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Coolest & Stylish Winter Outerwear Trends For Men đŸ§„

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Winter dictates its own rules of clothing: when the thermometer falls below zero and below -10, warmth and comfort come to the fore. However, this is not the reason to stop looking stylish! Good designers are increasingly remembering the real needs of people in the cold and produce things that look great and thus not less effectively protect against the cold.

Menswear is available in a variety of styles, depending on whether you prefer classic or casual. Today we will look at several popular models that will help you to look spectacular and not freeze at the same time.

The Secret Of A Stylish Winter Image Is Multi-layering

Of course, none of us want to freeze in winter, so when looking for outerwear in the store is great temptation to take the warmest. Most often, this “warmest” is a thick down jacket that many men wear without taking off their clothes from November to April. Of course, this simplifies the choice of clothes every morning, but most often has nothing to do with the stylish way.

Meanwhile, fashionable and spectacular models of winter clothing: coats, leather jackets, thin sheepskin coats, etc. – often have another defect. Most of them come up with designers who focus on a mild winter somewhere in Italy or France, but not on the frost in the minus 20. What to do? A possible answer to this question is offered by the designers themselves: to increase the number of layers.

Layered mens winter/fall look

Stylish winter clothing coats, leather jackets, thin sheepskin coats, for casual look

Layering is a fashionable trend that has characterized any season for several years now. It consists in the fact that instead of one warm thing to wear a few less warm, some of which can be removed indoors or during the day, for example: shirt + jumper + thin quilted down jacket + jacket + scarf. Imagine what you’re talking about? This example, of course, is suitable for autumn or spring, but there are also options for winter. For example, demi-season coat or jacket can be turned into winter outerwear, putting under them a insulated vest on the down. This thin and almost weightless thing actually warms perfectly, and its gate, especially if it is a contrasting color, will help to refresh the image.

Men’s down jacket

Mens Sweater Vests, men's blue and grey down jacket for fall winter

Important point: for minus temperatures, be sure to choose a vest with a natural fluff insulator, as artificial synthesizer is much weaker to retain heat. In spring, this detail of the wardrobe will turn into a separate outerwear and will be useful to you more than once.

Men’s Coats

Another secret of elegance in the cold season is, of course, the coat. We have already written about how to pick up this wardrobe item and what its varieties are. A coat is undoubtedly the best choice if you wear a business suit and have to stick to the dress code.

Warm men’s stylish winter weather wear

classy winter, over coat outfit for men, Work/After Work Winter Dress/Casual Attire.
A classic coat looks stylish with both official style clothes and casual look.

Does the coat look too light to you? Pay attention to models with lining (possibly removable). In addition, accessories such as a scarf, hat or cap, and gloves play an important role. For the winter, try to choose these wardrobe items made of natural materials, such as wool, so that they will both decorate and retain heat at the same time.

Here are some variants of actual models of coats from the collections of the current season.

Time to try out overcoats

Blue and navy blue overcoats for winter season

Men’s winter fashion down coat

Men's winter fashion down coat, overcoat hooded jacket with furs collar

Pea jacket

Overcoat Mens Jackets & Coats


Stylish Winter Jackets

If you live in a cold climate and walk a lot, of course, an elegant coat may not be enough. Winter jackets remain the all-purpose protection against cold and snow, and they can look stylish if you follow some rules.

Stylish men winter parka

Stylish men winter parka for casual street look

Choose long, discreetly designed down jackets to work with. It is better to refuse bulky stripes, logos of sports brands and intentionally bright colors (it is more and more appropriate in a ski resort). A suit or sweater with a shirt is best worn with a neutral jacket color (in addition to black it can be dark blue, gray, beige, etc.) and, of course, good quality. Pay attention to famous brands that can combine warmth and style: Barbour, Canada Goose, Napapijri.

Trendy winter jacket

Trendy winter jacketnew men's parkas

If you are dressed in casual style, the winter park may be an interesting solution. This model (especially in the classic version – with a “fish tail”) has not left the fashionable podiums for a long time and remains popular among young people and not only.

Men’s Sheepskin Coats

The most elegant variant for Russian frosts are sheepskin coats. We have already talked about what they are like and how to choose the most suitable one for your lifestyle in this article.

Sheepskin coats made of natural fur warm perfectly, even in severe frost, and a variety of models allows you to wear them in the office and on vacation. An additional advantage of this item of clothing is that after several years of almost total oblivion, he regained his position in the fashion world. To look stylish and relevant, choose a sheepskin coat, sewn in the form of a bomb or a robe or long model with a fairly lush fur. Also in the latest collections are often unusual combinations of colors, such as light leather and black fur.

Blue sheepskin bomber jacket

Blue sheepskin bomber jacket, coats

The most fashionable models of men’s sheepskin coats – non-standard color or with inserts:

Here are a couple of examples of current sheepskin coats from current collections:

Sheepskin coats

Men's lambskin leather jacket for winter


Winter is not an occasion to refuse stylish images, especially considering that shops offer a wide choice of both beautiful and warm outerwear. From an elegant coat to a trendy park, choose what fits your lifestyle and tastes like. And, of course, don’t forget the spectacular accessories!

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