scalp can lead to hair breakage and hair loss in a long time.

To prevent hair from thinning and falling, here are some vegetables that you can use to make your hair grow faster.

Vegetables To Eat For Hair Growth


  • Spinach is highly nutritious. Whether you are using it for hairs or anything else.
  • Spinach is full of fiber that our body needs.
  • It has a high amount of iron and zinc with other essential vitamins.
  • Zink and iron are the most needed elements in our hair growth.
  • Lack of it can cause hair damage and hair fall.
  • So it is advisable to add this to your diet.


  • After spinach, carrots are also packed with vitamins and minerals.
  • Carrots contain a high amount of Vitamin B7.
  • It is one of the healthy tonics for hairs.
  • Using carrots in the diet helps to strengthen the root. Hence, the hair will not fall out easily.
  • You can also make a paste of it to add it to your hair.
  • All you need to do is boil some carrots and boil them.
  • Also, use the boiled water to grind and blend carrots.
  • Then apply this paste on your hairs.
  • Then you can wash your face after 30 min.
  • It will promote hair growth and helps reduce hair fall.


  • Onions provide a good amount of zinc-iron and, vitamin B that our hairs need for hair growth.
  • It works as a nutrient for hair.
  • Another unique benefit of onion is that it prevents the graying of hair at a small age.
  • It would be effective if you will add this to your diet.
  • Also consuming onion daily with lunch will not be difficult because onions give good taste and flavor in food.

Sweet Potatoes

  • Consuming sweet potato can give you significant results in hair growth.
  • It provides a large amount of vitamin A.
  • Vitamin A is needed for healthy hair.
  • Sweet potatoes don’t provide vitamin A directly.
  • It contains beta-carotene. And after eating sweet potato our body will transform beta-carotene into vitamin A.


  • Tomatoes are helpful to remove impurities and other toxins from hair scalp.
  • Tomato contains antioxidants.
  • Antioxidants are effective cell-repairing agents.
  • You can also apply tomato pulp on the scalp for hair growth.
  • This is the faster way for effective results.
  • You can also consume tomatoes directly.
  • It helps to add shine and in the hair.


  • Garlic is old fashioned but still effective low on calorie vegetables for hair growth.
  • The key element for hair growth in garlic is its high amount of sulfur.
  • Sulfur speeds up the process of hair growth.
  • You can’t apply it directly to hairs because of its strong smell.
  • You should add this to your diet and eat with meals regularly for better results.
  • Also consuming garlic daily will not be difficult because it gives good taste and flavor in food.


  • Beetroots are also an effective way to make re-growth of hairs.
  • Beetroots are the best source of lycopene.
  • lycopene stimulates hair growth.
  • Most of the red-colored vegetables contain the same nutrition and they are also good for hair.

Curry Leaves

  • Curry leaves are not much known for hair growth.
  • Curry leaves contain keratine.
  • Keratine is the most Important tonic to stop hair loss.
  • It makes your hair grow faster and smoother.

French Beans

  • It contains healthy vitamins for hairs, vitamin A and vitamin E.
  • Vitamin E adds volume and shine to your hair.
  • French beans also prevent your hair from premature graying.

Green Chili

  • Green chilies are the best source of keratine and vitamin E
  • Green chilies make the process of hair growth faster.
  • Damage cells are one of the reasons of hair falling, green chilies also recover hairs and scalp from dead skins.
  • Also consuming green chilies daily will not be difficult because it gives good taste and flavor in food.

Orange Vegetables

  • Orange/yellow colored vegetables like sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkin, carrots, etc. are the best source of beta compounds vitamins that make your hair longer and stronger.
  • You should add yellow-colored vegetables in your diet for effective hair growth.

You should start adding beneficial vegetables to your diet as it will make your hair grow fast also it will make your hair healthy and strong.

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