Pros and Cons of Beauty Blending Sponges

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Makeup is an essential thing nowadays. Makeup has the ability to make you look a thousand times better. Also we live in an environment when we meet and greet a lot of people on a daily basis. So looking attractive is the primary goal these days. Makeup can hide dark spots of your face and it can make your skin look glowy and fresh. It makes your eyes attractive and tempting. It makes your overall facial structure look perfectly redefined.

There are many types of brushes out there for makeup. You have to choose a makeup brush according to which area of the face you are working. Then you can choose the type of tone that you like. But if you are going for heavy makeup or you want to do it like the professionals then you can use beauty blending sponge. It is a versatile makeup sponge. You can use beauty blending sponge for foundations, bb cream, concealer, etc.

To use beauty blending sponge all you need to do is wet the sponge then squeeze and then bounce it on your face. You will need to wet your beauty blending sponge every time you use it. You can apply more even makeup then the brushes. There are advantages and disadvantages of using beauty blending sponge as well.

Pros of Beauty Blending Sponges

Here are the advantages of beauty blending sponge,

Blanding sponges don’t leave streaks

If you use brushes for makeup then there are chances that brushes will leave streaks. It won’t give you a smooth finish. If you try covering acne or dry patches with a brush then it won’t look natural because brushes micro-exfoliate the skin. But on the other hand beauty blending sponges have small and tightly-spaced holes that help to distribute the product evenly.

Foundation will look more attractive and natural

When you use a beauty blending sponge you have to wet it first. And because you apply foundation with wet blending sponge it will soak up the foundation and then sheer out the actual product. So that foundation will look natural on your face. It gives a non-cakey finish to the skin.

Sponges can create wonders around the eyes

Brushes are not able to hide the dark area around your eyes. Brushes strike their sharp ends into the delicate skin under your eyes but blending sponges doesn’t do that. Brushes can make skin irritation around the eyes. Our face has very soft and weak skin around the eyes. Blending sponge works well for the delicate area around the eyes.

Beauty blending sponges fill the pores completely

Brushes are streaky so they don’t help very much when it comes to filling the pores but beauty blending sponge gives skin much smoother finish and it fills all the pores. Because a sponge pushes the product into the pores and makes your skin look natural.

Cons of Beauty Blending Sponges

Here are the disadvantages of beauty blending sponge,

Complete cleaning of beauty blending sponge is hard

You can use makeup cleaning liquid, coconut oil, shampoo, liquid soap, or industrial-strength cleaner to wash your sponge. But the truth is it will never be the same sponge as it was when you bought it. So you will not be able to clean it completely. Once you start using beauty blending sponge all the products that you apply by using a sponge will permanently get stained in it.

The sponge absorbs most of the products

Beauty blending sponges will soak up a whole lot of products that you apply. This happens because of the little holes that the blending sponge has. And these holes absorb a lot of foundation. It can be of great use when you just need light touch but on other occasions, it is a waste of products.

Cheap beauty blending sponges are not useful

If you save money and buy cheap blending sponges than the quality of those blending sponges will not be that remarkable. Also, you will have to replace it more often because it will break and flake easily. So you will end up spending more on blending sponges than on brushes.

Beauty blending sponges are not hygienic

You will use a wet sponge all the time with different types of products. Using wet sponges makes the product go on smoother and gives a better finish. But if sponges are not air dried properly then it can be breeding ground for germs and fungus. Also, it will take a lot of time if you will air dry it.

When it comes to makeup there are plenty of different types of brushes and blending sponges. You will need to choose according to how much makeup you need to apply. Maybe you need a little touch of makeup then you can go with the brush. Still, if you want to try beauty blending sponge then you should consider above mentioned pros and cons.

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