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A wedding is the best moment we spend together with family. We see out all relatives and all those people whom we know in one place. A wedding is like a festival for the family.  For a bride, the wedding is a stepping stone for a new life. The bride will no longer be at his parents’ home. From now on she will be at his husband’s house with their parents. It is a wedding tradition in India and every bride has to do it. And it gets comfortable after some time and then they both are happy in their new life.

It is also painful at first for the bride’s parents. But after that, everybody starts living a new life. Bride start living a new lift new home and his parent stars living a new life without her. But a wedding is a family event where all members of the family are happy that the new couple will start a fresh and successful life.

One of the best things about a wedding is you will wear traditional clothes, you will change them many times a day during different events of the wedding. The bride has to wear the most beautiful and attractive clothes but her mother also needs to look good. Because after all the efforts her mother put to make her life easy are not avoidable.

Here are some dress shopping tips for the Indian mother of the bride. That way you will look excellent on your daughter’s wedding day.

Dress Shopping Tips for Indian Mother of the Bride

1. Morden burgundy lehenga

A wedding lehenga is a top priority to wear at weddings nowadays. The bride and bride’s mom can wear this lehenga. You can choose lehenga that has a mixture of burgundy and green to make it look more attractive you can choose floral golden embroidery on them. It will make it look vibrant.

2. Blush pink gown

A pink gown will look good if you are matching it with the bride. You can wear a blush pink gown for the dreamy look and it will give you a modern mother’s look. Wearing a gown at the wedding instead of sarees and lehengas will give you a modern mom award. You can go for a full-length blush pink gown. You can also wear a pink gown that has floral embroideries on the side to make it full of texture and attractiveness.

3. Salwar suits

This is also one of the traditional outfits that you can choose to wear at the wedding. It will look good and elegant at the wedding. The design and texture of the salwar give good vibes. You can choose to wear a salwar suit with a blend of Sacramento green and black hues. It will look even more suitable if you will go with tassel details on the ends.

4. Ivory lehenga

Ivory is smooth and calm color to wear at the wedding. Ivory color pleases everyone’s eyes. Ivory lehenga will make you stand out from all other guests. It will look extra beautiful when you will match it with the bride. Mother and daughter both in calm colors will be wedding attraction that is for sure.

5. Banarasi saree

You don’t need to look good only in modern wedding wears. You can look elegant in traditional saree also. Sticking to traditions is a good thing. Banarasi saree at the wedding can be a good choice. You can choose the cream color of the saree that will add glow to your attire. You can also go for banarasi cream colored saree which has a traditional looking design.

6. Gota patti saree

It is for those mothers who like to stick with the traditional. You can wear gota patti saree with vibrant colored bottom lines. You can also choose an embroidered bottom line, it will add dazzle to the attire.

7. Cream saree with red shawl

Cream saree will give you a smooth look at the wedding. You should choose cream saree with designs on it. This look is good for the wedding but you can still make it look classier by adding red color with this cream saree. Red is classy color and red shawl on cream saree will make it look attractive. You can also go for peachy cream saree and red shawl.

8. Multi-panelled banarsi saree

Saree is a better option to bring traditional vibes. Rather than going for simple banarsi saree, you can go for multi- panelled banarsi saree. Try to create a contrast between saree and bottom panels of saree. Multi- panelled banarsi saree can help you to make a bold appearance at the wedding. Also, having intricate silk patterns on the banarsi saree can level up the beauty of the outfit.

9. Gharara suit

To get this exclusive blush pink look you will need pink kurti and gharara pants. You can wear a blush pink kurti. Also, rather than wearing simple plain kurti, you should go for pink kurti with heavy intricate embroidery and then pair that pink kurti with pink Gharara pants. Try to contrast pink colors. Pink of kurti should be a light shade of pink than the color of gharara.

10. Wine lehenga

Wine hued lehenga can be the most elegant and attractive choice for you at the wedding. It will give you a rich look. You can choose Wine colored lehenga with minimal golden embroidery to make this look more attractive and classy. Also, you can go for the heavy thick borders as it will beautify the lehenga allover.

11. Lilac lehenga

If you want to stand out and look attractive with uniqueness then lilac lehenga is the way. Lilac is a unique color to wear and also it will give you a bright look. To make it even more vibrant you can choose lilac lehenga with floral embroidery on the blouse. Also, mirrorwork on the lehenga skirt will give you a spectacular appeal.

12. Red lehenga with net chunni

Red is one of the traditional colors. You can wear a classic red lehenga at the wedding and to make it look more beautiful. You can also choose red lehenga with golden embroidery. It will give contrast to red lehenga and it will make an overall outfit look pretty. You can wear net chunni with embroidery on the red lehenga to add charm to this look.

One of the important days for the bride and groom is their wedding day. But, this day is also important to the parents. A wedding is one of the most memorable moments of family. The above-mentioned dresses are currently in style so you can choose any of them to wear at your daughter’s wedding.