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How to Stay Slim and Healthy

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Are you also struggling from overweight and unhealthy body? If yes then don’t worry you are not alone here. Having healthy diet can help you to reduce weight even without exercises, however exercise is also necessary. Most of us struggle with this problem but have you ever think, how all of sudden a fit body coverts into a fat one? Yes, the answer is hidden in your daily diet. The food you take is the main reason of what your body becomes. We try lots of exercises, weight loss hacks and you want the funny part is, some people just stop having their meal only to lose their weight. They don’t know that starving is very bad idea for that. You can easily shed your weight by feeding yourself in right way. You should know, how to maintain diet for letting yourself fit and healthy as well? So, if you don’t know and want to speed up your tough journey then we can help you. Here are some ways by help of which you can shed your weight as soon as possible.

Tips to Stay Slim & Healthy

Have healthy breakfast

Breakfast the most essential meal of the day. But do you know according to some reports, we use to skip our breakfast because of jobs or some wake up late. Breakfast is that part of your daily diet which nurtures your whole day and increases metabolism to start new day from zero again. While some also believes, breakfast means breaking the fast because in the morning you are going to eat something after 8-9 hours or more. But having breakfast does not mean you can have junk or fast food. Your full stomach will not give you energy but taking healthy and heavy breakfast will. You can eat cornflakes, multivitamin bread, juices of vegetables, fruits, dry fruits and other things. In short, we suggest you to take breakfast full of protein and vitamins. Also, eat slowly and try to chew your food well because our stomach takes time to realize that it is full and fast eating will take more time to realize it. That’s why many times, you may have noticed after eating that you have ate more than needed.

Go with fresh

What I mean by this? Try to consume fresh food more and avoid stale or musty food. Eating too much stale food can be proved harmful for your health. It could lead to some problems like food poisoning. Whereas, fresh vegetables and fruits can help you to stay fresh and healthy as well. On other hands, consuming regular stale food is also a not sign for your body weight. If you are consuming anything packed in any kind of bottle or jar then try to finish it in limited period of time.

Consume less sugar and less salt

This is something you have been heard many times at your home from mother and granny. But the more you will intake the salt, there will the more risk of water retention. Water retention may increase your weight gain. Whereas, eating less sugar is also beneficial, because it is good enough to increase calories. Less sugar can help you to stop gaining more weight and will be good for your heart too. Replace carbs and other sugary foods with healthy food will help your body to maintain insulin in it. Don’t think like if you will not consume sugar directly, the sugar level in your body will go down. It’s not like that because whatever, you will eat it will already have some percentage of sugar. So, start having less sugar.

Feed yourself on time

This is the one, most of us juggling with. You should eat, your food on time. Why is it important? Because when you start to have meal on its time, it becomes habit and everyday at that your body will remind you, now it is the time of having lunch, I am hungry and you will be saved from eating un-necessary things. If you will not hungry, you will eat anything. However, our nutritionists advices us to eat something on the gap of two hours. So, don’t forget it and follow it in your daily life.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking enough quantity of water is also plays an important role in losing weight besides digestion and elimination. Water provides hydration without unwanted calories and it also helps to clean all toxin elements from your body.  You know, without water, our body can’t properly metabolize stored fat or carbohydrates.

Walking and exercise is important

If you want to lose fat as soon as possible then you should not neglect the power of walking and exercising daily. It is not important just for losing weight but to keep you healthy as well. Air-conditioned room don’t let our body to sweat which is necessary to shed weight and to clean the body from inside. According to one study, 9500 people found that those who were not adequately hydrated had higher body mass and were more likely to be obese than those who were hydrates. You should at least 8 glasses of water and if possible than drink more than them.

Be vegan

To shed weight in healthy ways then you should eat green and leafy vegetables which are full of fiber and nutrients. Go for salad everyday and even if will start your day with vegetables, it would be best breakfast for you. Even being vegan can save from other diseases.

Say no to liquid calories

The easiest way to add unwanted fat to your body is by drinking your calories. So, what drinks you should avoid? Soda, juice, milk, beer, smoothies, wine, pumpkin, spice frappelattecino, frozen, double-fudge mudslide and other having calories in large quantity. Avoid drinking more alcohol.

Some more tips

  • Eat when you feel hungry, don’t eat unwanted food.
  • Skip oily and junk or fast food.
  • Have full sleep
  • Try to eat in the gap of every two hours.
  • Do yoga, meditation or exercises
  • Drink detox liquid
  • Don’t skip breakfast
  • Eat on time

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