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As we all know, special events are always exciting, but deciding what to wear can be stressful, especially when there is a dress code involved. No matter how much you want to express yourself with your clothes, sometimes you still have to follow the concept of the dress code.

Luckily, luckily, we are here to make your dream come true instead of turning it into a disaster. Here is our guide to women’s dress codes for all occasions and what to wear for each of them. In this article, we will talk about the varieties of evening codes regulated by certain rules according to the upcoming schedule. let’s see

Ladies, It’s Time To Select Your Evening Dress

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White Tie

If your invitation includes a white-tie dress code, then you will have to attend a truly festive event, such as a reception by a monarch, ambassador, or president, as well as a grand ball or a serious award. This type of formal clothing is the strictest and you have to follow all the rules to follow the etiquette.

A floor dress is a prerequisite for women. And hands must be covered with gloves of maximum length corresponding to the length of the sleeve of the dress. Hair should be collected in the hair. Shoes should be on a stud. You can pick up a fur coat on your shoulders. A small handbag may be the end of the outfit. It is highly desirable to supplement your image with jewelry with precious stones.

For men, there are also a number of rules to follow when going to this level of the event. The obligatory element is a black frack. Under it, the man can put on a white vest with three buttons, completely zipped. Another main point is a white bow tie, from which, in fact, the name of such a dress code came. Other less obligatory but desirable elements of the men’s dress code are gloves, a pocket watch on a chain, and a thin cane.

Black Tie

The black-tie dress code is also official and solemn but is more common than white tie. This form of clothing is usually used at festive receptions, theatrical premieres, and some weddings.

Here men should wear a classic tuxedo and a black butterfly. Shoes should not be lacquered. Oxfords or classic derby shoes may fit here.

For girls again, the main element will be a dress on the floor. Depending on the solemnity of the event, it is also possible to cocktail, but not above the knee. Shoe boats are selected for it, it is better to match the tone of the dress. In such a dress code precious jewelry is welcomed, but you can do without quality jewelry.

Creative Black Tie

This dress code is similar to the usual black tie, with the only difference that at events with such conditions there is either a subject matter, which is usually indicated in the invitation or a creative approach to its own along with the other. So girls can add to their evening outfits some intricate hat or ethnic decoration. Men can also wear a classic tuxedo vest or dark shirt without a tie.


If your invitation contains a cocktail dress code, it means that you are waiting for a less solemn and formal event, such as a dinner party or corporate banquet. However, there are a few nuances in the form of clothing that are better to follow. Girls can wear a cocktail dress. Focusing on the event, you can pick it up a little above the knee, but the top of the outfit should be sufficiently closed. The best shoes to wear are high heels.

Men may appear in a classic dark-colored suit at such an event. At the same time, they can choose a bright butterfly or not at all. The image will be completed with classical shoes on a thin sole.


The formal evening dress code assumes that you are going to the official evening reception. In this case, the girl may be wearing an evening gown and shoes on a heel. Men can come in a tuxedo or in a dark solemn suit. Black shoes and a tie are mandatory.

A5 or After Five

All events held after 17:00 are marked with the abbreviation A5. Cocktail dresses or evening dresses embroidered with sequins, combinations of skirts and tops, elegant trousers or skirt costumes, as well as heeled shoes – a constant festive attribute for women.

Men can wear a suit, not necessarily a business suit, as well as classic jeans or corduroy trousers in combination with a club jacket. Ties and butterflies are optional for such events. Classic shoes or moccasins can be worn from footwear.

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