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Best food for Hair Growth & Prevent Hair Fall

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Hair loss and reduced hair growth is one of the major problem faced in our society today especially among woman. The problem of hair loss has come from ages and continues to from generation to generation. The major causes behind hair fall and reduced hair growth can be both physical and mental stress and lack of nutrition in the body. Also because of pollution a lot of problems like dandruff, itchy scalp contribute towards a greater loss of hair. In some cases hair fall is also seen in woman due to hormonal changes like pregnancy or discontinuation of birth control pills but its doesn’t occur regularly right?

In many cases doctors say that hair loss between 50 – 100 is not an issue but hair loss more than the limit can be a serious issue determining some internal causes. Though there are many commercial products in the market it is important to heal the issue internally. Here comes the importance of a balanced diet. The consumption of a balanced diet prevents all the issues and problems before arising and becoming something serious. To form a balance diet it is important to know some are the best food, to increase your hair growth and reduce your hair fall. Well if you are curious about your hair and want to have a smooth, thick and shiny hair you are at the correct place. Listed below is some of the best food to take if you are facing the problem of hair fall and reduced hair growth.

Food for Hair Growth & Prevent Hair Fall


One of the greatest sources of proteins, eggs is known as one of the best source to prevent hair fall and to boost your hair growth. A deficiency of this protein may lead to hair loss with time. Hence it is often advised by doctors to have at least one egg a day for better hair growth and less hair fall. Apart from this, egg is also known to be a great source of biotin. According to various researches it has been found that biotin is an essential component to promote hair growth. The presence of biotin in your body helps in secretion of a hair protein namely keratin. This keratin protein not only helps to prevent hair fall and boost hair growth but also provides a smoothening effect to your hair making it more beautiful. Thus when all the points are jotted down it is noticed that eggs prove to be one of the best foods for hair growth and prevent hair fall.

Sweet potatoes

To maintain a good hair it is important to maintain and have a balanced diet right? But did you know that Vitamin C and Vitamin A are most important ingredient to be present in a diet. Well in this case the importance of sweet potato arises. Sweet potato is known to be one of the best sources of beta- carotene. This beta- carotene is further converted into our body into Vitamin A essential for your health. Apart from this the vitamin A generated from this also helps in boosting your hair growth and reducing hair loss. Thus, altogether promoting   beautiful, strong and thick hairs, which are naturally healthy. In addition to other benefits one of the major benefits linked with sweet potato is the secretion of sebum. The sebum secreted from vitamin A nutrients helps to thicken hair follicles preventing it from regressing, thereby keeping the base of the hair strong  and preventing it from breaking and falling.


One of the best foods for hair growth and prevent hair fall, oyster is one of the greatest sources of zinc  which is essential for your body to function properly. A deficiency of zinc in your system may cause various diseases like telogen effluvium that is a form of hair loss and lack of growth of new hair. However it is necessary to take only a limited amount of zinc as required by your body because presence of too much of it can further lead to various issues promoting hair loss. Here an oyster plays an important role. This provides zinc in small doses as required by your body and is far better than taking zinc supplements.


Yet again one of the great sources of proteins soybeans is known to be one of the great sources to promote the growth of hair and prevent hair falls. The spermidine contained in it promotes the growth of hair to a great extend thereby promoting strong, thick and beautiful hairs.

According to various studies it was recorded that spermidine based nutritional supplement activated an active phase for your hair growth namely the Anagen phase. It is in this phase the follicle grows. Thus consumption of soybeans is known to be one of the best foods for hair growth and prevent hair fall.


One of popular shellfish rich in different varieties of vitamins and nutrients, shrimp is potentially capable to promote hair growth. It is a rich source of vitamins, zinc, proteins, iron fulfilling the basic nutrient needs in a human. According to various researches conducted on people suffering from hair loss it was noticed that vitamin D3 was the main cause behind it. A deficiency in Vitamin D3 causes the follicle to weaken, thereby leading to hair loss and reduced hair growth. Here the consumption of shrimp fishes helps a lot. The presence of omega 3 fatty acids in the fish aids the hair growth from internally, fixing all the causes behind such hair loss.


Another major source to prevent hair loss and boost the rate of hair growth, spinach is one among the healthiest green vegetables rich in vitamin A and C which is linked with hair loss. According to various studies it has always been noted that presence of vitamin A in the body helped in production of sebum. This secretion of sebum helped in keeping the scalp oily and moisturise thereby preventing various problems like scalp itchiness and dandruff, ultimately preventing hair fall. Along with this the iron contained in spinach also boosts the metabolism level in the body thereby boosting the repair and growth of new hair.

Listed above is some of the best food to be included in your daily food to improve and prevent your skin and hair problem. So make sure you include them and lead a healthy and beautiful life free from your entire skin and hair problem. Among all people who are facing the problem of hair loss, be the one who is special and different. Apart from this advice them and become the star of your group showing your importance there. But for this to happen make sure you follow this all tips from today to avoid and cure problem from the very beginning.

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