Best Bridal Makeup Inspirations to bring out Diva in You

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Bridal makeup is literally the talk of the town. If you ever happen to hear the ladies gossiping, the maximum of it will be about her makeup. You either admire or hate it, but you can not escape it. Marriage is the most auspicious occasion in a woman’s life.

It is like a dream come true. Every woman all around the world must have dreamt of this big day at some point in their lives. This day happens just one time in our lifetime and so, nothing can preferably go wrong.

Wedding season is has started and everyone is hustling and bustling to get everything right. You want everything on point and nothing should fall short of perfection. While everyone else is worrying about venues and food and all other things. You are sitting there racking your brain over your attire and makeup. Don’t worry, we are here just for that. We will provide you with all the information and will give you exactly what you need. So stay tuned!

Bridal Makeup Inspirations

We all want to look our best on our big day. Although the planning begins from months before the actual day, there is no room for mistakes. Perfection is the key.  For this reason, we are here to cater to your beauty needs for your special day. In this article, we will share with you some simple makeup looks that will help you bring out the diva in you.

1.  Sayyeshaa in classic red lips:

Bridal Makeup- @namratasoni
Photography- @badalrajacompany

Red has always been associated with marriages and weddings. This is a very prestigious and promising colour plus it is pretty. There is something about this colour which adds up to the beauty of the entire bridal look. Be it attire, or jewellery, or ever our very own classic red lips, anything in this shade transforms you from drab to fab. Our bride here has taken this shade very seriously. She wears the evergreen red lehenga with the vintage red lips. She hereby proves that whenever in doubt, go for red lips. It makes you feel great and confident. For the rest of her makeup, she wears black smoky eyes and subtle makeup to make her lips pop. She accessorized her entire look with gold and diamond jewellery.

2.  Hina Khan in Bangali makeup look:

Hina Khan in Bangali makeup look: Best Bridal Makeup Inspirations to bring out Diva in You

Another shade of red, but this time a little on the pink side. The combination of pink and red is beautiful forever. Whether you are pale like a ghost or a dusky beauty, this colour suits everyone. Our bride here has the standard Bengali bride look with all those are and white dotted decorations on her forehead. Most of you must have recognized this gorgeous bride, and for those who have not, she is a very popular face on the television. For the rest of her makeup, she keeps her face and cheeks neutral with bold eyes, gold-toned eyeshadow and red-pink lips. To accessorize her look, she topped it up with green jewellery.

3. Soft and subtle:

 Soft and subtle: Best Bridal Makeup Inspirations to bring out Diva in You
MUA: Pinky Bhatia

Now that we have seen red lips and red based makeup, let us see something different. While red is a quintessential colour, we also have many different other shades which are opted by the brides. Here our bride has selected the mauve shade for her look. She wears a mauve colour eyeshadow for her transition shade and wears a bronze shade on her crease. She further wears bronze toned blush and mauve-pink lips. Pink-red outfit and emerald jewellery to break from the monotony.

4. Peach magic:

Peach magic: Best Bridal Makeup Inspirations to bring out Diva in You
MUA: Kriti Dhir

Coral being the colour of the season, this shade is highly in demand. Being highly demanding how can we miss this shade on a wedding. Our bride here wears a beautiful coral peach shade for her makeup. To try something new other than red, this shade is quite fresh and soothing. Keeping her eyes pretty neutral she wears peach blush and similar lip tint. She wears red attire and gold and diamond jewellery to keep up the freshness of her makeup.

5. Rashami Desai bridal look :

Rashami Desai bridal look :Best Bridal Makeup Inspirations to bring out Diva in You

Nude seems to be the new makeup trend. This is a breakthrough from the otherwise bold and loud colours. Nude is basically the shade matching close to your natural skin tone. But while choosing a nude shade make sure it does not make you look sick or dead. If you are still confused and if your skin tone is anything like our bride here, the watch closely. Since she has medium to tan skin, she keeps her face neutral with a little bronze toned blush. She wears a nude brown toned lip colour with super bold eyes. So if you have a warm undertone like her then go for more brown shades rather than pink. Our bride paired it with similar toned outfit and gold and pearl jewellery finished off her look.

6. Nidhi Shah Radiant Bridal Look:

Nidhi Shah Radiant Bridal Look: Best Bridal Makeup Inspirations to bring out Diva in You

Wearing – @jiyabyveerdesign
Makeup💄 – @makeupnhairbynisha
Hairby – @makeupnhairbynisha And @hairbykomalg
Photography- @dheeraj.captured
Jewellery- @kohar_jewellery

Minimalism is quite loved nowadays. Ladies have seemed to stay away from the super baked face with loads of products and colours all over. No offence, it does look good if you can carry it off. But for those who like to keep it simple, this bridal look is just for you. Our bride here wears neutral pink eyeshadow with a hint of shimmer, rosy pink cheeks and creamy matte pink lips. If you do not like to go overboard or experiment with colours, then keep your shades down to one colour family. She wears this look with complimentary blue attire and blue jewellery.

7. Dewy Bridal Makeup Look:

Dewy Bridal Makeup Look: Best Bridal Makeup Inspirations to bring out Diva in You
MUA: Neel Mehta

Dewy makeup look is another makeup trend that is quite loved nowadays. The super matte and baking trend seems to be at bay now and in comes the glossy and dewy makeup look. For our dry skin girls out there, this look is perfect for you. And for oily skin girls, well, you have naturally dewy skin.

For this look, all you need to do is select a liquid foundation or something without a matte consistency and mix it with a little bit of illuminator. Once your base is ready to top it up with a little bit of highlighter to achieve that glowy effect. If you did not understand how to do it, look at our bride here. Look at the way she has that perfectly balanced face with glittery eyeshadow, pink cheeks and red lips. Do not go overboard with the usage of highlighter. The idea is to keep it natural looking. Pair it with the similar hued ensemble and contrasting green jewellery to get the look of our bride.

8. Flawless base:

Flawless base: Best Bridal Makeup Inspirations to bring out Diva in You
Source: Happyframes

Our quintessential bride has made it to the list. Super charming does she look in all red. Her face is perfectly crafted and it does not look like she has another skin all over her face. Her makeup sits perfectly on her face and matches her natural skin tone. She wears silver toned shimmery eyeshadow with colourless cheeks and red lips. Your makeup looks perfect only when you have a perfect base and this is what our bride has here. She paired it a similar red outfit and gold jewellery. She also wears a green long necklace to break free from the red colour palette.

9. Wear that smile:

. Wear that smile: Best Bridal Makeup Inspirations to bring out Diva in You

A smile is the best jewellery a woman can wear. Very rightly said. If you are happy from the inside, it shows on the outside. Look at our bride here, she looks so pretty even in her minimal makeup. She wears bold eyes and coral red lips to match her head drape. Not experimenting too much with her look, she keeps it simple. Her look is perfect for a day time wedding look. If you are also planning a daytime wedding or if you have daytime wedding to attend, then go for this look. It is easy, soft and subtle. She accessorised her look with absolute white diamond jewellery.

10. Bold & Radiant Bridal Makeup:

Bold & Radiant Bridal Makeup: Best Bridal Makeup Inspirations to bring out Diva in You
MUA: Shruti & Yashaswini

How many of you struggle to achieve that perfectly winged eyeliner? I know, I do. Our bride here seriously gives me eyeliner goals. Look at how faultless her eye makeup looks. Everything from the wing to her perfectly neutral eyeshadow, is on point. To give her look a pop of colour, she wears this bold red lipstick which matches her ensemble. She accessorised her look with beautiful gold and pearl jewellery. Simple yet bold is what her look can be summarised as.

With this we come to the end of our list. Hope you enjoyed this article on bridal makeup. Hope we were able to cover all of your needs. For more latest updates, stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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