Muslim Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas To Try This Wedding Season

Elegant and Timeless: Golden Shimmery Eye Makeup for the Bride's Wedding Day
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If you want to have a stunningly gorgeous look as a bride then you can’t ignore the eye-makeup. Here is a collection of some mesmerizing eye makeup ideas seen on Muslim brides. Muslim brides always inspire us with their bridal eye makeup. If you are looking for eye-makeup inspiration for this wedding season, here you go! We’ve accumulated the best of the best bridal picks which are capable of making you look stunning on or off stage in the large mob. With the numerous options available to steal tons of makeup inspirations from, here are the looks which stole our hearts and are the favorite among the brides. This is your sign to go for it and check them out; you will truly find the perfect match for your wedding day in line with your makeup preferences.

Amazing Bridal Eye Makeup For Wedding

Muslim Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas To Try This Wedding Season

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Shimmery Purple Eyes With Winged Eyeliner 

Bridal Eye Makeup For Wedding
Image Source: SJA Salon

This beautiful shimmery eye shadow with the same pigment as the shade of her pretty purple lehenga ensures the glow and adds the glam required in dulhan’s makeup. Matching eye makeup with trousseau is always trendy and alluring. This glittery mauve eye looks rightly coordinated with winged eyeliner makes it so appealing. Long lashes are accentuating her eyes and also add a beautiful dimension to this eye makeup look.

Halo Kohled Golden Eyes With Long Lashes

Bridal Eye Makeup For Wedding
Image Source: Ahmad Mahmood Photography

As a bride, you deserve to shine and glitter all night long. Long flare-up lashes combined with golden eyeshadow is a match made in heaven. Halo kohled eye makeup with black liner on the upper and lower waterline is giving doe-eyed effect styling the bride’s eyes as intense and gorgeous at the same time. Golden glitter is the perfect topping for her eyelashes and matches her gorgeous aesthetic in the best way. She looks simple yet graceful with high makeup on her eyes, going light with other elements of makeup and this look can be your go-to choice if your idea resonates with the same kind of style.

Golden Glittery Eyes With Thick Eyebrows and Lashes

Bridal Eye Makeup For Wedding
Image Source: Muaz Ali Qureshi

It’s a glittery eye look but done very subtly and in a sleek manner with nude eyeliner on the lower lash line. This is the kind of makeup that goes well with any ethnic attire so you can surely go for it, if not for your wedding then some other function. Golden shimmery eyes teamed with thick bushy lashes and eyebrows are giving life to her entire makeup look. Keep an eye on makeup contemporary and glamorous like this to feel bridal center-of-attention vibes on your special day.

Cut-crease Glittery Golden Eyes 

Dazzling Glittery Eye Makeup for Your Special Day
Image Source: Glitz and Glam

The golden glittery eye is a go-to choice for all of your shiny ensembles. This glitzy shimmery eye makeup makes you look dazzling on your D-day. The crease of the eyelids is cut using a contrasting pink color eyeshadow with no blending. This will add depth to your eyes and makes them look more large plus open. A subtle tint of glitter and sheen on the eyes is an enchanting add-on for the brides. Flare-up eyelashes are complementing her elegant appeal for the big day.

Minimalist Look With Winged Eyeliner

Minimalist Elegance: A Bride's Charismatic Chocolate Eye-Shadow Look
Image Source: SS Photography

This bride exudes minimalist elegance at its best. Silver glitter at the inner corners of the eyes keeps it natural but adds a unique touch to your wedding makeup. Her charismatic chocolate eye-shadow complements the beauty of her minimal wedding makeup look. If you are a minimalist bride, then a slight shade as your eye shadow is exactly what you want. Winged eyeliner perfectly augments the beauty of this pretty look.

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Bronze Bridal Eyes With Shiny Silver Liner

Bridal Eye Makeup For Wedding
Image Source: H Events

Totally fascinated with the way this bride complemented her pastel attire with dramatic makeup to balance out her wedding trousseau. Bronze-colored eye shadow picked for her blue eyes is an adorable selection for sure. The sheen and flared-up lashes add a beautiful depth and are ideal bridal eye makeup for small eyes. Bronze tint eye shadow looks apt for her matte makeup look. White, silver hue at the inner corners of the eyes finishes the look in a stunning way.

Brown Eye Shadow With Long Flare-up Lashes

Achieving an Elegant and Astonishing Bridal Look with Monotone Eyes
Image Source: Madiha Khan

If you’re not the dramatic kind, monotone bridal eyes are a fool-proof choice. The bride has put gorgeous glittery brown colored shades on her eyes which will go completely with her outfit also making the look so adorable. She paired her gracefully straightforward makeup with elements that are in line with her elegant aesthetic. She has chosen winged eyeliner extended on both corners giving a bigger fuller eye effect and as a result, an astonishing bridal makeup look.

Natural/ Slight Tint Eye Makeup With Large Eyebrows

A Ravishingly Simple Wedding Makeup Look - No Glitter, No Highlights!
Image Source: Sola Singhar Beauty Clinic

If your style for a wedding makeup look is with no glitter, highlight, or extra add-on, this bride’s look will surely fascinate you. With the eyebrow and lash game strong, this bride’s eye makeup look turns out to be perfectly precise without being more on either side. Long eyebrows added elegance to her eyes. Thick flare-up lashes make this makeup look gorgeously flattering. This ravishing makeup look keeps it simple and gives the most required attention to your jewelry plus wedding attire.

Kohled Eyes With Blended Eye Shadow

Bridal Eye Makeup For Wedding
Image Source: Masooma’s Bridal Salon

By keeping the blending game strong, swooning over how the bride created a look that’s halo yet doesn’t look dramatic. With a very slight tint of beige at the center of their eyelashes blending into a dark-brown hue eye shadow adds depth to her lids and gives her a rich glossy look. We love how her charm stands out by lining her lower and upper eyelashes with kohl. She looks so stunning with a big brighter eye look. A smooth blend of smoked-out colors at the outer corner is a smart idea to add drama to otherwise straightforward wedding makeup.

Cut-crease Shimmery Kohled Eyes 

Bridal Eye Makeup For Wedding
Image Source: Allure The Salon

Cut-crease eye makeup is an on-point styling option and deserves some attention on its own. In addition to the winged Kohl eyes, the thick black lashes bring the illusion of brighter bigger eyes and look like a symbol of royalty and charm in every way for the wedding makeup. There is so much to admire from the choices the bride made by choosing brown and black shades for her eye makeup to suit the brown & black hues of her own eyes.

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Classic Smokey Eyes With Bushy Lashes

Bridal Eye Makeup For Wedding
Image Source: Madiha Khan

Smokey eye makeup is always in trend and for a good reason. This makeup looks classy and sheen in every way. This eye makeup look complements amazingly well with all hues of wedding ensembles and elements on other makeup parts. This will make you look back in memory and admire the makeup choices of your wedding. Make sure to put thick bushy lashes on to make your eyes pop out and give you a glamorous diva bridal look.

Cut-crease Smokey Eyes With Blended Eye Shadow

Swooning Over This Ravishing Eye Look
Image Source: Sadia Aun Haute Couture

We’re as stunned as you after seeing this stylish and sleek cut-crease eye makeup. The bride cleverly played with soft shades on her makeup which complemented well with the colors of her ensemble. She blended with tints of pink & dark green. We’re swooning over this classic touch of ravishing eye look which is topped with ritzy golden glitter. Both the flare-up lashes and winged liner worked well with the grace and elegance of her ensemble.

Gold Shimmery Eyes With Bushy Lashes

Elegant and Timeless: Golden Shimmery Eye Makeup for the Bride's Wedding Day
Image Source: Makeup By Rameesha

Bride’s makeup look comes out impeccable with her golden shimmery eye makeup. It makes you look sheen and glitzy on your wedding day. Golden shimmery eye styling is a timeless trend and we love it a lot too! Shiny eye shadow when coordinated with bushy lashes adds grace and glory to your eyes. This proves to be an elegant choice and the exact kind of bridal look that you will cherish for years.

Shimmery Pink Eyeshadow With Golden Highlight

Bridal Eye Makeup For Wedding
Image Source: SS Photography

This bride’s eye makeup looks like a dream in every sense. A slight shade of pink on her lids to match the pretty tint of her ensemble is on fleek. The pink liner on the lower eye-line looks classy and tempting. Full monochrome on the lids with a gorgeous pink hue complements with golden highlighter laced at the right places worked out elegantly for her wedding day. Bride smartly lets the simplicity take over by balancing the look with going easy on winged eyeliner.

Kohled Smokey Eyes With Thin Eyebrows

Bridal Eye Makeup For Wedding
Image Source: SS Photography – By Saba Sahar

Here’s a makeup look with a perfect balance of glitter and bold neutrals that can go with all kinds of lehengas and vivid hues. Kohled Smokey eye is a posh eye makeup look that will not fail you no matter what the occasion is! This eye makeup is your way to go if you have big eyes. Thin eyebrows make the natural beauty of your eyes pop out. You can get a princess vibe by pairing the look with thick flare-up eyelashes.

All these bridal eye makeup looks are definitely one-of-a-kind and will surely make you stand out in the crowd! Which of these fantastic looks have impressed you to try on your big day? Let us know by commenting and keep visiting our website and follow us on Instagram for the latest fashion and lifestyle updates.

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