Gujarati Bridal Makeup Looks for Traditional Wedding

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Check out the Traditional Gujarati Bridal Makeup Look. Everything is special in an Indian wedding, whether it is eye makeup, eye shadow, jewelry, hairstyle, lehenga panetar, or gharchola saree. Ask your makeup artist at the beauty parlor to try one of these makeup looks for a complete makeover.

As a little girl when you see your near and dear ones getting married, you can’t help but are in awe of those decorations, flowers, wedding trousseau, jewelry, sparkles, and everything that glitters. You wish you could live in that fairy tale moment forever and eagerly wait for that moment when you would be there. Well, here’s your chance girls to recreate that magical moment once again for your special day-the day of sacred union with the person you love, your knight in shining armor, and to help you with that we have created a look book of some of the best Gujarati Bridal Makeup Looks by Jasmine Beauty Care that you can add to your collection of inspiration.

In the land of diversity, it’s not surprising to see different cultures and traditions but what binds us together is the love and respect for each other that we have in plenty. A big fat Indian wedding has become part and parcel of our lives and along with that, we come across different traditions of the states. Among these, Gujarati people stand out because of their strong link to their roots which they flaunt like a king. Gujarati brides usually stick to the traditional tie and dye wedding trousseau with heirloom jewelry which is a major point of attraction for brides all across our country.

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Traditional Gujarati Bridal Makeup Looks

The Bold Red Gujrati Bride Makeup Look

Smokey eyes and bold red lips bridal Look - traditional Gujarati bridal makeup looks

Indian weddings and the color red go to a long time back for as long as we can remember. It’s like draping centuries-old tradition. We can’t get over how stunning this bride looks with her red and golden lehenga which has heavy work on it and has color-coordinated outfits with the groom. With a high puff bun adorned on the side with flowers along with the statement jewelry pieces which are a combination of polki and pearls and choodla, she looks like a queen. Her smokey eyes and bold red lips complement each perfectly and enhance the vibe of her wedding trousseau. All ready to win over our hearts and slay it.

Sophisticated Grey Bridal Wear

Sophisticated Grey bridal Look

You can hardly take your eyes off of an Indian bride on her special day. Who says you just have to rely on the bold red color for your lehenga when you have the sophisticated grey in your hands. This bride is a perfect example for those whose mantra is minimalism. With a lehenga adorned with sequins, she has paired it up with Kundan jewelry where the major point of attraction is the matha Patti and her bridal nath. Her light makeup is what distinguishes her from the crowd and is an absolute trendsetter in this era of modernization.

Pretty In Pink Bridal Make Look for Indian Bride

Pretty In Pink bridal Look - traditional Gujarati bridal makeup looks

It is rightly said that eyes speak those words which our hearts cannot express. If you do not believe us then have a look at this charming bride. Subtle and elegance are the two words that will do justice to express her bridal makeup look. Her chic lehenga is complemented by her neat bun adorned with flowers. Her choker and rani haar made of Kundan artwork along with her maang tika is the perfect jewelry to match up with the subtle makeup that speaks volumes in itself. If you want to be the scroll stopper bride then we seriously recommend you to consider this bridal makeup look.

Simple Gujarati Bridal Makeup Look

Beauty In Simplicity bridal Look

There is a saying that “traditions touch us, connect us and they expand us”. No matter how much you pave your way into a modish look, you can never beat it with your strong culture of roots. If you are planning for an absolute traditional bridal makeup look then you can get inspiration from this bride. It is the simplest among all of these Gujarati bridal makeup looks. With a very simple wedding trousseau and gold jewelry, her bridal look looks straight out of a picture. Her makeup which highlights her big eyes along with those red lips completely accentuates her look.

The Dreamy Bridal Makeup Look for Wedding

The Dreamy heavy nath, neckpiece bridal Look - traditional Gujarati bridal makeup looks

To get that dreamy bridal makeup look, every woman is always on a constant lookout. You can opt to be a traditional bride according to your lehenga but you can also pair it up with just the right pieces of jewelry. There is nothing that we don’t love about this bride. Be it her bun which is sectioned in the front with braids and tied as a bun adorned with floral blossoms or her breath-taking choice of jewelry. This look is all about her heavy jewelry which consists of her intricately designed bridal nath, maang tika, her choker, and rani haar. It’s all about looking regal on your special day.

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Rich In Maroon Panetar Saree

Maroon lehenga bridal Look

The color of strength, confidence, warmth, and beauty is maroon. If you don’t want to go with the cliche old red look, then you can opt for the color of royalty. This maroon lehenga with gold embellishments is the perfect trousseau for this bridal season. Her heavy jewelry of the elaborate mathapatti, choker, and rani haar but simple nath is just what we need to look out for. Those glittery eyes and bold lips along with those highlights are what you can try if you want to opt for an absolute bold look.

Traditional Bandhani for Gujrati Bride

Traditional Bandhani bridal Look - traditional Gujarati bridal makeup looks

Bandhani saris are well known for their tie and dye art which makes them popular worldwide. This Gujarati bride represents her customs and traditions perfectly. Her luscious hair represented in the form of curls and light makeup gives her a fresh and subtle look. With heavy choodla and gold jewelry of just the right amount takes her Gujarati bridal makeup look to a top-notch.

The Golden Gujarati Bridal Makeup Look

The Golden bridal look

If you want to achieve that breath-taking, show stopper goddess look like a bride then watch out for this look. This bride has got the right mixture of modern and traditional in just the right proportions. Her subtle pink lehenga adorned with sequins is chic and elegant but what gives her the goddess look is her choicer in jewelry. Her dainty set of Kundan and emerald jewels is absolutely stunning. We can hardly take our eyes off of that choker set and her ring creates a statement in itself.

The Timeless Classic Look with Jewelled Blouse Design

Heavy choker set with maangtika and nose ring bridal Look - traditional Gujarati bridal makeup looks

In this world full of trends the bejeweled bride is a timeless classic. Indian women and their love for jewelry are like a customary tradition that has its own significance in every individual’s life. This bride showcases that love with her choice of jewelry. The fine detailing and elaborate designs on her choker set, maang tikka, and nose ring adds a classic touch. Along with it her highlighter and contrasting eye shadow makeup take the charm to a different level altogether.

Regal And Royal with Traditional Jewellery

Red lehenga with gold embellishments bridal Look

This Gujarati bridal makeup look is all about looking regal and royal. A traditional red lehenga with gold embellishments as your wedding attire with heavy Kundan and emerald jewelry. With subdued makeup of light eye makeup of rose gold eye shadow and bright red lips, her look is perfectly complemented with her jewelry and wedding trousseau.

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Create Statements in Red Gujrati Saree

Smokey eyes and dark lips with choker set, rani haar and mathapatti bridal Look

The brides of this modern generation are focused on following trends that they forget to inculcate their own fashion sense, of what defines their personality. This bride has just created a statement with her bridal makeup look where she chose something different and unconventional for her D-day. The highlighting factor is her light makeup of smokey eyes and dark lips. Her choice of jewelry is worth admiring. We can’t help but be in complete awe of that choker set, rani haar, and mathapatti.

Bold And Traditional Makeup Look

Bold And Traditional bridal Look - traditional Gujarati bridal makeup looks

Red is the color of an Indian bride and has been there for over centuries but what matters is how well you can carry it. This Gujarati bridal makeup look is the epitome of grace, poise, and beauty. That choker set and mathapatti can make heads turn and increase the oomph factor. For someone who loves red can justify those light eye makeup and bold red lips.

The Ethereal Gujarati Bridal Makeup Look

Glittery eye shadows and bold red lips bridal Look

The big fat Indian weddings may be a long affair with lots of ceremonies and all but they are nothing less than the adaptation of a fairy tale wedding that you dream of. This bride takes our breath away with her simple traditional Gujarati attire and extensive jewelry which gives her a royal look. Those glittery eye shadows and bold red lips with the fine sections of hair in the front which are tied in the form of a bun at the back completely do justice in adding that classy and chic factor to her ethereal beauty. The major part of her look is the jewelry which gives her the royal vibe.

The Matte Look for Indian Bride

Simple matte bridal Look

The most important part of your bridal look depends on your makeup. It has the power to make you look like a queen or it can also ruin it if not done properly. This bride with her conventional and traditional wedding lehenga and unconventional bridal jewelry looks adorable as a doll. Her matte makeup is just the perfect balance of tradition and modernity. Her femininity and grace are symbolized by her Gujarati bridal look.

Heavy Embroidery Bridal Wear

Heavy Embroidery bridal Look - traditional Gujarati bridal makeup looks

This dramatic look will definitely be etched in our memories for a very long time. When it comes to weddings, usually brides opt for a safe choice and shy away from experimenting with colors. However, this bride chose the road not taken with her complete bridal look. Her embroidered wedding trousseau is complemented by the detailing of the hair which is tied up in a bun, but what distinguishes her from the crowd is her bridal makeup. The matte lips and colorful eye shadow beautify her look even more. That unconventional jewelry set is an absolute stunner in itself. This bride surely knows how to spread the positive aura around her.

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Hope you liked these traditional Gujarati bridal makeup looks. A wedding takes years to plan if you ask a woman. The wheels start rolling much earlier than you expect. It’s like going through a roller coaster of emotions while planning every small thing with minute precision so that nothing is less than perfect. The most important part of that planning is the bridal look because when you look back in time you will remember how beautiful your day was when you were the queen. It depends on you if you opt for a conventional or unconventional look but always remember never let anyone dull your sparkle. Chin up princess, else the crown will fall.

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