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Must Have Warm Winter Vest For Every Man’s Wardrobe

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For a long time, winter vests were exclusively sportswear, but a few years ago, designers began to create urban options that are gaining in popularity. If you’re still not sure what’s the point of a “sleeveless duvet”, and whether to add it to your off-season wardrobe, pay attention to this article! We will tell you how to choose a winter vest, what to wear with it and in what situations it can be truly indispensable.

Winter Vests

A winter vest is a kind of outerwear, basically a quilted jacket filled with down or synthetic, but without sleeves. It can have a hood, sometimes removable sleeves, and it can also be a part of a jacket and coat and attached to the top layer with a zipper.

Down jackets were born as sportswear. For many outdoor sports such as golf, rowing, sailing, running, water skiing, etc., you needed outerwear that would protect you from wind and cold, but leave your hands free: this is how jackets without sleeves were born. For example, golfers started wearing them over a knitted sweater, and in rainy weather – under a raincoat.

Casual and simple winter fashion for men

Casual winter fashion or hiking outfit like half jacket beanie for men

In the last few years, on a wave of interest in the sports style (which is a good example – the popularity of sneakers and sneakers), winter vests have gone beyond the sports shops and stopped in the shops of the most common. They have become fashionable to wear with jeans and a sweater or T-shirt, as well as used as an additional warming layer for outerwear. In warm countries, fluff winter vests are considered almost winter clothes, in our latitudes they are more likely to be useful in the transition period – in spring and autumn, and thinner models – in the cool summer.

Vest As An Additional Layer

Let’s start with the probably unobvious, but very useful function of winter vests – to act as an additional layer of outerwear. Surely in spring and autumn you have had to stay in doubt about what kind of jacket to wear: like in winter is already hot, but in light leather or coat is still cold .It is for such cases and designed down jackets. If you put it under your coat, thin jacket or sports jacket, you will noticeably increase the “frost resistance” of the set. At the same time, if the sun comes out during the day and warms the air, you can always remove the vest: especially thin models are even sold with special bags in which they can be hidden. By the way, this option is very convenient when travelling.

Winter layering combinations

Gilet under blazer for office look, quilted gilets & wearing them over blazers

If you expect to wear a vest for other clothes, keep in mind that it must be thin enough. Ideally, try it on right away with your coat/coat when you buy it. In addition, a hoodless model is more convenient. But as for the color, different options are possible. You can choose the color of your vest in the color of your outerwear, for example, black, in which case it will be almost imperceptible when wearing, or vice versa, to play on the contrast, bringing to life a boring jacket or jacket bright vest gate.

By the way, the vest can be worn over a thin jacket or coat. In this case, the product should sit on you more freely, but still try to avoid excessive massiveness.

Here are some interesting images, where the vest is used as an additional layer in clothing:

Gilet Vest With Shirt & Tie

 Gilet vest with shirt, tie, checked blazer & half jacket men's outfit for winter season

Gilet vest with coat

Men's winter wear gilet vest with coat, hat and jackets for casual and office look

Men's winter wear blazer with removable gilet for office or casual look

Vest As An Independent Clothing

Quilted vest as a separate item of outerwear is becoming more and more popular. Its main advantage is, of course, the ease and convenience. These models well protect from the wind and keep warm, but at the same time they leave your hands free, do not stifle movements, which is very convenient both during walks on foot and behind the wheel of the car.

Combination of vest with knitwear & cardigans

Men's winter wear combination of vest with knitwear & cardigans for casual or office look

The winter vest can be worn with different types of clothing, so it’s easier to start with what you shouldn’t wear – a business suit or a classic shirt, woollen pants and shoes. Even the most laconic and sleek black vest is casual, and you don’t have to try to fit it into your business kit.

As for everyday images, the choice is huge. Vests can be worn over sweaters, sweatshirts, T-shirts with long or short sleeves, polo shirts, everyday shirts, etc. Jeans, chinos or corduroy trousers will be perfect as a bottom. Shoes are worth paying attention to deserters or chukka boots, topsiders, as well as sneakers, sneakers and sneakers.

Keep in mind that thick jackets resembling a warm sleeveless duvet, especially with a hood, are more suitable for rest, travel, country trips, etc. For everyday life in the city it is better to choose thin and medium thickness vests, without large sports brand logos and other outdoor style details. Combination vests are interesting, for example, with woollen inlays.

Let’s consider several images in different styles:

 Men’s down vest fashion style 

Men's winter wear how to wear a gilet vest with sweater, checked shirts and cardigans

Puffer vest outfits & combination with checked shirt, cardigans & jackets for men

Puffer vest combination with muffler and knitted sweater for men

Men's puffer vest & hoodie casual outfit for winter season

Where To Buy A men’s winter Vest

If you decide to buy a winter vest, first of all, think about where you plan to wear it. If you need it for active recreation, outdoor walks, etc., the best option is to look for it in sports stores. Vests of famous brands, such as Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Nike, are sewn with the use of various modern technologies, so they are well kept warm, protect from light rain and remain light and comfortable. But, of course, their appearance will be recognizable for its sporty style.

If you need a vest as a light outerwear for the city, pay attention to the brands that work at the junction of urban and outdoor styles, for example, Napapijri, Tommy Hilfiger, Superdry, Finn Flare, Quiksilver. There are more opportunities to find neat spectacular models that fit well into your everyday wardrobe.

Gilet combination with grey jeans

Men's gilet combination with grey jeans for winter season

The most versatile option is a single-color winter vest of neutral colors, it is suitable for almost any purpose

If you plan to wear the vest as an additional layer for a jacket, coat or jacket, you need a simple thin model without special decor. These are easiest to find in the outerwear sections of common popular brands such as Uniqlo, Gap, Tom Tailor, United Colors of Benetton.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular models from the new collections, which you can find in the stores this spring:

How to wear a gilet vest

Men's gilet vest with checked shirt & sweater for winter season

Men's gilet vest with sweater for winter season

Men's gilet vest with checked shirt & sweater for winter season


Winter vest – a convenient and versatile thing that can be useful in various situations. It is not a fact that you will put it on every day at work, but you will appreciate the benefits of this model during travel, recreation in nature, walks around the city. Modern fashion allows you to combine vests with various options of everyday clothing, so they easily fit into any wardrobe.

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