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Tips for Weight Loss from Sara Rue

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Weight always remains an obstacle in our life, no matter is it professional or personal.  An American Actress, Sara Rue also been a victim of such an obstacle in her life. Being an actress Sara did many shows but she is more known for losing weight. When most people start facing aging effects, she losses her weight. She lost 50 pounds on Jenny Craig at age of thirty. It took 8 months to lose her weight. Being a public figure made the journey difficult of losing weight to the actress.

Her journey is inspiring and motivating many people. She also hosted a show named ”Shedding for the Wedding”. This show was based on losing weight, where couples having overweight, participated to lose it. She also worked with a pharmaceutical company to promote weight loss resolutions.

Once in an interview, Sara called herself an “emotional eater”. The journey of eight months was not fair for her. She was also a mother of a little girl on this journey because of which she faced many problems to arrange a time for exercises. She said” I spent the first few months of this program wearing my pedometer and getting in 10,000 steps every day. When I started running I would run for one minute and walk for ten. Now, I can run for two and a half hours straight.” Rue said “That’s insane! I never would have thought six months ago that I would be able to run that much”.

You can also attain the same results as Sara got but only when you will know how you have to manage control over yourself. Skipping lunch or breakfast is not the way to become slim. If you also do the same then stop doing this because even if it doesn’t make you slim, it will definitely make you sick. You can maintain your body shape and size by doing workouts, eating healthy, and obviously, in the amount of your body’s need.
Losing weight is full of myths. There are too many products available in the market which will promise to give the results you want in exchange for a huge amount of money but still, sometimes you don’t get the weight you want. Consistency is always a key to success. You also have to be patient and kind towards yourself. Magic doesn’t happen overnight it is always a result of your too much hard work. We would not recommend you to purchase weight losing products.

Instead of this, we suggest you go with the natural ways as Sara does. So, let’s have an eye over them Sara’s tips to lose weight, and here they are:-

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1. Have look at your diet

You may have noticed many people, who were on diet but still allowed themselves to eat food full of oil and calories. It is not that much difficult how people made it. Instead of having to stick to a healthy diet, they either started a super strict diet or decided not to eat enough. It is Sara’s belief, eating without thinking can extend your fat. During this journey, Rue decided not to have a strict diet that she may not able to follow for a long time. She started checking what she is eating.

According to Sara, you have to know, what are you eating, you gave your body fat in form of carbs or junk food. This tip helped her not to sleep with an empty stomach.

2. Give space to veggies

According to Sara, animal protein is a great source of protein to gain lean muscles. She believes animal protein increases fat percentage in the body. While talking about the weight loss tips, Sara said” I try not to eat animal protein after 7:30 P.M and when I make pasta, I layer the bottom of the bowl with fresh spinach. That way you’re having the pasta, but with half the carbs”.

Meanwhile, green vegetables played a big role in Sara’s weight loss journey. Although Sara did not want to gain muscles and was interested in losing fat from her body, she choose a plant-based diet. However, maybe this does not work for everyone (to increase the fat) but it helped her a lot then you should try it for once.

3. Take professional Help

For the works you can’t do by yourself, you heir people. Losing weight is not a mere task to be done. Some people completed their journey on their own but it is necessary for everyone. Even, Sara has also been guided by one professional dietician who told her what to do and eat. She had a yoga instructor to train her. As professionals have been trained for their work and have much experience related to different types of bodies. Professional dieticians know which protein and minerals you should have in your diet. Our body starts containing fat by the overdose of needed elements for our body.

They know most of the effective ways to reduce weight. Going with the instructions of a dietician can help you to lose weight over the span of time.

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 4. Don’t feel guilty

Sometimes it is ok to fail. Failure does not stop you there but it teaches you not to do the same mistake again. Whenever we go on a new journey we do lots of mistakes but not to leave, but to learn. Do hustle and have the intention to do better, again and again, that’s what Sara did. Sara said, ”I am a very all-or-nothing type of person. Usually, the first slip I make, I’m done. But my Jenny Craig consultant tells me that just recognizing when I go off track is an improvement and a step towards my new healthy lifestyle. When you don’t feel guilty about going off track, it’s easier to get right back on.”

5. Create mini-goals

This tip is magical in itself. It makes your journey easy and small. We are always been told to break our destination into small goals. We, humans, want results soon but big things take time to happen. Patience is the key here but small goals can help you to make patience. You can set your goals to achieve within a week or month. This will increase your willpower and patience and keep you motivated.

The journey is tough enough to voyage. It is easy to give advice but hard to follow, so we wish you to go with the person’s tips who have already followed them.

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