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Easy Mehndi Designs Collection for Hand 2022

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Mehndi Designs Collection!

Mehndi is a very popular art in this season. It is not only limited to brides but bridesmaids and other ladies who attend the wedding are fascinated with mehndi as well.

Mehndi is just a simple thing that enhances the beauty of your hands. Most of nowadays feel that it is so old school. Well I say, old school maybe yes, but nothing has been introduced till date that can beautify your hands like this. Mehndi is your only art option available when it comes to beautifying the hands.

Arabic mehndi design collection and step by step tutorials for full hands and legs pefect for ceremonies and festivals like Eid, Rakhi, karwa chauth, Diwali, Teej, Gangaur, Ganesh Chaturti & south Indian festivals
Collection of Henna video tutorials

In this article, we will be sharing with you some mehndi designs collection of Amelia Dregiewicz Kinsey  which will intimidate you to try it for yourself without the need for any special occasion of your life.

About Amelia Dregiewicz Kinsey

As a small girl in Poland, Amelia fell in love with the exotic art of henna—the lines, the details, the patterns and process. Fifteen years later she is a self-taught master of the medium, world-renowned for her original designs, and practicing at an elite level. But her passion and creative curio 

Heavily influenced by the traditional art of surrounding Easter European cultures, Amelia began applying the methods and tools of henna art to glass and canvas painting, using hand-rolled cones while substituting quality acrylics in place of henna paste—a method she pioneered. She calls this style ‘Pressure Painting.’

From her home in downtown Charleston, Amelia creates one-of-a-kind pieces, each meticulously hand-painted with great detail and care. The result is a 3-dimensional and elegant fine-art you will find nowhere outside of the Holy City.

From Eastern Europe, to Northern Spain, to the Charleston peninsula, Amelia’s international accumulation of talent has found its home. May her unique art bring a little bit of beauty into yours.

Mehndi Designs Collection

1. Painted flowers design:

Painted flowers mehndi design Easy Mehndi Designs Collection for Hand 2020

This some mehndi design will want you to apply mehndi everyday. This is not like your usual mehndi design. It is beautifully painted in a muted yellow colour. It has a fresh and prominent design. The flowers, leaves and even the thorns look so lively. This is such a design which will not limit you to traditional wear, you can wear this with any outfit.

2. Traditional floral design:

Traditional floral mehndi design Traditional floral design: Easy Mehndi Designs Collection for Hand 2020

This design looks pretty bridal but that does not mean only brides can wear it. If you are a mehendi lover, you can definitely wear this. It consists of a huge shaded flower in the middle surrounded by paisleys and other designs. The fingers are very beautifully decorated with intermittent loops. Simple and elegant is what describes this mehendi design best.

3. Floral obsession:

Floral henna Art Easy Mehndi Designs Collection for Hand 2020

Flowers everywhere! If you love flowers and mehendi, then this is just for you. It contains beautiful flowers and leaves all over. The one motif design is enough to not allow you to take your eyes off of it. Pretty neat and easy to create. This will be your go to design if you are in a hurry but still want to paint your hands.

4. Studded flower design:

Studded flower design: Easy Mehndi Designs Collection for Hand 2020

Want to be a little more creative? This is it. Decorate your mehendi design with some simple studs. If you are looking for inspiration, look at the image above. It features a huge flower sitting tight on the middle of your hand. The fun part about this image us that you can really elevate the beauty of your design by just adding some nice clear studs. Here they are added in the middle of each petal, but you can add it anywhere and as many as you like.

5. Not so traditional design:

Arabic Mehndi Design Hand Easy Mehndi Designs Collection for Hand 2020

This is such a cool design which will not limit you to wearing mehendi only with your traditional dresses or for traditional occasions. This has some flowers accompanied with some huge mandala patterns. The design reflects the skills and talent of the designer. But if you are not a professional, don’t worry. You will become a pro in no time.

6. Minimalistic charm:

Simple Mehndi Design for summer Easy Mehndi Designs Collection for Hand 2020

Nothing much just leaves and leaves all over. This design does not require a huge amount of skill or professionalism. It is such a simple design that even an amateur like me can recreate it. It is just simple leaves staring all the way from your index finger and going all the way down to your wrist. One thing which is really interesting is the two dots on the ring finger. If you don’t look closely, you might not notice it. It is so tiny and pretty.

7. Intricate floral design:

floral Mehndi Design for Kids Intricate floral design: Easy Mehndi Designs Collection for Hand 2020

Just one flower is all you need to make it look beautiful. This is such a classic design that it will not require much of your time or hard work. If you are just a beginner in drawing mehendi then this is a perfect design for you. It is not super difficult to recreate so you can easily do it. You can either add studs in the middle of the petals or you can also put dots of mehendi as shown in the image.

8. Traditional floral design:

Traditional floral mehndi design Easy Mehndi Designs Collection for Hand 2020

A highly traditional design featuring just a flower and some paisley design. It looks super effortless and it is also so easy to recreate. Just focus mainly on the middle of your hand spreading it a little to the middle finger. Since the design in the middle is quite heavy, keep your fingers simple. You can draw some dots as shown in the picture or you can create any light design of your own.

9. Repeat design:

 Repeat design: Easy Mehndi Designs Collection for Hand 2020

If you are just a beginner and you have no idea what to design to draw, then try this. This is basically some flowers and leaves in a repeated pattern. You can make the trial as long as long as you want but do not overcrowd your hand. Keep it simple and spacious to maintain the beauty of it. You can do some detailing like shade the flowers and leaves in order to elevate the gorgeousness of it.

10. Delicate floral design:

simple Mehndi Design for kids Easy Mehndi Designs Collection for Hand 2020

A flower and some paisley will be enough to recreate this design. If you don’t know what else to do to be creative, just go with the basics. These are the most common motifs which you can find in a mehendi design. If you know how to draw these you can form any pattern around it. Keep the design light and simple and keep your hand spacious and empty in order to maintain the simplicity.

11. Embellished mandala:

Mandala Henna Mehndi Design Easy Mehndi Designs Collection for Hand 2020

A mandala design is another common design which you can find in all mehendi art. The image here has a huge madala covering the entire middle portion. On the fingers you can draw some you can draw some loops with some hanging leaves from it. You can draw any pattern you like as long as you keep it simple. To give this simple design and elegant look you can add studs all around. This will be enough to draw a flawless mehendi design.

12. Paisley and flowers:

Flower Mehndi Design for Hand Easy Mehndi Designs Collection for Hand 2020

Another traditional design which can be opted for the brides. This is a full coverage mehendi design so you practically don’t need anything else to accessorize your hands. Just some flowers and paisley and mandalas will be enough to create this look. The patters are super easy and simple to make, nothing critical or complicated. If you take a good look once, you will be able to draw it without any difficulty.

13. String of flowers:

Arabic Mehndi Design for hand Easy Mehndi Designs Collection for Hand 2020

A strong of flowers is your safest choice if you don’t know what else to make. Just add some flowers after flowers and follow a trail until you have reached your desired length. You can make it as long as you want and as many flowers and you want. Just keep the rest of the design minimal to really make the flowers shine through. To enhance the look even further you can add some shimmer or glitter to your design to make it festive appropriate.

14. Patterns and designs:

Simple Mehndi Design for Hand Patterns and designs: Easy Mehndi Designs Collection for Hand 2020

If you have mot mastered in creating the perfect flowers or paisley designs and you don’t know what else to try. We have got a solution for you. Draw anything that comes to your mind. Draw any pattern for example the pattern shown here. There is no definite name for it, just some abstract patterns. Draw it however you like and as per your desired length. The only advice would be to keep it neat, minimal and spacious.

15. Pretty simple:

Henna Design for Hand

This design can be made in practically 5 minutes. No hard work and no hassle. Just have a look at the design, do you see anything complicated or difficult? No, right. It is because there is nothing complex about it. It just contains some leaves with some mini flowers drawn in a super creative way. So if you are in a rush or you simply don’t want to invest time in drawing super exclusive designs, try this. This is your best bet.

Mehendi does not have to be limited to occasions or traditions. You can carry this art anywhere and everywhere. Just add some modern touch to it and it can work like a tattoo. So do try from  our mehndi designs collection and enhance the beauty of your hands. Until next time, stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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100+ Mehndi Designs For Your Special Look (Complete Package)

100+ Mehndi Designs For Your Special Look (Complete Package)

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