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Let’s Style Your Pear Shaped Figure In Chic Way

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Every girl wants to look beautiful in any situation. To achieve this goal, you need to be able to choose the right clothes. It should sit snugly, and it is beneficial to emphasize the merits of your figure. Today in this article we will talk pear body.
So what is a pear-shaped body?
Curvy hips, thick thighs, and a full back are the key features of a pear-shaped body type. It is characterized by large hips that are wider than the bust and shoulders. Due to this, the body looks like a pear shape.

In our article, we will analyze in detail what kind of clothes should be worn by girls of “pear” shape.

Learn To dress Like This If You Have A Pear Shape

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General Recommendations

The girls with the pear-shaped hip are rather strong, with a thin waist and tidy breasts. And in general, the upper body looks fragile and elegant. When creating an image, the main task is to make the figure more balanced.

You should focus on the thin waist, visually increase the top and distract attention from problem areas. For this purpose, you can wear light things from above, as well as clothes with bright prints. At the same time, it is better for the bottom to choose monophonic things of calm colors. Whitetop, dark bottom – this is a win-win situation for you.

For girls, pears are perfect blouses with ruffles and flounce on the chest, as well as puffy sleeves, embroidery, and shoulder straps.

On girls with similar types of figures tops with a wide V-neckline and a neckline of a boat will harmoniously look.

Large jewelry on the neck will attract attention to the face, so feel free to use them in your images.


The most successful models of dresses for girls with the type of “pear” figure are fitted styles in the style of new bows. They perfectly emphasize the waist and hide the hips. The dresses with high waist, semi-fitting styles, and trapeze silhouettes will also be a great option. Choose dresses with straps or open shoulders. As for length, it is better to avoid mini dresses. Dressing from the middle of the knee to the ankle will be a great option. Maxi lovers will find A-silhouette dresses made of fabric flowing on their hips.


Blouses will do the trick. You can safely choose the top with decorative trim, such as ruffles, flounces, or embroidery. A bright print will also play into your hands and distract your attention from your hips. If you like the style of the military, the shoulder straps will be the highlight of your image, which will not only decorate your clothes but also harmoniously adjust the proportions of your figure.


Things for the bottom should be picked up with the utmost care. You should avoid patch pockets, bright prints, tulip skirts, and a year, as well as the length of mini and folds on your hips. It is better to give preference to trousers and jeans of medium fit, but not skinny, but straight cut or splintered from the knee. Skirts are preferred to trapeze silhouette and maxi from flowing fabric. Give preference to dark colors without a bright pattern.


When choosing a swimsuit, give preference to separate models with bright or light tops. Girls with the type of “pear” figure will be suitable for swimsuits with ruffles or stylish fringe on top. It is better to choose dark colors for swimming trunks and in no case shorts! If the chest does not seem enough expressive, try to pick up a model of a swimsuit with a fur top.


Try to pick up shoulder jackets so that the shoulder line seems more defined and strict. Jackets with lapels and trim will also look great on you. Shortened models are a great option. It is better to choose jackets no longer than the hip line, so as not to give them extra volume.

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