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A perfect look comprises of a beautiful outfit and the best suited accessories. Picking the correct accessories is the most significant part of styling amongst which picking a footwear tops the list. Getting the footwear right is a crucial part of dressing up. Just like the outfit, there are various things that are considered before choosing footwear, for example, the occasion, color of the outfit, comfort and many more.

The huge range of choices that are available in footwears for women only makes the decision more difficult for them. While some women love to color coordinate their shoes, some only see the comfort that they provide. If you also are one of those who likes to keep the footwear coordinated with the dress but doesn’t want to stack up the closet with infinite shoes, here’s the ultimate footwear guide for you topbankinfo.ru.

Checkout these amazing must have footwears that every girl should own to fulfil all your footwear needs. There’s one for every occasion and outfit, solving your everyday dilemma of picking the perfect footwear.

Every Girl Must Have These classy Footwears in Her Closet

1. The Ever Classy Loafers

Ever Classy brown Loafers Must Have Footwears For Girls

Image Source: Pomme D’Or

Loafers come in both formal and casual look and can be worn according to the choice of outfit. Formal loafers that come in leather material are the best choice to adorn on formal wear. They give an elitist look to the overall outfit. The casual loafers can be worn on denim and casual pants. The brown loafers in this image are looking classy with an amazing crocodile detailing.

2. The Stunning Stilettos

Stunning black Stilettos Must Have Footwears For Girls

Image Source: Bruna Silverio Shoes

Stilettos are probably the most multi faceted footwear amongst the whole lot. They can be worn with formal clothes, casually and to the parties as well. They come in multiple colors and designs. However, a black and a nude stiletto is a must have for every girl as you can match them with a wide range of clothes. They have the ability to conform to the style which is why they are loved by all.

3. Dreamy Denim Footwear

Dreamy Denim Footwear Must Have Footwears For Girls

Image Source: Le Boffi Shoes

Denim footwears are the answer to all your denim styling woes. Denims are one such piece of clothing that are worn majorly worldwide. Styling your denims in different ways becomes hard when we face problems in finding the best matched footwear for them. This is when the denim footwears come into play. Whatever be the style and pattern of the denim you’re wearing, denim footwears can be worn on each one of them.

4. The Flattering Flats

The Flattering Flats Must Have Footwears For Girls

Image Source: D+AF

Flats seem to be an answer to the prayers of girls who can’t wear high heels. Flats are an extremely comfortable footwear and are the best choice to wear in daily life. They are best worn with casual wear. You can also find party wear flats for women who detest high heels. They come in various patterns and designs like flat sandals, flat peep toes, multi strap flats, Sandalup aka Tie up flats, Coolsa etc.

5. The Spry Sneakers

The Spry white Sneakers Must Have Footwears For Girls

Image Source: Legero Shoes

To add some cool and sporty vibe to your look, sneakers are the best option. Sneakers are best worn with casual outfits especially denims. Amongst all the great colors that sneakers offer, White is the unanimous favourite of all. It goes well with most of the outfits. White sneakers have the ability to shine bright in day light making the outfit look even more awe striking. They add a funky look and are an amazing winter and spring wear.

6. The Buckle Staple Ankle High Strap Heels

The buckle staple ankle high strap heels, also known as “Barely there” heels are widely worn all around the world by women. They are the best choice to pair with party wear dresses and gowns. They come in a wide range of colors and designs. This is one such footwear that can be paired with any outfit and it would just look fine. This is definitely a must have footwear for every girl to keep the style quotient high as they are a celebrity favourite as well.

7. The Bewitching Ankle Boots

Bewitching black Ankle Boots Must Have Footwears For Girls

Image Source: That Shoe Lady

Ankle length boots are best worn with skinny jeans. You can pair a shirt and a blazer with a skinny jeans and wear ankle boots with them to give them a stylish look. Ankle boots are one of the most favourite footwears of majority of designers and stylists as they look extremely high on fashion giving dope vibes. They are a Winter wear and go with a wide range of Winter clothes.

8. The Knee Length Boots

The Knee Length Boots Must Have Footwears For Girls

Image Source: Briana Wilson

Various trends came and went but Knee high boots have stayed in fashion for a long time now. They have always been a versatile footwear that go with both jeans and short skirts. They are worn in Winters and along with elevating the style of an outfit, they also keep the warmth intact, protecting from the cold. They look as good during the day as they look during the night, making them worth a place in your closet.

9. The Forever Comfy Wedges

The Forever Comfy Wedges Must Have Footwears For Girls

Image Source: Crocs India

Wedges are the perfect choice for the girls who find it difficult to maintain balance in pointed heels. If you love to wear heels but stay conscious about the way you walk in pencil heels or fear tripping while walking, wedges are the perfect answer  to your problems. Wedges come in different styles, designs and colors. You can pair them with a wide range of outfits and wear both casually and to the parties.

10. The Ballet Flats

The Ballet Flats Must Have Footwears For Girls

Image Source: Restricted Shoes

Ballet flats are another extremely comfortable footwear that are loved widely by the girls in all over the world. Ballet flats were originally inspired from the pointe shoes of ballet dancers but they took time to travel through the street style. They came in fashion quite late but are a rage right now especially for women who prefer flats and not heels. They also come in a wide range of colors, however, black, brown and blush pink are a common favourite making them a must have footwear.

11. The Traditional Punjabi Jutti

The Traditional Punjabi Jutti Must Have Footwears For Girls

Image Source: Pearl Couture

Punjabi Juttis are the most popular footwear in the North region of India but are worn in other parts as well. They look enticing with traditional wear especially Patiala Suits. Punjabi juttis come in various colors, designs and embroideries. You can pair them with a wide range of Suits and they would look scintillating in all. They are a must have if you are a fan of Indian ethnic wear.

12. The Festive Kolhapuri

The Festive Kolhapuri Must Have Footwears For Girls

Image Source: The Loom

Kolhapuri chappals are another Traditional Indian Footwear that originated in a small city named Kolhapur in Maharashtra. They are a hand made leather footwear and every year, thousands of foreigners visit Kolhapur to get a piece of this wonder. From western outfits to ethnic wear, it looks enchanting in them all. Add this to your style and make it even more intriguing.

So, here were 12 must have footwears for girls that they should own. All of them are worth getting added to your shoe closet as they would only make it more versatile. Right from traditional outfits to casual and formal looks, there’s one for all, making your work easier.

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