Engagement Eye Makeup Ideas for Complete Transformation

ngagement Eye Makeup Look Ideas for Complete Transformation by Simmy Makeup
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Gorgeous Engagement Eye Makeup look!

Eye makeup can be really tricky and time-consuming. Where many girls feel that it is really difficult to master the eye art, some do it like a pro. So if you also feel the difficulty level rising, here we are to share with you some simple eye looks which everyone will be able to do. But if you are someone who is not into makeup and have stayed away from it for your entire life. You might want to reconsider your after reading this article.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. We all are familiar with this phrase but there is no harm in enhancing the features we already have. Makeup just does that. Makeup gives you that flawless look by covering all those things which prove to be a hindrance to your perfect looking skin. It is not always about pleasing someone or getting compliments, sometimes it is just about loving the way our mirror reflects us.

This article is for all those ladies who want to beautify their already beautiful eyes. It does not matter if you have small eyes or large eyes or hooded eyes, these looks can be tried by everybody and it will equally suit everyone. All you need to do is just add in your little personal touch and you are back to being fabulous again.

Engagement eye makeup when done right can be really powerful and can transform your entire look. It can add some volume to your eyes and can really make you look sophisticated and polished. Your overall look can appear to be way more put together just by doing your eye makeup. If you don’t believe us try it out for yourself.

Engagement Eye Makeup Ideas

So let’s get over with words and let’s get down to business. We are about to show you some amazing engagement eye makeup ideas from Ahmedabad based Simmy Makeup studio which will transform your thought about makeup forever.

1. It’s all about the shine:

pink based makeup by Simmy Makeup It's all about the shine: Engagement Eye Makeup Ideas for Complete Transformation

Nothing can beat pink. Pink is a woman’s best friend. If you fancy pink then this look might be exactly what you need. This look is dreamy and fantasy like. So we recommend this look for Valentine’s day or Christmas. But if you are a bride or bridesmaids and want to experiment something new then you might try this look. This look perfectly blends in with a pink based makeup. Perfect for both daytime and nighttime look. It has just the right amount of shimmer you need.

2. Classic smoky eyes:

black eyeshadow eye makeup by Simmy Makeup Engagement Eye Makeup Ideas for Complete Transformation

This is a classic easy breezy smoky eye look. This look can be created by everybody even a beginner. All you have to do is take a black eyeshadow and blend it really nicely in order to create that transition. Once you are satisfied with the intensity of your shade finish it off with a stroke of silver eyeliner. Ditch your usual black eyeliner for this look. This little hint of silver will turn your normal smoky eyes to a more glamorous look.

3. The purple blow:

different trendy eyeshadow with glitter for beautiful future brides by Simmy Makeup

A supremely matte look is not what you will always like or need. Sometimes a little sparkle is what seems to be appropriate for the occasion. Here we have a solid purple look for you. It is bold and beautiful all at once. If you are bored with all those pinks and blacks and neutral tones and have always wanted to try something bright and blingy. Here you are. This shimmery eyeshadow will cover all your neutral bases and give you the look you want. Once you have had some practice it will be easier to wear intimidating and bright shades. So keep watching those makeup tutorials to slay this look.

4. Dual tone:

golden and black shades eye makeup by Simmy Makeup

This is another classic eye make up look. It’s basically golden and black shades. It’s a dual tone look which gives an Opera or theatre artist vibes. This is a very simple look to create. Just go with the black shade on the outer corners of your eyes, blend it in till you reach half of your crease. Then cover the rest of your crease with an eye primer or concealer and then place the golden shimmery shade on top of it. You can use a brush or your fingers. Using your fingers is most recommended because it gives you the exact amount of pigment you need without consuming too much of the product. Complete this loom with a neutral face, red lips and some highlighter.

5. Queen of Minimalism:

beautiful girl with light green smokey eyes with glitter and a nude shade by Simmy Makeup

Minimalism is quite a trend right now. Everybody everywhere seems to go minimal. If you do not want to experiment with brighter bolder shades then go for this subtle minimal look. It involves the use of black or dark brown shades as your transition shades and then tops it off with a bronze shimmery shade. Pretty easy and simple to recreate. Not too much not too little just the right amount. Finish it off with pink lips and pink cheeks to keep the look minimal.

6. The power of black and gold:

black and gold shades eye makeup by Simmy Makeup Academy

A dramatic black look is definitely the favourite of the ladies who know how to own it with confidence. This look is definitely not for the weak hearted. If you ever want to step out of your comfort zone and try setting different, definitely go for this look. This will give you a bossy lady vibe. Even if you are one of those shy types you will instantly feel the power once you put this on. The glitter on top makes this look even more fashion appropriate and something to die for. It seems as if the whole night sky is lit with thousands of stars. Finish the rest of your makeup with more softer tones to keep the look blended together.

7. Pretty in Pink:

shimmery pink eyeshadow by Simmy Makeup

We are back with a pink look again. Despite all the other shades, pink always sea to come back and rule it. This shade is often the most favoured shades of all the ladies of the world. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s pretty, beautiful and heavenly. If you are tired of all those blacks and Browns and golds, then try this look. It is fresh and bright. Start with a matte pink tone for your base gradually building the intensity then top it off with a shimmery pink eyeshadow. Perfect for a bridal look. You can try this look even if you are not a bride. A pretty simple, romantic and dreamy look for all the lovers of pink out there.

8. Not so neutral:

eye makeup by Simmy Makeup Studio

Out of all the bright, the bold and fresh eye looks, neutral and natural seems to top it all. Always! Whenever in doubt go for a natural makeup look. If you are not a fan of those heavily baked face then definitely this look is your best friend. This look involves nothing except defining your pretty eyes to make it more attractive and appealing. A mascara and limer will do the trick. Define your eyes with a liner tight-lining your eyes like you normally would. Then coat your lashes once or twice with voluminous mascara. Apply flashes of you want a more fuller look and you are good to go. Finish the rest of your makeup keeping it light and natural. Colour your lips with a creamy pink-based lip colour.

9. Bronze toned eye makeup:

Bronze toned eye makeup look by Simmy Makeup

Bronze and Browns are quite the shades of the season lately. The perfectly crafted bronze eye is all you need. A shade of matte browns under and a bronze shimmer on top looks a thousand bucks. It seems as if the whole look is elevated. Finish the rest of your makeup keeping it of the same colour palette. A monochromatic look will make you look more polished and blended in.

10. Gold Dazzle:

classic golden eye look by Simmy Makeup

Once a classic is always a classic. Nothing can beat the charm of a classic golden eye look. This is more of an office party or business meeting look. This look has nothing much going on with it. It is just a simple golden shimmery eyeshadow with a hint of black. You can either use a liner or a black eyeshadow to cover your upper lash line. A pair of false dramatic eyelashes will complete the look. Nothing too much or overly experimental, just a simple classic eye look for all occasions. This look paired with your glamorous attitude is enough to rule the world. So, go for it girls.

That was all for this article. Hope you enjoyed these engagement eye makeup and learned something new. For those who are pro in eye makeup, these looks will be extremely simple. But for the beginners, you can create some of these looks quite easily when others might require some practice. So keep working on yourself until you get better and for more fashion updates stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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