Glitter Nail Art Designs to Glam up for Your Bold Look

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Looking for fresh glitter nail art designs? Give your nails a sparkly manicure after getting inspirations from these selected images for any special occasion like an engagement party, wedding, holiday or season like summer, winter or autumn.

Nail art is an important part while getting ready, they make us look bold, high, fashionable, zestful and what not! And when it is coated with glitters it is just next level. A great combination of nail paints absolutely robs our hearts.

The nail colours if decorated well are so enchanting and pleasing. Every woman dreams of having long sharp-pointed nails to flaunt them out, so here it is, scrolls down and find these glitter nail art designs and know how you can style your nails and make them look even more attractive just by adding a coat of glitter to it.

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Glitter Nail Art Designs

1. Wonders trucking maroon nail paint

Glitter Nail Art Designs Wonders trucking maroon nail paint
Image Source :Jessica

If you want to keep it subtle, classy and bold, then this is what you should be looking for. These maroon colored nail paints are surely going to make you feel bold and classy. Styling these maroon colored nail polish with a coat of glitter will make it look superior and alluring.

2. Adorable peachy pink nail  paint

Glitter Nail Art Designs Adorable peachy pink nail  paint
Image Source :Jordan Ward you’re someone who is not really a fan of shimmery or glistening nails, and want to keep it subtle and sober but is an admirer of trend, then this one is an absolute match for you. This wonderstrucking nude pink color with a glitter coat at the cuticles is what will quench your need. This enchanting combination of nude pink nail color with a touch of glitter will never let you down.

3.This alluring nail paint is perfect for your evenings

Glitter Nail Art Designs This alluring nail paint is perfect for your evenings
Image Source

Here, next in the list comes another soothing nailpaint color, which looks just so satisfying and appealing. If you’re an adherent of influencers or an admirer of social media trends then you would be familiar to this one.

A divine match of maroon nailpaint with a diligent coat of glitter scattered with minimal details is gleaming and shining dazzling bright and is going to make your evening super vibrant and fresh. 

If you are looking forward to buy this, here is the link

4. Dazzling beauty

Glitter Nail Art Designs Dazzling beauty
Image Source :Jade

I can’t describe how lovely, vibrant, zestful this nailpaint is looking! This is an absolute example of how pretty can glitters gleam on our nails, with a pinkish nude nail color and sprinkles of golden glitter beautifully scattered all over the nails this is making my heart sink. You’re totally gonna fall for this color, incase you’ve already here’s the link and yes, you’re gonna rock the show with this dazzling beauty.

5. An absolute for your college fests

Glitter Nail Art Designs An absolute for your college fests
Image Source :Heather

These peachy nails are just awestrucking.
Having a peachy shade, these nails are here to purloin our hearts. If you are someone who loves to apply nail paints and is big fan of it, then this one is what you need to keep an eye on. Coming with a peachy shade and having a coat of glitter gracefully covering the nails is an absolute to make your day. If you want a nail design to flaunt, then you have to try this out.  You can style it with a ring in any of your fingers and an adorable hair clip like this one and you go girl!

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6. Lovable unicorn nail paint

Glitter Nail Art Designs Lovable unicorn nail paint
Image Source :Maddie Rae

This delightful unicorn colored nailpaint is just eyestrucking.
They look super elegant and bewitching.

A perfect blend of colors is what makes a nail paint shine, and look more attractive, and this one is no different, a perfect mixture of colors truly blended with a coat of glitter giving a soothing effect will make anyone fall for it.

They look chic and adorable. The colors are bright and pop. Ideal match for a college fest or an outing.

7. Very adorable rainbow glistening nails

Glitter Nail Art Designs Very adorable rainbow glistening nails
Image Source :Kim@RainbowNails

Many of us dream of having longer nails, but our nails don’t grow just like how we want, and we start making assumptions that nailpaints won’t look good on us, but that’s not true, the above picture, where the nailpaints are gracefully painted over nails with a perfect tint of glitter glistening, is what will make you think; that you were wrong!

This fits all nail types, be it short or long, a perfect match for a perfect you. This zestful bright vibgyor color with alluring cute hearts on top of it giving it a 3-d effect is the inspiration which you were looking for. A classy way to flaunt your nails, isn’t it?

8. The nagyor shade (nail + vibgyor)

Glitter Nail Art Designs The nagyor shade (nail + vibgyor)
Image Source :Kim Motte – Nail Artist

A rainbow is the sky’s lovely garden and now imagine you getting a chance to imprint this beautiful garden on your nails! The above picture will surely steal you heart and make you the center of attraction. The beautiful band of vibgyor colours on your nails with a hue of shimmer sprinkled right is the dreamy choice for every occasion. The subtle and bold colours will make you stand out and make your nails dazzle bright. The perfect blend of the these rainbow shades will be super captivating.

9. Because nude is the new black

Glitter Nail Art Designs Because nude is the new black

Nude is the new black and everyone today wishes to go for such subtle colours. Complimented with some white polish and shimmery glitter, this is the classic aesthetic nail inspiration you had been searching for. Easy to go and the universal colour which is ready to accept all your dress codes, go ahead to paint your nails like this and don’t forget to accessorize your beautiful fingers with those chunky silver rings.

10. A classy black nailart is calling you!

A classy black nailart is calling you!
Image Source :R H A I S S A

Black adds a bossy and classy effect, and this nailart is no differnt, if you want to have a classy look then this nailart is calling you! A shining black complementing the zebra black nailart with a subtle black and pink nailpaint is just next level! A great combination to be bold, loud and clear just like how you’re and you always wanted to be. You shine girl!

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11. Dazzling Bright Dazzling Blue

Dazzling Bright Dazzling Blue
Image Source :𝙶𝚘𝚕𝚍𝚎𝚗 𝙵𝚒𝚕𝚎

These blue painted nails are a must go for in this colourful season. Carefully polished from the tips, these nails have sharp square edge which make it even more classy. The flash glittery texture makes the whole nail look mesmerizing. Go ahead and achieve these dreamy nails and flaunt off your hands like never before. Polish the hems of your nails with clear nail polish and you are good to go!

12. Fairytale nail art to slay in all your outfits

Fairytale nail art to slay in all your outfits
Image Source :Unhas Poderosas

Do you like aesthetics? do you follow the subtle fairy tale theme? If yes, this is the perfect nail inspiration for you. Carefully selected  mixture of grey-pink tones, these nails are sure to make your hands look breezy and fine. Styled with white tiny polka dots, these nails will look super cute with your flowy gowns and frocks. However, the heart of this design lies in the pearls glued at the hems and aren’t you already pleased by this?

13. Fiery red gleaming nail paint

Fiery red gleaming nail paint
Image Source :nailsbysami

If your favourite color is red and also if you’re a party kind of a women, then this nail art is a must in your fashion lookbook. This fiery nailart is a killer!

If you’re a party kind of a person you are going to absolutely fall in love with it. Keeping it hot, with around a couple of coating of red here comes the glittery coat which just acts like cherry on the top. With a mini red dress and a bold eyeliner this is an ideal look anybody would become a fan of.

14. Stunning nail art to rob your heart

Stunning nail art to rob your heart
Image Source :Nail Supplies & Inspo

Want to flaunt your nails? Looking for an attractive nailart? Well, you’re at the right place. Yet another soothing yet zestful nail art is here. If you’re a fan of aesthetics then you should surely have this art in your gallery.

A glitter coat over a transparent nail looks bomb. This combination of white nails + a glittery silver nail art looks fabulous. I’m already admiring this look. Classy, innovative  and aesthetic, what else you need?

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15. If you want to flaunt your nails then this one is for you!

If you want to flaunt your nails then this one is for you!
Image Source :ClawsByJasmin

Attending a wedding next month? Want to show off your brandish lehenga? With adding some more spice in it? Well, well, well! You’re at the point. This beautiful nailart will surely do the thing. With a heavy detail, this nailart is purely an absolute art.

Shimmery vibes are the centre of attraction at a wedding. These pink shades with some accessories are robbing the show, they’re totally going to change your look and make you feel special and alluring just like how you are.

16. Vibrant blue shimmery glitter nail art design

Vibrant blue shimmery nail art
Image Source :booked for september

If you like vibrancy and soberness both, this is the perfect match for you. Shade of blue with a peachy-pink mixture is what you are needing right now. With each nail having  a different combination, it is a must for nail lovers out there. To give it  a 3d-effect, these nails also have sparkling stick-ons to give that bold look. The tie-dye pattern is yet another thing to cling upon. Over all these are a super cute and captivating nails that are perfectly blended to suit you.

17. The wannabe nail art

The wannabe nail art
Image Source :The Nail Cakery

These sharp pointed nails with shades of pink nail paint gently applied looks delightful and attractive. The color crush nailart which is diligently decorated is looking as soothing and aesthetic just as how we dream of. We all have at least once dreamt of having this classy nail art, and who doesn’t admire these nail art. So, decorate your nails just the way you like and keep falling for it everytime you decorate your nails.

Hope you liked these glitter nail art designs. You can wear them on your special day or holiday for a bold look.

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