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If you’ve tried on clothes and realized that no matter what size you get, it just won’t look right, believe me, it feels bad. Be it a maxi dress or skinny jeans. We understand it can be frustrating when these clothes don’t suit you. And many people struggle with this issue. There could be a reason for this. It is possible that you are not shopping based on your body type.

Today our review is devoted to the soft and angular type of David Kibbe – Soft Natural.
A soft natural type, like pure natural, is characterized by an oblong bone structure. On the yin/yang balance scale, soft straights are soft, broad yang with little yin influence. This combination in appearance gives birth, as the creator of the theory himself wrote, to a fresh and sensual woman. We suggest finding out who these girls are and what are their style features.

Complete Guide On Kibbe Soft Natural Style

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Characteristic Appearance

Height: up to 171 cm.

Face: unobtrusively wide; pronounced but softened facial bones: cheekbones, nose, chin. Facial features are puffy and rounded. Lips and cheeks are lush, eyes are the big and expressive, and unobtrusively wide nose.

Hair: soft, straight/soft curly.

Figure: light fullness, wide bone, square figure, but with rounded lines, unobtrusively wide shoulders. The chest and hips are approximately on the same line, the waist is slightly expressed.

Stars: Kat Dennings, Goldie Hawn, Heidi Klum, Sandra Bullock, Jane Fonda, Kathy Perry, Fergie, Britney Spears, Natalie Wood.

General Style Recommendations

To achieve the most harmonious image, choose free clothes, straight models, and products with a light, discreet accent on the waist. In general, the silhouette should turn out soft and free.


  • Free cut, straight models
  • Implicit accents on the waist
  • Asymmetry in the cut and prints
  • Easy drapery and smooth lines
  • A combination of bright and pastel shades
  • Blurry, rounded, implicit prints
  • Soft fabrics and natural materials: linen, wool, cotton, silk


  • Plenty of ruffles and draperies
  • Clear geometry with sharp angles
  • Strict silhouettes and symmetry
  • Tightening models
  • The predominance of dark and gloomy colors in the image

Pants, Skirts, And Jeans

The silhouette of the skirt should be soft and smooth. These can be slightly widened to the bottom A-shaped models, products with drapery at the waist, creating soft vertical lines. If the skirt is perfectly straight, it is not below the knee. All sorts of design solutions are welcome: asymmetrical hem, cuts, tie-ups, and straps. Free, straight or slush trousers narrowing to the bottom will suit you brilliantly. A pair of folds on the belt and light draping along the length of the pants will be great advantages. If jeans, then the models of pincers with a smoothly expanding leg.

Dresses, Blouses, And Jackets

Blouses should be soft, free, or fitted and made of lightweight fabrics. The open top of the blouse is shown: open shoulders or thin straps. The cut of the dress should be free, and the product itself should be light and flowing. This effect will help to achieve drapery at the waist and light materials. Models with direct silhouettes made of the same soft materials are also allowed. It should give the impression that the dress sits freely and does not restrict movement. The main rule when choosing a jacket is to show the waist. It can be not only fitted models but also jackets with drapery around the waist, soft basque, belts, and straps. Watch the shoulder line – it should be soft and smooth.

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Shoes and Accessories

Shoes should be compact and narrow. The nose may be slightly narrow (soft) or rounded. Choose models with open heels or toes in the warm season. A medium-sized bag is a great choice. Rounded shapes and soft geometric silhouettes will do. Vintage-style handbags with the appropriate decoration will look shiny in the evening. The jewelry should be delicate, medium-sized, with smooth lines and give the impression that it is made by hand. Products made of natural stones, glass, leather, and wood are welcome.

Hair and Makeup

There’s no need to invent any intricate hairstyles. For complete harmony of the image you just need to dissolve the hair and show its natural beauty. Hair should lie loose, flowing, and exude light dynamics. Try cascading your hair or cutting it in layers. When creating makeup, remember you’re straight. The more natural you are, the better. Let it be a hint of light: a small portion of shadows, a light blush, and an unobtrusive lip gloss. It’s during the day. Bolder experiments are allowed in the evening: shimmering shadows or bright lips will do.

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