Tips & Tricks To Make Your Makeup Last Longer During Monsoon

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The monsoon season brings with it dull skies and beautiful bouts of rain. All the makeup lovers like to spice things up and go for colourful, cheery, playful makeup looks during this time to beat the gloomy skies and enjoy the relief from the scorching hot summer. But it is extraordinarily annoying to always have your mascara run down your cheeks, your perfect lipstick smudge and your foundation turn cakey because of the humidity in the air. So if you want to enjoy the beautiful rainy season brings with it evenings sipping hot tea with your family, walks through the park in the light drizzle and scenic, drenched landscapes, rich with the fragrance of the moist earth without your makeup dripping down your face, then here are some great tips for you.

Monsoon Makeup Tips

1. Do not skip the moisturizer

Just because the weather is rainy and the air is humid does not mean that you can skip moisturizer from your routine. In fact, moisturising your skin becomes very important in the monsoon season to replenish it of the dehydration caused by increased sweating and exposure to the sun and pollution. If you have oily skin and find it difficult to cope with the moist air in the rainy reason, you can opt for a suitable day time water-based moisturizer for your skin type that does not make your skin feel greasy and uncomfortable, and maintains its hydration levels and softness. So before you begin applying your makeup, apply a layer of moisturizer to look natural and fresh, and create a smooth, even base for starting the application of your makeup which gives you a great base of makeup to start with.

2. Powder up your game

In the monsoon season using any form of cosmetic products with a cream-like consistency is a strict no. Cream foundations will not be able to last through the humid days and will end up dripping down your face. Ditch the concealer if possible, and go easy on the liquid foundation. If you must use a liquid foundation, then make sure that you opt for a product based in silicone. The silicone in the liquid foundation will act as a shield for your skin and protect the makeup from becoming greasy due to the humidity. You should stick to powder foundations whenever you can. They will last longer in the humid air and will also give you a stylish matte effect. Use the revered combination of setting powder and foundation to attain an instantly flawless finish with great coverage. A great choice would be to minimize the foundation and go for a more natural look with the least layering of makeup which increases chances of it becoming cakey.

3. BB Creams are your BFFs

A great makeup tip for the monsoon season would be to entirely ditch the foundation and go for a BB cream instead. BB creams are quite lightweight and seamless blend into your skin, giving you the effect of a flawless foundation minus the greasiness and mess. You can opt for a cream that provides enough coverage as well as sun protection in accordance with your needs. A BB cream is a good option to replace the concealer that you usually use to cover up dark circles and brighten your eyes during the rainy season. It will work perfectly to help you even out your skin tone and give you a finished look without the hassles of layering up foundation only to end up with a cakey feeling at the end of the day because of its exposure to the moisture in the air.

4. Go for the matte glam

Lock up your shimmery lip glosses and your creamy lip tints for the winter. During the monsoon season, matte lipsticks are the perfect choice to go for when it comes to lip tints. The colours that work well in this season are natural and matte colours like beige, a hint of peach, soft pink and chocolate brown. The matte gives you a dry finish and this is more likely to last through the entire day when it comes to the rainy weather. Because of the increased humidity, creamy lipsticks or gloss will wash off with the rain or get smudgy and greasy, making you feel uncomfortable and look messy. A good idea would be to apply one coat and then tap on your lips lightly using a tissue. After this, gently dab the lipstick with a little translucent setting powder and apply a second coat of lipstick. Doing so will make your lipstick last longer and it will not melt into the rest of your makeup because of the moist air.

5. Priming is the key

Using a thin layer of primer is the key to a flawless foundation base that does not crease or become cakey with time. A primer naturally helps your makeup last for a longer duration of time since it decreases the sweat emitted through your pores. It masks your skin and acts as a barrier against dust, grease and the moisture in the air.  No matter how expensive your foundation and concealer are and how waterproof the rest of your makeup products are, your look will simply not last through a day in the rainy reason without a strong base of primer. You can even make your choice of a primer based on the type of skin you have. Be certain that you do not miss out your eyelids or any other part of your face while you are priming it. If desired, you can even blend your sunscreen with the primer before applying to get the perfect finished look as well as protect yourself from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

6. Catch those eyes

Dry eye shadow in the form of powder may be more resistant to sweat and humidity, but it just does not last too long. If you wish to stick to your creamy eye shadows while also making them last longer, you can mix them with aqua seal. Another option would be to go for a creamy eye shadow that dries up instantly. Natural tones like creamy pink, pastel browns and beige work well as eye shadow palettes during this season. When it comes to products like kajal, eyeliner or mascara, being waterproof is a must or they will smudge around your eyes, giving the appearance of dark circles. But make sure you go for products that are not too drying or irritate the sensitive skin on your eyelids. Prime your eyes before you apply any makeup and coat your eyelashes with a voluminous mascara first. Then, go for sealing it with waterproof mascara. Do not opt for pencils with products based in cream to line your eyes and avoid smudging. A felt-tipped waterproof eyeliner that dries quickly is far more durable, and hence, is a better choice. This will help you prevent the monsoon season from washing out the amount of effort you put into creating that perfect symmetrical wing over both your eyes in the morning.

7. Blush away

When it comes to the foundation in the rainy weather, it is a good idea to go for powder and not cream and your lips are better off in a matte lipstick than a creamy lip gloss. But contrastingly, when it comes to the blush on your cheeks, cream-based products are the correct option to go for. Cheek tints that are based in creamy layers easily spread on your skin and dissolve in the rest of your makeup. You can then dust a little bit of powder blush in a complementary colour over the cream blush for a fun look. This gives you that natural blushy face without the hassle of powder blush that wears off too easily by the end of the day. It is also recommended to go for a palette composed of natural tones when it comes to blush. Soft peaches and pastel pinks are much more preferable than a gaudy red or a harsh orange and blending the blush well into your makeup is the key to making it last longer and look natural. Keep things subtle and make sure you do not overdo the blush. If you happen to get wet in the rain, do not just grab a tissue and go wild rubbing your face with it. Gently dab your face to absorb the moisture without disturbing the set up of your makeup.

7. Slay those eyebrows

The monsoon season is the time where you must bid your eyebrow pencils goodbye. The creamy texture can smudge in the moisture and ruin your look. The solution is to continue regularly tweeting the stray hair, thread or wax your eyebrows to keep them in shape and use an eyebrow gel to set them in place every morning. Brows are very important to add the extra edge to your look and if you feel that your brows look bald in some places without the eyebrow pencil’s tint, then we have another option for you. You can use some eyebrow dye to tint them,  conceal the patchiness, and make them look spot on. Finish the look with waterproof mascara. Make sure to not be tempted to use a kajal pencil to tint or thicken your eyebrows as this will easily smudge and you will end up looking evidently unnatural.

8. Waterproof is chic

It is a no brainer, that the key to flawless makeup in the monsoon is to use waterproof makeup. But it would make very little sense to burn a hole through your pocket by restocking yourself with a whole new set of makeup products that are waterproof to replace your previous makeup kit, just for a few months in a year when it rains. Makeup is quite expensive and moreover, you might like using some specific shades or styles of products, waterproof versions of which might not exist. But there is an easy solution to this problem through which you can transform all of your regular makeup products to waterproof ones. All you need is to mix a drop of Aqua Seal in it. Aqua Seal is a liquid converter that if added to any your favourite makeup product, can turn powder formulas and pencils into smudge-proof, long-lasting, waterproof makeup. Its lightweight, liquid texture makes all the colours stand out and shine, giving you a dazzling, durable result.

9. Seal the deal

The most effective way to seal your makeup look once you are finished is to set it with a setting spray, after which not even humidity or rain will be able to affect it. These are especially great for people with oily skin or who tend to perspire a lot, whose problems heighten during the monsoon. Before you use it, make sure to read the label that might mention particular instructions such as the requirement to shake a bottle before use. Now, after having completed every step of your makeup from foundation to lipstick, hold the bottle of the setting spray around twenty centimetres away from your face and with your eyes closed, spray it onto your makeup. Let it seep in, and you’re done sealing off your perfect look to last the end of the day.

10. Less is more

Perhaps the best tip among all would to not apply makeup too heavily. Multiple layers are simply more prone to getting cakey and smudging because of the humidity, heat or rain, a deadly trio with intense powers to melt makeup off of your face. Makeup is not meant to change one’s appearance. It is merely a means to enhance your feature and is best when it is just enough, not overdone. To preserve your makeup this monsoon season, a minimal makeup look will do you wonders. Just go for a lightweight foundation and lipstick, eyeshadow and blush in shades that go well with your skin tone. Using a colour palette comprising natural tones and soft colours will keep you looking fresh. The no-makeup makeup look is the true go-to this season.

When the weather changes in the monsoon season from scorching hot to rainy and humid, it is essential that you change up your regular everyday makeup routine to adapt to it accordingly. Make sure that you are using the right products and techniques and follow our tips so you do not end up with smudgy, dripping makeup at the end of the day. Take care of your skin and maintain proper hygiene to avoid catching any sort of fungal infection that may have you end up with rashes or sores. Enjoy the magic of the monsoon without your skin having to worry about suffering because of it.

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