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Pastel tones are often called pale flowers. But it is with these shades that you can diversify the color range of your clothes, and do it elegantly. Pastel colors are the best choice for the summer wardrobe. They can make any look more elegant, romantic, and sophisticated.
Despite this, you can always wear them everywhere. However, it is important to know how to properly mix pastel colors and which shades suit you more. Today we will talk about how to mix pastel tones in your clothes.

From clean or sharp to sporty or glamorous, pastel tones can be added to any outfit, they can be worn by anyone, boldly claiming to be fashionable. Pastel tones can be worn almost everywhere, at any age, and they fit almost any skin tone. After all, they are perfectly combined with a light tone of the skin and a glow of dark skin.

It’s Time To Learn How To Mix And Wear Pastel Tones

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Pastel color shirt

Men's gradient or pastel color round collar short & long sleeve T-shirt

What Are Pastel Tones?

Pastel shades are soft shades that are obtained by diluting pure white tones. The range of pastel colors varies from translucent to sufficiently saturated. The cost of clothing in such tones can be both very high and low. Despite the fact that pastel shades are “vivid” colors, they have a gentle and light look. They can be almost invisible to the human eye and can be quite saturated. It depends on the amount of white pigment, the more white there is, the more intensely the original color is washed out.

Different pastel tones

Different pastel colour palette

Despite the fact that pastel tones have long been used in arts and crafts, in the fashion industry they became popular only in the 1980s. It was at this time that pastels had a great influence on the formation of men’s fashion. Part of this trend was related to American actor Sonny Crockett, who played in the series “Miami Metro”, in which he wore shirts and jackets only in pastel shades. Pastel got its name from the Italian “and Pastello” – a method of drawing with a black Italian pencil in combination with a red sanguine. Pastel colors were preferred by the Impressionists, and still, pastel colors are a symbol of sensuality.

Where And When To Wear Pastel Colors

Pastel tones are mostly associated with spring, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them in winter. This is how you can diversify the monotonous, grey, and brown tones, which are the main shades of winter clothing. Pastel tones look best in the daytime when they seem to repeat the sun shades. But this does not mean that they can not be worn in the evening. But still, if you are going to some official event, it is best to dress conservatively strictly, without pastel shades. Pastel tones are usually worn as everyday clothes, as an option – office clothes, also clothes for parties and other minor meetings.

White and pastel shades for summer looks

Men's sleeveless t-shirts in pastel colors for summer looks

How To Wear Pastel Colors

Of course, there are no serious and clear rules on how to wear pastel tones. But we have a few tips on how to combine them in our wardrobe.

Combining Colors With Neutral Shades

There are a number of colors in a fashion that falls under the “neutral” spectrum. These include grey, black, white, beige, khaki, brown, ivory, dark blue, etc. These colors can be combined with each other and with any other color. With such colors, it is excellent to combine pastel tones.

How to wear pastel colors

Grey, black, white, beige, ivory, navy combination with pastel shades for men's casual wear

With Other Pastel Tones

Pastel tones look great in combination with other pastel tones, and there is no doubt about it. If you have two or more pale tones, you will have a warm, calm, and friendly look. All you need to know is how to combine all the tones correctly.

Remember that the colors in the color spectrum are close together, such as red and pink, and blue and green always look good together. Another simple way to combine colors is to take the opposite sides of the color wheel. For example, blue and yellow. This combination will always look flawless.

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With A Lot Of Flowers

Pastel tones look beautiful when mixed with saturated bright colors. So you can create your own color scheme. For example, you can combine pale pink with a rich blue color. Or you can create a monochrome scheme for yourself: dress in one brightly saturated color, and individual details to choose a pastel shade. For example, pale blue will look good with dark blue.

Details and Materials

Any kind of fabric, as well as any type of clothing, can be a pastel color. However, most of the things that are made in pastel colors are cotton shirts, jackets, pants, and sometimes shoes. Following fashion trends, if you want to look brave and even rude in pastel tones, add pastel leather details to your appearance.

Pink shirt for guys

Men's half sleeve pink shirt for summer

Cotton summer shirt with short sleeves in pastel pink.

The hard heavy skin texture will make for a contrast to the softer pastel colors. This will bring dynamism and originality to your look. And will also remove unnecessary frivolity from common perception. This combination will allow you to look strict, but at the same time gentle.


Some people have minor phobias when it comes to wearing clothes decorated with flowers or other patterns. And this is despite the fact that they would very much like to wear such things. That’s when different accessories come into play. Using accessories is a great way to stick to fashion. You can easily add a watch or tie to your appearance, your look will suddenly shine. These are the nuances of your wardrobe and will highlight your personality. Also, accessories can always make your look more fashionable and stylish.

If you are wearing pastel-colored clothes, you can easily wear metallic accessories. Pastel tones always look great in combination with metals, it looks very expressive. Remember that metal is a neutral feature of your wardrobe. This means you can easily pair gold and silver with each other, and do it with any color of clothing.

Grey suit, white shirt & blue bow tie

Men's grey suit, white shirt & blue bow tie for any occasion

“Eternal” pastel tones will never go out of fashion, which makes them a great choice in choosing your look. With so many pastel shades in your wardrobe, you will always look flawless.

From soft blues to pink fruit ice cream, you’ll add lightness, freshness, and elegance to your pastel clothes.

Summing up the discussion with this, we can draw some conclusions about how to combine pastel colors in clothes:

  • Pastel colors are easy to pair – just think of your favorite ice cream! Pistachio with raspberry, lemon with strawberry, orange with vanilla, and so on.
  • Do not forget that pastel-colored clothes add volume, so you need to be careful.
  • Dresses in pastel colors can be combined with each other, as well as with contrasting, bright colors or white.

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