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In summer, we want more bright colors in both clothes and makeup. In the selection you will find both juicy versions of the summer makeup and classic brown smoky eyes with a highlight in the form of an orange water line. Check out these summer makeup tips.

Summer Makeup Tips & Tricks

Mandarin Accent

Mandarin Accent summer makeup tipsBest Summer Makeup Tips & Tricks

Shining skin, stacked eyebrows and dark green tuxedos with a shimmer are classic makeup, if not for the bright tangerine accent on the mucous line. We decided to make lips also in warm scale, but already less juicy.

Coral – The Color Of The Season

Coral - The Color Of The Season summer makeup tips Best Summer Makeup Tips & Tricks

Coral mono summer make-up with neon accent on eyes and super glossy lips. Use one color for eyelids, cheeks and lips. The graphic yellow arrow will make the image even more trendy. The lip gloss will finish the job, and here you are – the queen of parties and music festivals this summer.

Chocolate On The eyelids

Chocolate On The eyelids summer makeup tips Chocolate On The eyelids

Win-win classics – fluffy eyebrows, skin that is not overwhelmed with tone, chocolate tones, gentle blush and lollipop lips. Simple and beautiful summer makeup .

Nowhere Without The Arrows

Nowhere Without The Arrows summer makeup tips Best Summer Makeup Tips & Tricks

Get your eyebrows combed and dyed with shade gel to fix the shape. Work the mucous line of the eye with a black pencil, including the inner corner. The tip of the arrow lead out to the temple and slightly grow. Remember to work through the upper eyelid fold to make the makeup look whole. Carefully smear your eyelashes – this is the case when a generous layer of mascara will not hurt. Lips can be left neutral or highlighted with a transparent shine.

Crimson Kiss

Crimson Kiss summer makeup tips Best Summer Makeup Tips & Tricks

Smoky eyes, juicy crimson lips and freckles. If you don’t have your own by nature, you can always imitate them with a light brown pencil and a marker. To make the look more open and fresh, lead the mucous line with a light pencil.


Monochrome summer makeup tips Best Summer Makeup Tips & Tricks

A variant of summer monochrome make-up “without makeup” in brown nude shades: lightly work through the folds of the upper eyelid and mark the cheekbones, add some caramel shine on the lips, eyebrows hair up with transparent gel – and the image is ready.

Hello, 2000s

summer makeup tips Best Summer Makeup Tips & Tricks

In this image, the emphasis is on the eyes: a light, shaken arrow and gold create a smart, but not overloaded with accents make-up. We offer to apply a nude shine with metallic effect on the lips. You will get an image in the spirit of young J. Lo – 2000s again in the trend.This summer makeup will look great.

Cat’s Look

Cat's Look summer makeup tips Best Summer Makeup Tips & Tricks

The variant for the evening is the expressive eyes with intensive black stroke in the arrow and bright coral lips. This summer makeup looks especially cool on tanned skin.

Nude 2.0

Nude 2.0 summer makeup tips Best Summer Makeup Tips & Tricks

Make-up of natural summer makeup warm shades looks smart, but natural: matte peach lips, shimmering in the inner corner of the eyes and an expressive look with light bronze figs. Perfect for summer celebrations when the party starts in the afternoon.

With this, we come to the end of this article on trending summer makeup tips & tricks. Hope you enjoyed this and have made up your mind about your favourite summer makup to suit your style. For more updates like this stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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