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Meditation is a way to know you better. With the help of meditation, you will know how to control your emotions and flows. Meditation is in almost every culture. There are many different types of meditation out there. Meditation is a scientifically proven way to reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation can cure high blood pressure. You can practise it in a quiet place in your home. There are many benefits that mediation proves to you. In our busy day to day, life meditation is must needed element that you should consider to add in your life.

Meditation will bring out positivity in you. Meditation is the way to be emotionally independent. It will help you to clear your mind henceforth you will take the right decisions in life. You can start with 5-10 minutes a day and then when you are comfortable with it you can give more time to it. You will feel distracted at first but once you will start continuously doing it, You will get better. There are many types of meditation some include yoga poses, while some mediation requires you to sit in a comfortable position. Meditation can be guided and unguided.

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What is a Guided Meditation?

As the name suggests this meditation is guided to the practitioner by the teacher, in person, or via audio or video. Guided meditation is best for beginners as they do not know how to do meditation. Meditation experts will guide the practitioner step by step on how to do meditation.

If you do meditation in quiet surroundings then you will find your mind floating in different kinds of thoughts. And your mind keeps jumping from one thought to another. Whereas in guided meditation you will hear the voice of your meditation teacher and he/she will guide you through the process of meditation and you will feel more focused and calm.

In guided meditation, you will follow what your instructor is saying. There are also different kinds of meditation in a guided meditation. You can choose mindfulness guided meditation, guided stress reduction meditation, and guided relaxation meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation

Guided mindfulness meditation is a popular form of meditation. Although controlling your thoughts is difficult at first. Usually, we have many thoughts at a time in our minds. During the practice of guided meditation, your teacher will ask you to put away your all thoughts. If you do mindfulness meditation alone then maybe you will be lost between tons of thoughts. When you have a teacher to guide you it will be helpful to keep your mind clear. Your guide will encourage you to keep your mind in the present.

Stress Reduction Meditation

In guided mediation for stress reduction, there are specific types of meditation that will help you to relieve stress effectively. This guided stress reduction meditation usually takes place between 15-20 minutes. And after that session, you will be completely free of stress.  It is more effective when you have the guide because if you will just sit to meditation then you will constantly think about other unnecessary things and it will cause you more stress.

Relaxation Meditation

Guided relaxation meditation will keep your mind calm and it will help to increase the quality of your sleep. In these types of guided meditation, there will be soothing sounds that will calm your mind. This type of meditation can be done while relaxing on a bed or a comfortable chair. Relaxation meditations sound to make the listener think about the joyful environment that they like and after listening to it listener feels harmony inside. The main purpose of relaxation meditation is to encourage people to unwind or relax and sleep.

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How Beginners Can Do Guided Meditation?

Have a guide teaching you how to properly meditate is the best thing if you are a beginner. We live in a digital world and you can connect with other people no matter in which country you are in. this is also a big advantage in guided meditation because you can also choose your guide over the internet and you can meditate at home.

You can choose to subscribe to an online streaming music service. There are many online music services provides on the app store. You will have many options to choose from and you can do it at your home.

If you are not satisfied with only audio-related meditation then you can also choose to visit the mindfulness website, many websites on the internet are especially dedicated to guided meditation. They will guide you in your meditation in audio-visual form.

Many apps are specially meant for guided meditation. It is also beneficial and you won’t need any other devices other than your phone. You will need to go through a couple of meditation apps and then you will know what works best for you. Apps can also provide you with audio-visual guidance in your mediation.

If you are feeling hard to focus on audio guidance then you can visit YouTube or other video websites. These websites have visuals and videos to guide you through your meditation. You will also understand quickly how to do meditation.

If you want to do it like old times then there is also an option for that. You can attend meditation classes where you will be surrounded by other people and guides will teach you how to meditate.

After choosing a method of how you will like to be guided, you will need to set your intentions. You will need to choose why you are doing a meditation session. That will help you to know yourself.

When meditation makes sure that your body is relaxed and you do not have tension in any part of your body and muscles including jaw, eyebrows, forehead, chest, belly, and neck.

When you start meditating you should focus on your senses. That will take you one step forward in knowing yourself. Keep following instructions and after the meditation session is finished you will find yourself calmer, happy, and relaxed.

Meditation is the best way to manage the emotional aspects of life. It is a great stress reliever. For beginners, meditation can be hard to follow. You should choose guided meditation at first and then you will know yourself better. Start investing a small amount of time daily for meditation and you will feel more positive about yourself and your life.

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