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There is no other bond like that of a mother and a daughter, the essence of which is quite challenging to capture in a photo. Though many have tried, few have succeeded. Brides’ and their mothers’ wedding pictures are full of emotions and love. Let’s take a look at some of the poses that show the love between the two.

Mother-Daughter Dresses For An Indian Wedding

Mother-Daughter Dresses And Shots Ideas For An Indian Wedding

A Hug- Posing For Pictures

A Hug- Posing For Pictures

Image Source: dollyouup_bys

The mother has a content expression on her face as she hugs her daughter who is sitting. The bride is smiling wide and they both look extremely happy. The mother seems very delighted for her daughter.

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Forehead Kiss- Show of True Love

Forehead Kiss- Show of True Love

Image Source:  dipak_studios

It shows a mother’s eternal love for her daughter, kissing her forehead on her wedding day as they pose for a photo. This photo will forever remind the bride and her mother of this precious moment they shared.

Mother Looking Down Over The Shoulder Of The Bride

Mother Looking Down Over The Shoulder Of The Bride

Image Source: dollyouup_bys

The bride and her mom are both dressed in purple. their outfits look very similar as they pose like this. The bride is sitting and smiling wide as her mother stands behind her adjusting her dupatta from over her shoulder.

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Forehead Kiss From The Mother To The Bride

Forehead Kiss From The Mother To The Bride

Image Source: israniphotography

The bride’s lehenga is pastel pink whereas her mother’s saree is a bright orange color. They’re both wearing heavy jewelry. The bride’s mother who is standing next to her kisses her on the forehead while the bride seems to be very happy and smiling.

Looking At Each Other With Love-  A Mother-Daughter Pose

In this pose, the bride sits on a chair and her mother bends to look at her from over her shoulder. In the perfect lighting of the sun, their faces are highlighted and shine with love for each other. Their smiles directed toward each other speak of their adoration.

Sitting Next To Each Other, Twinning, And Posing

Sitting Next To Each Other, Twinning, And Posing

Image Source: theweddingconteurs

The bride and her mother have matched outfit colors, both in white. As the mother looks at the bride, she smiles and seems very happy for her daughter on her most important day. They look really happy.

Laughing Together And Posing For A Picture

Laughing Together And Posing For A Picture

Image Source: ritikahairstylist

The bride and her mother seem to be enjoying an inside joke and laughing with each other as they pose for a picture. They look extremely happy to be in each other’s company and their smiles speak of that.

Kissing The Bride’s Forehead And Fawning Over Her

The bride looks extremely happy and glows as her mother kisses her forehead while fawning over her as she is dressed in her wedding lehenga. This shows the true nature of every mom, always worrying about their child.

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Mom Draping The Daughter’s Dupatta

Mom Draping The Daughter's Dupatta

Image Source: magicmotionmedia

The bride all smiles as her mother drapes her red dupatta on her forehead. The pose is a candid one and the mother looks at the bride with love and adoration written in her expression. They both look really happy.

Standing Together Hand In Hand Posing For A Photo

Standing Together Hand In Hand Posing For A Photo

Image Source: elegant_pixels_ep

The bride and her mother are smiling wide as they stand together posing for a picture. They both look content and happy smiling at the camera. They both have very similar features.

Mother Blessing Her Daughter- A Picture Pose

The mother is standing over her daughter who is sitting. She is pouring flowers on the bride’s head as a blessing while the bride joins her hands and accepts them. They are both smiling and look very happy and joyous.

Adjusting The Bride’s Dupatta- A Pose

Adjusting The Bride's Dupatta- A Pose

Image Source: infinite_memories09

The bride and her mother both are dressed in pastel colors. The pose is taken from a wide angle in the spacious outdoors. The bride’s mother appears to be draping her dupatta on her head. they both look serene and calm.

Loving Mother-Daughter Pose

Loving Mother-Daughter Pose

Image Source: israniphotography

The bride looks stunning dressed in a floral lehenga. The mother is wearing an almost similar red and orange outfit. The bride’s mother is holding her net dupatta over her head as they pose for this wedding picture.

Kissing The Bride’s Hand – A Mother-Daughter Pose

Kissing The Bride's Hand - A Mother-Daughter Pose

Image Source: israniphotography

The bride is dressed in a heavily embellished red lehenga and her mother is dressed in a  similarly embellished cream saree. The bride is sitting while her mother stands behind her, holding her hand and bowing down to kiss it.

The Mother Adjusting The Bride’s Dupatta

The Mother Adjusting The Bride's Dupatta

Image Source: dramaeinbaaz

The bride is dressed in a heavy red lehenga. Her mother looks equally stunning as her in a heavily embellished white Ghaghara choli. They both are wearing heavy gold jewelry. The bride’s mother bends over her sitting form, adjusting her dupatta.

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Holding Hands- A Mother-Daughter Pose

The bride’s lehenga is red and heavily embellished. Her mother’s saree is pastel and similarly embellished. The bride is sitting on the sofa while her mother stands in front of her, holding her hand. They are both smiling at each other with love.

Smiling At The Camera Standing Next To Each Other

Smiling At The Camera Standing Next To Each Other

Image Source: busybeestudio

The bride is dressed in a pink saree and green blouse. Her mother is also wearing a matching pink saree. They are both holding on to each other as they smile at the camera.

We have seen a lot of mother-daughter duos in this article. All the different poses yet the love is the same in every picture. some are twinning, some are not, some are looking at each other, and some are not, yet in every picture they both look happy and joyous to be with each other. The pose where the bride is sitting and her mother is standing seems to be the most common one. Keep visiting our website and follow us on Instagram for the latest fashion and lifestyle updates.

FAQs Related To Mother-Daughter Dresses Ideas

1. What types of dresses are available for mothers and daughters to wear for an Indian wedding?

There are many different types of Indian wedding dresses available for mothers and daughters. Popular choices include saris, lehengas, anarkalis, and shalwar kameez.

2. What colors are best for mother-daughter dresses?

Popular color choices for mother-daughter dresses include pastels, jewel tones, and vibrant hues.

3. What accessories should I choose for mother-daughter dresses?

Accessories that can be paired with mother-daughter dresses include statement necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and dupattas.

4. What kind of shots should we take for an Indian wedding?

Popular shots for an Indian wedding include group photos, traditional poses, romantic poses, and candid shots.

5. What poses should we use for the mother-daughter shots?

Popular posts for mother-daughter shots include traditional poses, candid shots, and romantic poses.

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