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Fashionable Shades You Need This Spring-Summer

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The summer season is all about catching up with the latest fashion trends and on the eve of early spring, we are in a hurry to share fashion trends in colors. Based on an analysis conducted by the Pantone Color Institute, we’ll reveal which flowers will be especially popular in the coming warm season.

Like last year, we see the popularity of natural tones, but in contrast to the darker and more muted autumn range, the spring-summer collections of designers will be full of brightness and optimism. Juicy shades of dandelion and fuchsia, midnight blue, and juicy green are favorites.

If you are ready to brighten up your style and add some cheery vibes to your outfits, then this post will be perfect for you. So, let’s take a closer look at the trending shades and the best combinations with them.

Choose Best Trendy Colors For This Spring-Summer

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Primrose Yellow

The shade of the first color is bright, shining, and full of life and warmth. It is really spring, it is a shade of the first flowers: daffodils, mother and stepmother, and dandelions. It envelops us with a joyful feeling and fills us with enthusiasm, a great color for warm sunny days.

The primrose yellow color is perfectly matched to the light blue and light blue tones, the succulent combinations are obtained with bright pink hues, and the contrasting combinations with saturated salad and muted turquoise are also good.

Cornelian Flower / Pale Dogwood

The incredibly gentle shade of “Cornelian Flower” expresses calmness and tranquility. It is suitable for almost everyone and will serve as a perfect base shade for the summer wardrobe. Choose a pencil skirt or blouse in this shade and you will look both feminine and strict at the same time. Also, note the cardigans and base t-shirts in this soft color.

Pale Dogwood color will be combined with a wide range of shades, especially good combinations with related tones – pink, pink-brown, and lilac, in addition, it will be combined with fashionable shades of khaki, with any pastel shades, with dark blue and even with a salad.


Another basic color is hazelnut, which is a truly neutral, beige, and sandy color. An excellent variant for summer and spring trousers and everyday dresses, demi coats, or trench coats.

The Hazelnut shade will be the basis for many combinations – dark green, turquoise blue, fuchsia, and midnight blue.

Island Paradise

The shade of “Island Paradise” that speaks for itself takes us to exotic islands with clear seawater, a color that inspires us with its lightness and serenity, just like in the bounty advertisement, remember – palm trees, sea, and white sand. As the context tells us, it’s perfect for a holiday – choose a light dress in this shade and you won’t miss it. And Island Paradise is especially well suited for girls with a spring color scheme.

The light color of seawater will be well combined with pastel shades – pink, pink and beige, with green and related blue tones.

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Spring Green / Greenery

Finally, we got to the main color of  2019 the Pantone Color Institute. Juicy, bright, fresh – like waking spring foliage. Trying on this shade you will feel an energetic, cheerful, and balanced person, ready for daily deeds.

The “spring green” shade fits perfectly with pink and blue. Also, bright and sunny mood will give combinations with yellow and not bright yellow and orange, and if you want to “soothe” slightly the image with bright greenery, then add beige.


Red and orange flame is also one of the favorites of the coming half-year. He is very energetic and dynamic. Wear this tone on the face is only worth warm colors (spring and autumn). And for “winter” and “summer” girls it is necessary to limit themselves to bright accessories – for example, bags. Wearing this shade, be sure to pay attention to yourself.

The shade of Flame will look good surrounded by related tones – brown and yellow. And win-win combinations – with black and white.

Pink Yarrow

What the world’s top fashion designers are unanimous about in spring-summer 2017 collections is the use of pink shades. From muted pastel to neon, the most popular was the Pink Yarrow, one of the fuchsia color variants. Bright, ripe, juicy, it will become a “new red” for fashionistas for the next six months. This color is ideal for the winter group’s color types. For the summer it is also possible to use it, provided that your makeup is bright enough so that your appearance is not jammed by the dynamic Pink Yarrow.

Ideal companions for juicy pink shades – the same bright tones, white, yellow, blue, salad. And for delicate and strict images, combine a juicy fuchsia color with lilac and beige tones.


The name speaks for itself, the shade is associated with smooth river waters, and carries in itself calmness and simplicity of life. It also expresses a love of denim, a color very similar to that of Niagara. It’s another basic color that will suit everyone.

This color can be used in the most basic minimalist combinations of jeans, and T-shirt-cardigan, combined with beige and white. Or you can think of something interesting – for example, the combination with a bright pink or salad will look very extravagant, for quiet everyday life, kits add to this shade of jeans beige, pink, light blue – pastel this color can not be spoiled.

Cabbage Green / Kale

The next variation on the khaki theme is the shade of Kale, which literally means cabbage, but here we mean “European” varieties, as it certainly does not look like our native whitefish. This version of khaki may well become the base for most. Get a bomber jacket, a light park, or a trendy overall in this color – and you will be in the trend all season, and probably even a couple of years, as the style of the militarist is not going to give up their positions.

This neural green shade is very good in combination with natural tones – beige, brown, ocher, blue, grassy green. Well, if you’re going to collect a festive outfit with the color Kale – then take it as a companion of purple and plum color, this combination will look noble and elegant.

Blue Lazuli / Lapis Blue

Blue lapis lazuli is a deep blue shade that looks confident and calm like the Arctic ice. At the same time, it is quite bright and as if it exudes shine, in this color you can choose a business suit, and a basic jumper and evening dress. Lapis Blue is a real gift for girls with blue eyes. You just need to acquire a thing in this color to emphasize the beauty of your eyes.

The best companions for azure shade – are white, beige, blue, bright pink, and yellow.

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