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Essential Tips On Country Style Clothing

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In today’s time, a different style of clothing is followed. Today we use clothes to find ourselves, sometimes we want to look confident, sometimes happy and sometimes even tough.

Country-style clothing has made a great impact on fashion, which is why they always mix with other styles. In fact, they are inspiring a lot of casual clothing designs.

However, in the 19th century, these things were a necessity and a part of the culture of the people of the Wild West along with the way they lived their lives. These clothes were practical and comfortable. The country’s folklore-ethnic style retains these characteristics even today, for which it is loved by millions. In the review, we will tell you what distinguishes country style from others and how to fit it into your wardrobe.

Country Style Clothing: Tough Girl Fashion

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A country-style blouse always has a free and motionless cut. These are mainly natural shades, light-blown fabrics, and decor in the form of intricate ethnic ornaments. Do you feel a certain affinity with the Boho style? And it really is.

Another popular element of the country wardrobe is a checkered shirt in a red and blue palette. This thing shows its essence as brightly as possible in pair with another country-style element. For example, with Cossacks, with a brown suede jacket with fringe or hat.


The length of the country skirt is Midi or Maxi. Its silhouette is free and slightly expanding downwards. The models can be decorated with all sorts of ruffles, frills, fringe, country ornaments, and small floral patterns. Such a thing itself looks very spectacular, so combine it with basic and neutral tops. A country-style blouse can play a cruel joke on you and give a bad taste to the image.


Country-style dresses have gained popularity among fashionable women. We wear them and sometimes do not think that the favorite dress has country roots. The country-style dress always looks very romantic. As a rule, the model is made of cotton or chintz. The original dress has a length of maxi, now you can find the most daring models of the mini silhouette. Here we also find a natural palette, free cut, laconic ruffles, and flowers.


The appearance of jeans in its arsenal country style owes to the men’s wardrobe of the XIX century. Wear-resistant jeans – must have any cowboy or gold digger. Today they are straightforward and slightly widening to the bottom of the pants made of denim. We raise the degree of style with a wide leather belt in brown.


Suede jacket with fringe, newly borrowed from farmers – rustic chic in the urban jungle. Thank you to the New World. Western country regions gave us jackets of earthy shades and woolen jackets of the same palette – a kind of hunting outfit.


The first thing that comes to mind for everyone is Cossacks – comfortable boots with a square, slightly beveled heels, and a pointed nose. Often you can find models that can easily be called a work of fashionable art. These are exquisite applications of leather, fringe, ornaments, rivets, straps, and buckles. We get a complex, but spectacular model. Country style is sandals without heels at low speed and tightly adjacent to the foot. And again, leather, suede, and sailcloth.


A wide-brimmed hat made of felt or straw in combination with casually loose hair is a romance of a rustic style. Or a scarf with a paisley print to give a western raisin look. Already mentioned above wide trouser belt with a buckle, which can be combined with jeans or trousers. The same belt is for a combination with a dress. If the decoration, then this tree, metal, natural stones. But remember, country style does not welcome excess in accessories. Selecting them, follow the principles of minimalism.

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