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Homemade Hair Mask Recipes For Curly Hair

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Did you ever praise a curly hair girl or boy? if yes, I agree too as it looks so beautiful. But with beauty, there are many problems associated with curly hair. Like, after you wake up your hair becomes frizzy and it may take hours to get rid of frizziness, you cannot put on a cap as it becomes difficult to settle down the cap, and the worse when you go out on a windy day and you realize that your hair has become a mess.

And sometimes it is difficult to put down hairpins as it becomes difficult for hairpins to settle down. To avoid these problems people usually do hair straightening and to maintain straightness they have to apply specific hair creams, hair shampoos, etc.

And technically speaking curly hair is dry compared to other types as because of its spiral nature it becomes difficult for natural oils to flow down through hair strands to lengths.

Although maintaining curly hair is a tedious task but it’s worth it. Hair masks are the one which is worth a try. But it may be difficult to get a hair mask that does take all-around care of curly hair like for de-frizz, detangling, moisturizing, etc. But there are many homemade hair masks that you can prepare at home and apply. You require ingredients that you can get from your kitchen itself.

Here Are Some Homemade Hair Masks

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Avocado + Coconut Milk + Olive Oil + Almond Oil + Honey

  • Take about three avocados for medium length hair and using a spoon take the inner part of the avocado and add some coconut milk to an extent to get a liquid consistency but take note it should not be so liquid it should be in medium liquid consistency
  • Grind the avocado using the coconut milk
  • Take a bowl in it add the ground part and to it add 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil, 2-3 tablespoons of almond oil, 1-2 tablespoons of honey
  • Mix all the ingredients properly
  • Now make partitions of your hair and clip the hair strands. After that by releasing each clip apply this hair mask from the root to the whole hair length by spraying water
  • Repeat with other partitions
  • Then after applying the hair mask thoroughly, make a bun of your hair and then cover your hair using a bathtub cover or any random hair cover
  • Leave it for around 40-45 minutes
  • Then wash your hair either with normal water or you can wash your hair by applying mild shampoo and then wash it off

The benefits of avocado are that it contains vitamins A, D, E, and B6, and it has high protein content, amino acids, fatty acids, and folic acids. Avocado helps in repairing damaged hair and dry frizzy hair. it penetrates the cuticle and moisturizes hair. Coconut milk is rich in vitamin C & E and it fills hair with proteins which in turn boosts hair growth. coconut milk also helps in easy detangling and conditioning of hair. Olive oil helps in getting shine, strengthening, and softening hair. and almond oil brings shine and prevents hair loss. And finally honey helps in the attraction of moisture which is also anti-bacterial that helps in the retention of moisture and hair growth.

This mask is the ultimate paste that helps in hair growth.

Mayonnaise + Coconut Oil + Castor Oil + Egg

  • Take a bowl and in it take 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of castor oil, and one egg.
  • Mix all the ingredients properly.
  • Before applying this hair mask, wash your hair properly
  • Then take hair partitions clip the partitions properly and make your hair slightly wet and then by releasing each partition apply the paste
  • Wait for 40-45 minutes and wash it off again with the shampoo

This hair mask is best for those who do the styling of their hair or hair damaged hair. It helps to get rid of all the damage caused by over styling of hair. The addition of an egg helps in adding proteins that help in getting rid of hair breakage and it adds shine to your hair.

Egg + Avocado + Banana + Coconut Oil + Olive Oil + Honey

  • Take a bowl to add one egg, half of the avocado, half banana, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of honey
  • Blend them using the blender and take them into a bowl
  • Before applying to make sure to wash your hair properly and then apply it on your hair from root to whole-length hair.
  • And then tie your hair like a bun and cover your hair with a shower cap or any hair cover
  • Wash it after 40-45 minutes

The egg is rich in vitamin B12 which helps in the promotion of hair growth and vitamin A helps in getting rid of hair breakage and also helps to get softer, shinier, and strong hair. Avocado is rich in proteins, oils, and antioxidants which help in hair repair. Banana is rich in biotin will help in hair smoothening, and prevents hair loss. bananas also help in soothing the itchy scalp. Coconut oil helps in moisturizing your hair and is a natural shiner. And finally honey helps in the attraction of moisture which is also anti-bacterial that helps in the retention of moisture and hair growth.

This hair mask is to be applied once or twice a month. this hair mask is a magical ass it suits not only curly hair but also all the other hair types.

Onions + Ginger

  • Take 1-2 medium-sized onions and half a choc piece sized ginger
  • Peel them, blend them and then squeeze out the juice
  • Apply coconut oil to your hair before applying this hair mask to your hair
  • Apply hair mask by taking partitions of hair and applying the juice onto the scalp and the remaining onto the hair strands
  • As the smell is very strong you can also add essential oil
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap or any random cap and put it on overnight
  • And then next morning wash it off using the mild shampoo and then condition your hair

Onion juice is rich in sulfur and it is the building block of hair. it improves blood circulation and provides hair follicles with enough nourishment. and ginger contains the antioxidant gingerol helps to fight free radicals.

Bentonite Clay + Olive Oil + Apple Cider Vinegar + Activated Charcoal + Tea Tree Oil

  • Firstly take a shower with a normal shampoo and condition your hair and no other chemicals
  • Take a bowl and put in one cup of bentonite clay,  1/4 cup of olive oil, one-fourth cup of apple cider vinegar, half a tablespoon of charcoal, and one tablespoon of tea tree oil
  • mix all the ingredients properly by adding water to get batter-like consistency
  • before applying this hair mask onto your hair wet your hair by sprinkling some water onto your hair and then by tsking partitions apply this mask
  • let it on your hair for about one hour
  • then wash it off with normal or cool water by using a mild shampoo and then condition it

The ingredients that are used here might not be available in your kitchen but the ingredients have a lot of advantages like if we consider bentonite clay, it is a great scalp and hair detox that draws out chemicals, bacteria, and all toxins present on your scalp or hair. olive oil moisturizes dry hair and scalp by balancing natural oils. Apple cider vinegar is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal which will help in getting rid of itchiness by calming your scalp, it gives shine to your hair and creates defined curls. activated charcoal helps in absorbing harmful chemicals.

This mixture can be applied once or twice a month.

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