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Near Zero Calorie Food Ideas for Weight Loss

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Weight has a significant effect on your overall look and personality. As long as you feel confident with your weight it is all okay, but if you think you have more weight then you will start losing confidence and you will interact less with the people. Studies have shown that if your weight is not according to BMI then you can have confidence issues related to your weight.

The most common weigh gaining factor in this era is junk food. Junk foods have additives in them so once you eat that then your body wants more and you will keep eating on and on. Also, it tastes so good that you will deny eating other healthy things because it is not as tasty as junk foods and this is the topmost reason for obesity.

If you are overweight then it doesn’t mean that it is not reversible. You can get in shape again and you can have your healthy body again. You have to change your habits and lifestyles and you will have good results. You need to start exercising to lose weight but the only exercise is not enough. It is true that you can gain weight in the kitchen but it is also right that you can lose weight in the kitchen by eating healthy food.

Near Zero Calorie Food Ideas for Weight Loss

The topmost reason for gaining weight is not using the calories that you take in. and those extra calories will be stored in your body and you will be fat. So rather than eating food that has high calories like junk food you can eat near zero or less calorie food. It will help you a lot in your weight loss journey also these foods are healthy for your body.

Some of near zero calorie foods are listed below

1. Apples

Apple Near Zero Calorie Food Ideas for Weight Loss

Apples are highly recommended when it comes to less calorie food. One cup of apple slices has 50 calories and around 3 grams of dietary fiber. Also, your body will need to use calories to digest apple so the net amount of calories you will get from apple is near to zero.

2. Beets

Beetroot Near Zero Calorie Food Ideas for Weight Loss

Beets are root vegetables that usually have a deep-red color. Beets contain 59 calories per cup. Because of its low calories beets are good to add in diet to lose weight. Beets also provide other benefits. It helps to keep blood pressure in check and helps to fight inflammation.

3. Broccoli

Broccoli Near Zero Calorie Food Ideas for Weight Loss

Broccoli has many nutrients like vitamin K and vitamin C. Eating broccoli also help prevent other types of chronic disease. One cup of broccoli or 91 grams of broccoli has only 31 calories. It is an ideal vegetable to add in your diet if you are worried about extra calories.

4. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts Near Zero Calorie Food Ideas for Weight Loss


Brussels sprouts are one of the highly nutritious vegetables. They look like mini cabbage. You can eat it raw or you can also cook it. Brussels sprouts have high vitamin C and it may protect against DNA damage. Brussels sprouts contain 38 calories per cup. Which is too low and it can be easy to eat and easy to add in diet.

5. Cabbage

Cabbage Near Zero Calorie Food Ideas for Weight Loss


Cabbage is packed with nutrients. It has protein, fiber, vitamin K and vitamin C, folate, manganese, etc. it helps to improve digestion, lowers blood pressure and it keeps heart healthy. It only contain 22 calories per cup. You can add it in salad.

6. Carrots

Carrot Near Zero Calorie Food Ideas for Weight Loss

Carrots are usually comes in orange but it can also be red, yellow, purple or white. Carrots are believed to improve eyesight. They are rich in beta-carotene, which can be converted to vitamin A by our system. One cup of carrots has only 53 calories.

7. Cauliflower

Cauliflower Near Zero Calorie Food Ideas for Weight Loss


Cauliflower contains many nutrients. It is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Cauliflower is high in fiber which is beneficial for digestive health and may reduce the risk of several chronic diseases Cauliflower is low in calories and high in fiber and water it can help a lot in weight loss. One cup of cauliflower has 25 calories and 5 grams of carbs.

8. Celery

Celery Near Zero Calorie Food Ideas for Weight Loss


Celery is known as low-calorie vegetable. It is long green colored stalks that contain fiber that may go undigested through your body, thus it contributes no calories. It also has high water content. Celery can be added to the diet for weight loss because one cup of celery contains only 18 calories.

9. Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits Near Zero Calorie Food Ideas for Weight Loss

Citrus Fruits are known for its high amount of vitamin C. you can take it as a snack or you can add it to diet and eat it ragulary. One citrus Fruit has around 35 calories. And because of that, you can eat it any time of the day it will not give you extra calories.

10. Cucumbers

Cucumber Near Zero Calorie Food Ideas for Weight Loss

Cucumbers are packed with different vitamins and nutrients like protein, carbs, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, etc. Cucumbers also contain antioxidants which may reduce the risk of chronic disease. Cucumbers are low in calories, high in water so it can be helpful in weight loss. One cup of cucumbers has only 15 calories.

11. Papaya

Papaya  Near Zero Calorie Food Ideas for Weight Loss

Papaya is an orange-colored fruit with lots of nutrients. It has vitamin C, vitamin A, fibre, protein, potassium, etc. High vitamin C in papaya may reduce your risk of heart disease and it also helps to reduce inflammation. One cup of papaya has 55 calories.

12. Strawberries

Strawberry Near Zero Calorie Food Ideas for Weight Loss

Strawberries are best sources of vitamin C. It helps to control blood sugar. Strawberries can also reduce inflammation. It is very versatile fruit and you can eat it with breakfast or you can also add it in salad. One cup of strawberries contain only 50 calories.

13. Spinach

Spinach Near Zero Calorie Food Ideas for Weight Loss

Spinach is loaded with vitamins and minerals. It is high in vitamin K and vitamin A. spinach has more protein than some other leafy vegetables. One cup of spinach has only 7 calories. So it is good combination of low calories and protein.

14. Tomatoes

Tomato Near Zero Calorie Food Ideas for Weight Loss

Tomatoes can be eaten raw or it is mostly used in sauce. It has high amount of nutrients and it has a compound called lycopene. Studies have shown that lycopene may protect against cancer, inflammation and heart disease. One cup of tomatoes has 27 calories.

15. Beverages

Beverages Near Zero Calorie Food Ideas for Weight Loss


Beverages like coffee, green tea, herbal tea or carbonated water are low in calories. Herbal tea, green tea and carbonated water has near zero calories and black coffee has only 2 calories per cup. So you can consume them while you are on healthy diet.

Certain foods and proper diet can help to speed up weight loss process. Try to avoid junk food. You can make healthy diet from above mentiond foods. Always choose to eat healthy. Also, these vegetables and fruits will provide you various vitamins and nutrients that your body needs.

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