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Pros and Cons of Beard Transplant

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In today’s world, looking good is the top priority of every other person. Looks are an important aspect of personality because without a good personality you can’t be where you want to be in the future. Your style and personality create your impression. And it is always said that the first impression is the way people will see you. So you can’t make yourself look immature at first sight.

Looks are part of the overall personality and when it comes to men facial hairs are an unavoidable part. These days beards are in trends and every male has their facial hair grown. But every man can’t have a cool looking full-grown beard. Beard is the style statement that most males carry around these days. They add cool flavor to your personality and your face is covered so you will look good. Men with beards have to take care of other things less because a beard speaks for their personality. Having a beard is a good thing because once you have a full beard all you have to do is grab your sunglasses and cut your hairs to medium and that’s it. You will look more attractive with a beard.

All men can’t grow beard fully. In times like these where every guy has a beard, men without beard feel ashamed and embraced. There are many reasons for not having a beard. It is all about how the body reacts to testosterone. Most of the man have the same amount of male hormones. But facial hair growth is based on the body and how it responds to it. Those who feel stressed because they do not have their facial hair often try lots and lots of other things that they think will help in their beard growth journey but many of them failed. Although there is one solution for that problem and that is a beard transplant. But like any other thing in this world, a beard transplant also has its advantages and disadvantages as well.

Pros of beard transplant

Here are advantages of beard transplant,

1. You will have a beard

This is surely what you were looking for. After beard transplant surgery you will have a beard that you always wanted. Beard transplant will make your beard look natural thanks to the latest technologies in the medical field. You can save it as a natural beard without any problem and now you have a beard that you always wanted to have.

2. Scars are difficult to find

There is a misconception that if you will do beard transplant surgeries to grow your facial hair, then it will leave you scars. That is just a myth. You will not have any scars on the face. It will look natural and anyone will not spot any differences also there will be no visible scars on your face so far.

3. Beard transplant will give you a quick result

It gives a quick result. Before you enter the hospital you have fewer facial hairs and when you come out after surgery you will have a full beard. The surgery will take some time after that you will be good to go with your full beard even natural beard can’t grow this fast.

4. No pain experienced during or after the procedure

All thanks to modern technology when you will sit therefore beard transplant you won’t feel any pain on your jaw of cheeks. You will be amazed that you got this beard without any pain. The beard transplant surgery will be painless. Also, it is not just during the surgery even after your surgery you won’t feel any pain on your face you will just experience a pinching sensation.

5. You will have a beard all your life

Once you have successfully done your beard transplant surgery then you will not have to worry about facial hair growth. Just like other men with natural beard, you will also be able to grow beard naturally. And you can try different styles with your beard as you like.

Cons of beard transplant

Here are disadvantages of beard transplant,

1. Beard transplant is expensive

If you are short on budget then you shouldn’t consider a beard transplant because it is not cheap. You have to give a lot of money for your beard. The cost of a beard transplant depends on a few things. The overall cost of a beard transplant depends on the number of hairs you will implant on the facial area.

2. You have to lose hair from elsewhere

You will have to donate hairs from other part of your body. In most beard transplants hairs are taken from the back of the head because it has a closer resemblance to facial hair in regards to texture. However, the surgeon only takes every fifth hair, so after the surgery hairs of that area will look thinner. So you won’t have any visible bald patches.

3. You will lose your beard in three weeks

Beard transplant is a permanent solution but it has some temporary side effects. The hairs that you transplanted on the face will fall out in 3 weeks. This is completely normal after beard transplant surgery it is a part of the growth cycle. After sometimes new follicles will enable you to grow hair and then you will have your beard for a lifetime.

4. You may have to face some mild discomfort

Once you have your beard transplant surgery you may have some side effects like swelling and bruising, itchiness, redness, soreness, tightness, numbness due to local Anastasia, cabbing and crusts, etc. but this is normal and part of the process and you will get rid of them after few weeks.

5. It is not fully sure process

In most cases, beard transplant surgeries are successful but there are no hundred percent guaranteed successes. Studies have shown that beard transplant surgery has a 60-80% success rate and a second transplant might be required for full effect.

A Beard transplant is not the only way to deal with a lack of facial hair. It depends on hormones and there are many things that you can do to naturally boost your hormone levels. If you decide to transplant beard then you should consider the above-mentioned advantages and disadvantages of it. It is advised to have your beard transplant surgery after the age of 30 because by this age facial hair will have the maximum growth. And after that, you will be sure that you need to beard transplant or not.

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