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India is a beautiful land of culture and a land of authenticity. India is known for its vivid tradition. It is known for change in its language, change in its apparel at every mile. So, when India has this vast culture to explore why won’t people get more interested in it. The same is with people who are interested in knowing the ethnic richness of India and dress up that way. The ethnic dressing culture of India is not only different but it makes you look beautiful too.

When it comes to the variety of Indian ethnic wear, it has a great range. The advantage of wearing traditional clothing is that this kind of clothing lets you wear heavy (can be light too, just a matter of choice) jewelry, get great make-up, and can match your footwear too. So, considering all these things and the beautiful aesthetic look that traditional clothes give.

Let us see the list of brands that makes you happy when you are here to explore traditional clothing.

Go Desi With These Popular Indian Ethnic Wear Brands

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Fab India

The name Fab India, itself suggests that the brand works on showing the beautiful culture of India. They have a great set of artisans who work on bringing out elegance through their crafts work. They work on different kinds (material) of clothes like silk, cotton, and jute to bring you all the new varieties.

Range: They provide you with the best of Kurtis, suits that can be of any type be it Patiala or Anarkali. They also work on making beautiful lehngas. The cost of the clothing’s by them is just nine hundred rupees.

Availability: Fab India has outlet stores in all the big cities from where you can go and purchase whatever kind of ethnic apparel you want. But if you want to shop online you can go to its official website that is Fab India is available on,,, and too.


Brief: They are known for designing the most beautiful and shiny ethnic Indian apparel. They named their brand aurelia because of their inspiration of making clothes that are “gold and dazzling”, this brand was made by two brothers who were really impressed by Indian traditional clothes. They have been named the most liked brand in India quite a few times.

Range: They mostly works with suit thing, but they have a great range of suits like Anarkali suits, Indo western suits, A-line suits, designer Kurtis, beautiful palazzos, churidar sets, etc. This great brand starts their bidding at thousand rupees only.

Availability: To buy clothing from Aurelia offline you can go to the stores nearby you, or stores at the mall. If you are interested in shopping online then just you can go to its official website that is and aurelia is available on,, and too.

Meena Baazar

Brief: Designs and ethnic essence is what Delhi smells off. This is a famous shop from Delhi that got all famous for making beautiful traditional clothes. They make traditional apparel that is simple but has great stonework in it. The dresses from them also have Indian authentic touch without doing that much work.

Range: The cost for outfits from the Meena bazaar, starts from a very good rate of five thousand rupees. They have a wide range of clothing when it comes to ethnic Indian apparel. They have beautiful ghagra-choli, lehengas, suits that are of every variety there and designer sarees are one of its types. They provide clothes for the bride too.

Availability: They have offline shops all over India if you are really interested in shopping, touching cloth but if you are interested in buying from online shops. But they have their official website, which is, they have their products available on Amazon and Flipkart too.


Brief: Some brands work on their specific niche, but this brand is known for its versatility. They are known to introduce every beautiful design with a new ethnic touch. They have designed dresses that are heavily crafted and have a lot of craftwork for dresses that only have mechanical embroidery.

Range: They provide you with lehngas, palazzos, Kurtis, churidars, and suits. You can buy them from BIBA at a very affordable price which is twelve hundred rupees only.

Availability: Biba has outlet stores in all the big cities from where you can go and purchase whatever kind of dress you want. But if you want to buy custome online you can go to its official website is and Biba is available on,, and

W For Women

Brief: sometimes people really like being trendy and feel the traditional vibes too. So, when you want this type of unique mixes W is surely the one that will give you the same vibes and apparel. They are known to adapt designs from the Indian culture and apply it in a very trendy way to ethnic apparel.

Range: They provide all clothing from a starting range of one thousand only. They provide ghagra-choli, suits, churidars, anarkalis, Kurtis, and palazzos that fit in their style.

Availability: If you want to buy online W has an online store specifically for their own products that is The Kurtis from this brand can be bought from,, and and if you like going to the place and shopping they have stores available in most of the cities.

Ritu Kumar

Brief: Designs from this brand are said to be beautiful and elegant. The designer Ritu Kumar has already taken over people’s minds. She is known for keeping her designs simple with not that over stuff. They match color very well with ethnic designs, their designs are famous all over.

Range: The cost of her brand clothes alone is seven thousand rupees. They provide beautiful suits, ravishing lehngas, and elegant sarees.

Availability: They have few stores available in a few cities to sell their products offline. And for online shopping let us just say that they have their designs available at their official store which is only.


Brief: It is a brand that was introduced by lifestyle to us. They are known for the contemporary designs and elegance in the designs they present. They are the brand which has very less stonework and you can wear the outfits presented by them on simple and small occasions.

Range: As we know that Lifestyle is a western wear brand, but their new try for making traditional costumes is appreciable. They have a great range of lehengas, suits of different designs and churidars too. The cost of their products is affordable which is only five hundred ninety-nine only.

Availability: Clothing from this brand is available in every Lifestyle store, which is a part of every city nowadays. The online presence of this brand is very strong, apparel from this brand can be bought from,, and You can order from their official website which is

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