Shopping Tips To Select Lehenga For Wedding

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A wedding is the only special occasion that every woman will look out for. They just want to be a queen at their wedding. A wedding is a moment where the princess turns into a queen and every girl wishes to stun the day and want to be unique. And to stun the wedding and to be in starlight, girls need to choose their garments and it is necessary too. And nowadays, Lehenga plays a major role in wedding occasions. From the bride to bridesmaids and guests, Lehenga is highly worn by girls and young women.

And it is not easy to find your dream lehenga as per your expectations which are highly troublesome task. And it is impossible to choose your lehenga on first look when you are new to the section.

And here are a few necessary ideas or shopping tips to select lehenga for weddings and other special occasions that you always need to remember. The tips are as follows,

A Little Advice On Choosing A Stunning Designer Lehenga For Your Big Day

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The first and foremost thing everyone wants to check is your budget. You have to shortlist the stores based on your budget and check out the lehenga there for your wedding. Decide your price approximately first and then visit the shops to check the lehenga within the price range. If you go out shopping to select a lehenga without knowing your budget, it may give you heartbreaking results or disappointments, as it may be higher than your budget. So it is always necessary to check your budget before shopping lehenga.


Time is necessary to buy any outfit. You have to choose your lehenga one or two months before your wedding so that you can make the necessary alterations in your lehenga if it is needed. If your wedding is in one week’s time or less than that, then it is merely possible to select the lehenga as per your expectations. So time is more important to buy a lehenga, especially during weddings.

Try Before You Buy:

If you have selected your lehenga, then try it immediately in the trial room. You have to check the cuts, style, shapes and forms while trying out the lehenga. If it doesn’t fit your body shape, then it is better to choose other. It is better to choose the lehenga that suits your body type. If you buy the lehenga that you selected and it doesn’t fit when you try it on your wedding will give you great embarrassment. So it is always good to try before you buy the lehenga.


When it comes to colour, women blindly choose the colours they like and the colours that suit them. Red, yellow, blue, white and green is the common colours that come to our mind when we check for colours. But it should be avoided because people have different skin tones and aura. The colour you choose should suit your complexion and character. For example, bright colours will look good on people with fair complexion and will not look much good on people with a dark complexion. So the colour you choose is important when you buy your lehenga.


The blouse is very important when you buy your lehenga as it has the power to make your entire look. You have to check the necklines and back of the blouse whether it suits you or not. If you are fine with your blouse, then try the blouse immediately whether it fits you or not. If you feel uncomfortable with your blouse, then you have to check for another.


Few people may ignore the dupatta in the lehenga. But dupatta plays a major role in bringing out the gorgeous outlook of the bride or anyone who wears a lehenga. You have to check the inner linings of your dupatta because once your dupatta goes on your head, the lining becomes visible from the sides of your face. The colour of your dupatta will reflect on your face and so the colour is important when you see the dupatta. So it is necessary to check out the dupatta before buying your lehenga.


The skirt is very important in the lehenga. When you go for a lehenga skirt, you should check the fabric and check whether the skirt is enough fluffy. If you don’t choose the fabric that suits you, then it’ll make you uncomfortable at your wedding. So, it is necessary to choose the skirt wisely for the lehenga.

Shopping Partner:

It is common to bring people with us while shopping. You have to be picky in choosing the people you take along when you go shopping to select your lehenga. You have to bring only 2 or 3 people that are good at fashion and selecting garments. Because too many people will give you more suggestions which will end you up in great confusion. It is best to take one person with you but it is merely possible. So you can take two or three people with you to select your lehenga.


Checking out for trends is important to buying any garments. But blindly choosing the garments just because of the trends is total nonsense that should be avoided. You have to be aware of the latest trends and have to check the lehenga that suits you. Select the lehenga which looks good on you and makes you feel comfortable. If you blindly choose your lehenga just because of the trends, then it will disappoint you in one way or the other.

Embroidery And Embellishments:

For the wedding, you need to choose the lehenga that will look grand on you. You have to choose the lehenga with heavy works using colourful beads, threads, sequins and mirrors. If you want to have a simple yet grand lehenga without embellishments, then you have to check for embroidered lehenga. So it is important to choose wisely your lehenga with either embellishments or embroidery or both.

Lehenga Swatch:

A swatch is a small sample of the fabric that is intended to demonstrate the look of a larger piece. When you place your order for your lehenga, ask the designer to give you a swatch of the lehenga fabric. Because each colour has different shades and it is important to get a swatch so that you and your partner can co-ordinate with each other on your wedding perfectly. It is also will help you while choosing your accessories.


If you have bought your jewellery and other accessories already, then you have to buy a lehenga that suits all your accessories. If not, it will look odd at your weddings. If you are yet to buy your jewellery and accessories, then you are free to buy your lehenga without issues.

Be Open-Minded:

If you are going to shop lehenga, then be open-minded. Don’t fix your mind on a particular style, colour, designer and shop. Just look for the suitable one and try it out. If you are not open-minded, then it will be quite difficult for you to choose your lehenga.

Wear Light Colour To Shop:

It is always good to wear a light colour dress while going shopping. When you wear a light colour dress, it will be easy to check out the lehenga skirt whether it is matching or contrasting with you. If you wear bright colours, then it will be quite difficult for you to find the difference. So wear some light colour dress or plain t-shirts when you go shopping lehenga.

Don’t Shop During Menstruation:

During menstruation time, your tummy will bloat and you will have erratic mood swings because of the tension. So there are possibilities that you may choose the lehenga that will dissatisfy you later. So it is better to avoid shopping at such times.

These are the shopping tips that you need to keep in your mind when you go for buying a lehenga for your wedding. We hope you can easily buy your dream lehenga without worries after reading this article.

Lead your wedding with the perfect lehenga!

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